Nollaig Bhriosc dhiabh! (Merry Crispmas!)

Tayto's flavour range is getting an Irish makeover
Tayto's flavour range is getting an Irish makeover

Tayto has announced a fun and unique new promotion, that will see its flavour ranges get an Irish language upgrade for markets all over the world.


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18 December 2017 | 0

Tayto’s core crisp impulse bags have recieved an Irish upgrade that will be found in crisp markets all over the world. Ireland’s No.1 crisp and snacks brand is now showing its flavours as Gaeilge!

The new-look bags will include their flavours in the Irish language as follows:

  • Cheese & Onion – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Cáise & Oinniúin
  • Salt & Vinegar – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Salainn & Finéagair
  • Smokey Bacon – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Bagúin Dheataithe
  • Prawn Cocktail – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Manglaim Cloicheán

The cúpla focal will feature on over 31 million bags sold here in Ireland and bring Gaeilge to over 1 million Tayto fans living abroad. Mr. Tayto hopes to add the Irish language to more crisps and snacks bags in the future. The change has come following 2 years of promotional campaigns featuring the Irish language, and the company proudly reveals that the Irish upgrade is “here to stay”.

To that we say #TaytoAbú!

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