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As the summer is quickly approaching, ice cream sales are set to soar as consumers try to cool down from the summer heat 


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22 April 2024

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As temperatures rise and the sun graces us with its warmth, the demand for cool, creamy delights is expected to skyrocket. Whether it’s a refreshing scoop of gelato enjoyed on a stroll or a milkshake on a sunny afternoon, ice cream is the quintessential treat of the upcoming summer season. 

A report by Nielsen reveals that impulse ice cream purchases contribute significantly, constituting 30% of total sales. The ice cream market is booming, available year-round in various establishments beyond summer and local ice cream vans. From cafes and restaurants to service stations and supermarkets, these treats have become staples.

According to GlobalData, the dominant segment in the ice cream industry in Ireland is the ‘take-home and bulk ice cream’ category, leading in terms of value. However, the ‘impulse ice cream – single serve’ category is projected to experience the most rapid value growth.

As for distribution, hypermarkets and supermarkets reign supreme, commanding a substantial 57.9% share of the market’s value.

When it comes to distribution, hypermarkets and supermarkets emerge as the primary channels for ice cream sales across the nation. Flexible packaging stands out as the predominant choice for packaging materials within the sector. The demographic group driving the highest consumption of ice cream in Ireland is children and babies aged between 0 and 15 years old.

According to Mintel’s ‘The Future of Ice Cream 2023’ report, ice cream brands worldwide are adapting to meet consumer demands amidst economic challenges. They are emphasising value while still providing small indulgences that resonate with nostalgic tastes. 

Co-branding and innovative takes on traditional flavours are becoming popular strategies. Consumers are increasingly interested in healthier ice cream options without compromising on taste. Younger demographics, in particular, are seeking functional benefits from their ice cream, such as increased energy.

Ice cream companies are also addressing sustainability concerns to alleviate consumer guilt, aligning with the growing interest in environmentally friendly practices. In the US, 24% of consumers are showing interest in ice cream with functional benefits, indicating a shift towards more health-conscious choices in the market.

The future of ice cream promises to be both exciting and delicious, with brands worldwide innovating to meet the diverse needs of consumers. With a growing interest in functional benefits and sustainability, the ice cream market is poised for continued evolution, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their favourite frozen treats.

In the mood 

Magnum shares biggest launch of the year with mood inspired innovations

Magnum, Ireland’s number one ice cream brand, has unveiled its latest duo innovation – Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade and Magnum Chill Blueberry Cookie. This groundbreaking launch offers a unique multi-sensory experience as it introduces Magnum’s first ever sorbet and ice cream combination. 

Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade and Magnum Vegan Chill Blueberry Cookie mark a first for the category in the Ireland with mood-inspired ice cream. These exciting new flavour combinations are based on the two distinct moods consumers can experience when eating ice cream. For Euphoria the inspiration comes from the emotional state of extreme happiness, while Chill is inspired by the feeling experienced during an emotional state of relaxation.

Euphoria Pink Lemonade consists of a surprising raspberry sorbet core, in the iconic Magnum shape, wrapped in citrusy lemon ice cream with popping candy and provides consumers with complementary and intense flavour profiles. 

Magnum Chill Blueberry Cookie provides a multi-sensory experience with a smooth blueberry sorbet core encased in vanilla biscuit flavour ice cream and crunchy cookie pieces. Chill is a vegan ice cream which provides delicious innovation in flavour and also supports Unilever’s sustainability targets through growing plant-based sales. 

Euphoria and Chill are available from retailers nationwide in both Take Home and Single formats. 

More is more in 2024

Three new innovations from Ben & Jerry’s roll into freezers

Three new innovations from Ben & Jerry’s roll into freezers

Ben & Jerry’s – Ireland’s number one luxury ice cream brand1 is expanding its Sundaes range with two indulgent new SKUs inspired by an iconic American dessert, the s’more. Both Marshmallow & S’more and a non-dairy NPD, Oat of this Swirled, hero the s’more’s star ingredient, toasted marshmallow – a top ingredient according to recent CMI consumer research. Both brand-new s’mores inspired ice cream flavours are fully loaded with cookie chunks, toasted marshmallow-y swirls, topped with a soft whipped top that Ben & Jerry’s Sundae flavours are famous for, and finished off with traceably sourced Open Chain chocolatey chunks – providing more indulgence in every spoonful.

