I’m with the brand: Aaron Mulligan, brand ambassador for Diplomatico Rum

Aaron Mulligan, brand ambassador for Diplomatico Rum by Edward Dillon tells Fionnula Carolan about his typical day in the Irish drinks industry


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29 April 2024

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What time do you get up on a week day?

Mornings usually begin in our house around 7am if we are lucky. Usually, my daughter Robyn makes an appearance before then!

Typical breakfast?

I wouldn’t dream of starting my morning without a freshly brewed coffee. This ritual gives me a moment to set myself up for a busy day ahead. While I don’t have a traditional breakfast, I make up for it by enjoying small bites on the go throughout the morning.

Do you commute or work from home?

Technically I commute, because as a brand ambassador, you are likely to be anywhere in the country! Its such a great way to get to know cities and towns that you may not have had an opportunity to go to yet, meeting some amazing people along the way all while flying the flag for the brands I get to represent.

How long have you been in your current job?

I’m just shy of two years with Edward Dillon officially. However, I have had the pleasure of working with them throughout my bartending days!

What does a typical day at work include?

What’s exciting about this role is that every day is different. You need to be adaptable and reactive to change! For me, preparation is key. I start with a quick overview of emails and dedicate some time to admin before hitting the road.

A typical day could include a meeting with an account to explore opportunities to develop their cocktail menus, training and development of staff, activating brand events or even hosting bartenders at the Slane Whiskey Distillery. While each day may vary, the essence of the role revolves around collaboration, brand development and key relationship building. The pace is what really keeps me engaged and motivated!

Who is your favourite politician and why?

Growing up in the hospitality industry, there has always been an unwritten rule in every bar that ‘you mustn’t speak about politics or religion’ and that’s something that has always really stuck with me throughout my career.

Who is the most annoying celebrity in your opinion?

I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds but I have to say it is extremely annoying just how Goddamn handsome the man is.

What is the best ad (apart from the brand’s you represent)

The Nike ad from the early 2000’s… The cage tournament one! I still can remember skipping every second step while running down the stairs when I heard the iconic Elvis song, ‘’A little less conversation’’

Worst ad on television?

Cadbury’s Crunchie ad (I’m so Excited!!!) once I hear that song coming on the telly I know its going to be playing in my head rent-free for the next few days.

What is your favourite drink?

I am an equal opportunist when it comes to drinks, it changes depending on the atmosphere and occasion. If I have to pick one, I do love a Diplomático Reserve Exclusiva Rum Manhattan. (Follow ask.ed on Insta for tips and tricks on how to make your own at home).

If you had to pick three famous people to have a drink with, who would they be?

Firstly, I would like to be the one making the drinks and I would love to serve Roy Keane, Gordon Ramsey and Dave Chappelle.

Favourite no/low brand on the market?

A bottle of any crisp cold 0.0 larger usually does the trick.

Favourite pub in Ireland and abroad?

My favourite pub will always be ‘The Wee House’ in my hometown of Dundalk. It’s nostalgic for me because it’s where I pulled my first pint! It’s a traditional Irish Pub with great history, great memories and great drinks. Abroad, one of my favourites has to be Jerry Thomas in Rome. It has some of the finest cocktails in the world and exceptional hospitality. Definitely one to check out but only if you know the password!

Best pub for grub?

A hooley night in Irelands highest pub Johnny Foxes can’t be missed and you just can’t beat the traditional fish and chips they serve up there!

Achievement you are most proud of?

Personally, I am most proud of my family and becoming a dad. To date as a brand ambassador, my greatest achievement has been hosting the first ever Jack Daniels National Air Guitar championships which saw over 100 bartenders attend. Competitors battled it out for a chance to represent Ireland at the World Air Guitar Champion, which took place in Oulu Finland. An achievement I am looking forward to building on this year, by turning the volume up a notch, is taking the Jack Daniels AG Championships on the road to a city near you which will see two Irish Champions compete in Oulu and embrace their inner rockstar on the main stage.

Favourite saying?

‘I can’t means I won’t’. It’s something my dad used to say to me and it reminds me to at least try.

Article courtesy of Drinks Industry Ireland



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