Flahavan’s top tips for Christmas shopping

Flahavan's Flapjacks are a key ccomponent for Christmas shopping on the move this December

Flahavan's has launched two new flavours in its flapjack range, and marked the occasion by outlining the top tips for Christmas shoppers - including, of course, regular snacking.


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29 November 2019

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To mark the launch of its latest flapjack range, top oat brand Flahavan’s has carried out a survey exploring what gets Irish shoppers into a flap in the run-up to Christmas. The survey of 1,000+ adults across the country revealed that Irish shoppers are most likely to feel stressed over long queues (46%); trying to park (43%) and the increase in traffic over the Christmas period (41%).

The ‘Stay Unflappable’ survey, conducted to celebrate the launch of Flahavan’s new Lemon & Poppyseed and Dark Chocolate & Orange Flapjacks, revealed that savvy Christmas shoppers have their own tricks and tactics. Four in 10 endeavour to get their shopping done early, while three in 10 write shopping lists (and try their best to stick to them).

Flahavan’s flapjacks are available in seven wholesome flavours including the new Lemon & Poppyseed and Dark Chocolate & Orange. So whether you’re a t-oat-al Orginal fan or in need of a Choc Chip fix, keeping those energy levels up has never been easier.

The Flahavan’s Flapjack’s top 10 tips for staying unflappable while shopping this Christmas are:

1.     Go Christmas shopping early in the day to beat the queues
2.     Don’t get carried away! Write and stick to a list / budget
3.     Wear comfortable shoes
4.     Bring a friend to help keep you on track
5.     If struggling to think of the perfect gift, stick to tried and tested gift ideas
6.   Take regular coffee/snack breaks and boost your energy with naturally wholesome wholegrain snacks, like Flahavan’s Oaty flapjacks
7.     Start your shopping now if you haven’t already
8.     Take public transport (if possible) or get a lift to avoid the stresses of parking
9.     Avoid buying on impulse
10.   Layer up– make sure you can adjust easily to changing temperatures as you move between shops

Flahavan’s festive themed survey also found that women are most likely to get in ahead of the Christmas rush by starting to shop for presents in October or even earlier (43%). Unsurprisingly 72% of 25-44 year olds try to avoid the crowds altogether by buying most of their gifts online. Other top shopper strategies include wearing comfortable shoes (24%), treating yourself at the end of the shopping trip (15%) and taking regular coffee breaks (12%).

Despite the stress, Irish shoppers have not lost sight of the joy of Christmas preparations – 28% revealed that their favourite thing about Christmas shopping is the atmosphere; while 20% enjoy the sense of satisfaction when it’s all done.  17% of Irish shoppers identify finding that perfect gift for a loved one as the thing that gets them most excited about Christmas shopping.




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