Harley & Marley unveils Ireland’s first sustainable fish pet food

The Irish pet food brand offers fish-based dog food and treats with cat food launching soon


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25 April 2024

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The Irish petfood company, Harley & Marley’s produces healthy fish-based premium dog food and treats and two varieties of fishy cat treats, with cat food coming later this year. 

Owner of dog Marley, Portia Quinn from Dublin, researched how diet affects pets’ health.  She found that as so many dogs suffer from obesity, arthritis and joint issues like hip dysplasia, they could all benefit greatly from high-quality protein and nutrients.

The healthy, 100% natural fish-based food contains high-quality protein, Omega oils and essential nutrients like Vitamin D and selenium.  The range includes grain-free dry complete food recipes for puppies, adult dogs, small and large breeds, ‘seniors’ and dogs needing weight management. 

The Irish range, formulated by animal nutritionists, provides a balanced and nourishing diet for optimal canine health and vitality. The food is easily digestible and gentle on sensitive stomachs, for an alternative to traditional red meat diets.

Portia Quinn said: “A surprisingly high number of pet parents tell us their dogs suffer from allergies, particularly to chicken. Feeding your fur baby a purely fish-based diet is a balanced, sustainable choice that supports their long-term health, while satisfying their taste buds.”

Saving surplus fish waste 

The Harley & Marley freshly prepared fish content comes from Atlantis Seafoods, whose founder, John Kenny, is serious about sustainability, tracing fish stocks back to individual boats and skippers. Producing Harley & Marley reduces food waste and contributes to the circular economy.

John Kenny said: “Surplus fish offcuts, that are perfectly good for human consumption, are used in the pet food.  We normally waste around 50 tonnes a week of seafood. Producing Harley & Marley food and treats reduces waste by 95%, which means a sustainable, complementary business link for Atlantis and Harley & Marley.” 

Having established the very positive impacts of pet food produced from fish, the brand ambition for Harley & Marley is to be a global leader in marine-based food for pets, and an advocate for reducing surplus seafood waste.  

Harley & Marley packaging can be resealed and recycled, and the range of a dozen varieties is available online and in stores countrywide. 

From May, the new Irish brand will be represented at international trade fairs, including Interzoo 2024, in Nuremberg, and later in the month at Ireland’s Dogitude Festival at Causey Farm in County Meath. 

Stockists of the petfood range are listed here



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