The values-led ice cream maker is also introducing a new SKU, Spectacu-love, as a decadent addition to its core collection. Inspired by market insight that demonstrates a popular consumer trend of speculoos cookie, the fully loaded tub is jam packed with chunks of crunchy, golden speculoos cookies, nestled into sweet cream ice cream with swirls of complimentary smooth caramelized cookies. 

Ben & Jerry’s three mouth-watering new flavours are available now in retailers nationwide.

More than just a treat

A range of Smooch ice cream

In today’s dynamic business landscape, survival hinges on innovation. At Smooch Ice Cream, they recognise that it’s more than just offering a treat; it’s about delivering a complete experience. With Smooch, it’s not just about building a customer base; they are crafting a community, fostering memories, and forming lasting relationships with both their business partners and customers across various social platforms.

Why do retailers love working with Smooch?

It’s simple. They handle it all. Their solutions effortlessly boost revenue without the hassle of cleaning, maintenance, or marketing headaches. That’s why prestigious retailers continue to join their ranks, with their clientele steadily expanding. Retailers love it because they handle everything: installation, training, products, recipes, maintenance, marketing, and more.

How does brand loyalty drive their expansion?

Currently boasting nearly 200 sites nationwide and expanding into the UK, Smooch’s growth reflects the loyalty they’ve cultivated. But why have they thrived to this extent? It’s because they understand that Smooch’s mission goes beyond merely selling ice cream; it’s about providing unwavering support and innovative solutions to their clients. Smooch doesn’t just act as a brand; they are true partners to every business they engage with.

What sets their technical expertise apart?

Smooch turns concepts into reality with their 2msq modular unit. Their team of skilled fitters and engineers expertly utilises available space to craft visually stunning Smooch stands tailored to each site’s unique needs and location within the store.

Leading in Ireland, Smooch’s innovative support and seamless fully managed solutions make us the trusted choice for retailers when choosing an ice cream concept. Join Smooch to elevate your business hassle-free and see how Smooch’s expanding reach translates into increased sales and profits, demonstrating the value they bring to retailers. Contact Dairyglen today to get started.

You Scream!

BWG Foods’ exclusive I Scream concept offers an extensive choice, ranging from the traditional 99, to Super Sundaes and indulgent milkshakes that can be tailored to suit each store depending on the customer demand in as little as 1.2m of eye-catching space. This year we are “screaming” about I Scream with a new eye-catching and humorous marketing campaign. 

Between eye-catching in-store assets and dynamic social media activity we are certainly capturing the consumers’ attention in what is an increasingly competitive space. 
BWG’s I Scream concept is an innovative point of differentiation for BWG’s retailers across the Spar, Eurospar, Mace, Londis and XL nationwide networks. 

This compact ice cream parlour concept offers a wide range of flavours, toppings and on-trend serving solutions including indulgent Screamer milkshakes blended with Snickers, Aero, or Crunchie bars and luxurious Super Sundaes featuring brand favourites such as Lotus Biscoff, Kinder Bueno, Oreo and Reece’s Peanut Butter cups. 

There are also exciting seasonal offers to drive sales all year round. BWG retailers, for example, have firmly stepped into the artisan ice cream shop realm, offering customers extensive I Scream seasonal menus and combinations such as a ‘Lucky Green Cone’ to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Bunny Sundaes are always big sellers during the Easter period.  

The ice cream market in Ireland is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, shaped by consumer preferences, market trends, and cultural influences. From traditional favourites to innovative creations, the love for ice cream runs deep in Ireland, transcending seasons, and generations and BWG’s exclusive I Scream concept is a true favourite across all Spar, Eurospar, Mace, Londis and XL stores.

Classic Club

This summer there’s good news for all lovers of drinks brand Club as they can now enjoy their favourite flavours in a frozen format. Rose Confectionery has collaborated with Club to launch new Club Squeezee Freeze Pops – ambient ice pops that can be frozen at home. 

Perfect for summer cool downs, the new Club Eezy Freezzy Squeezee Ice Pops come in three favourite flavours: Orange, Lemon and Rock Shandy. They are conveniently packed into an ambient pack so they can be kept in the kitchen cupboard and frozen as and when needed. The assorted bag of 10 x 50ml freeze pops (SRRP €2.30) will be available to buy from Tesco, local convenience stores or directly from Rose Confectionery. The freeze pops are made with fruit juice from concentrate and natural flavours. They are suitable for gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and halal diets.  

The new Club Eezy Freezzy Squeezee Ice Pops are expected to be especially popular with children and therefore offer a must-stock for local convenience stores this summer. 

This new range is being exclusively sold and distributed by market-leaders Rose Confectionery. 

Neidra Lenehan, head of Sales Ireland, Rose Confectionery, said: “This new range will really appeal to retailers as it can be displayed in an ambient section of the store and not take up precious freezer space. Having said that, to maximise sales during the summer months, retailers could also dually site the product within the frozen aisles. This is a great time for retailers to consider a proven and popular product offer that has great consumer appeal, especially one that is backed by a hugely respected and trusted brand like Club. The range has also been carefully priced to be an affordable option that won’t burn a hole in the shopping budget.”  

Patriece Dwyer, marketing manager, Club, said: “We’re thrilled to unveil this exciting innovation in partnership with Rose Confectionery. We know how much consumers adore the refreshing taste of Club, and the new Club Eezy Freezzy Squeezee Ice Pops are a fantastic way to enjoy the iconic flavours, especially on those sunnier days. This collaboration underscores their commitment to providing consumers with innovative and enjoyable experiences, and they can’t wait for consumers to savour every moment with freeze pops.”

Perfect for sharing

Häagen-Dazs, also known as ‘The Ice Cream of Ice Creams’. To create this luxury and creamy ice cream, a unique blending technique is used to combine four simple and classic ingredients: fresh cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. Häagen-Dazs ice cream is made with real ingredients, no artificial flavours or colours and no sweeteners. Why not try the top sellers Vanilla, Salted Caramel or Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. Can’t decide? The Minicup Collection Multipacks provide a selection of delicious flavours, perfect for sharing. Häagen-Dazs pints are available in retailers nationwide. Mini Cup Collection Multipacks are currently available in Dunnes Stores and Tesco.

Morelli’s legacy 

Morelli ice cream

Can you take us through your professional background and how you came to set up your company….What was it that inspired you? 

The Morelli Family have been making and selling ice cream on the North Coast of Northern Ireland since 1911. Peter Morelli opened the first Morelli shop in Stone Row, Coleraine in 1911. He met and married a local woman called Annie. They didn’t have any children, so they asked their nephew Angelo to come from Italy and help them run shops in the seaside towns of Portrush and Portstewart. Angelo would push his ice cream car along the beaches selling his home made ice cream to holiday makers in the summer months. 

In those days, ice cream was hand-churned and it took a long time to produce a small batch. Angelo would have to collect huge blocks of ice that had journeyed from Belfast to Portstewart on the train. He would be waiting with his wheelbarrow for the train to arrive. He’d then load the ice on to the bar4row and take it to the shop ready to freeze the next batch. 

Thankfully, these days, the process is much easier. Modern methods and efficient equipment has made it easier to produce quality ice cream. The Morelli ice cream business is now run by the children of Angelo’s youngest son, Guido. The late Guido Morelli had a passion for ice cream. He strived for the best and was always looking for ways to innovate and improve the product. That passion continues through the veins of the family now at the helm, particularly brothers Naldo and Marino who look after NPD. 

You’ve had an amazingly successful time with your Gold award at the Blas awards, what’s your reaction to the accolade? 

For us, entering the Blas awards is an important part of our year. The quality of ice cream in Ireland is superb, so to come home with anything is fantastic, but nothing beats the feeling when you strike Gold. We have been entering the Blas awards for around 10 years. We were encouraged to enter by the late Shane McArdle, head of business development, Food & Beverage at Invest NI.

Shane was a true champion of local producers and he recognised quality. We achieved a Bronze in 2015 for our Salted Caramel ice cream. In 2016 we won silver, and in 2017, we won our first Gold. Going to Blas in Dingle is one of our favourite experiences. It’s like a big family and we are grateful to Artie and Fallon for all they do for the Irish food and drink producers. When our Mango sorbet was crowned Supreme Champion at Blas 2023, it was truly the cherry on top for the whole family. Our grandparents and parents would be ecstatic and we’re very proud to be carrying on their legacy. For Morelli’s, the focus will always be on quality ingredients and great tasting ice cream. There’s no better award than Blas Supreme champion. 

How do you see the business developing over the next few years? 

The business in a period of growth. Our retail pack ranges are proving very popular North and South. Since Covid, a change has occurred and the preference from retailers has been for grab and go. Our impulse range is a good solution and the range of flavours appeals to most. Our take home option (950ml) is a great size for the whole family to share. We hope that the business will continue in this trajectory for the coming years. Morelli’s also operates their own family ice cream parlous on the North Coast in Portrush, Portstewart and Ballycastle. 

This is where we get creative with flavours. The scoop range consists of around fifty flavours and there truly is something for everyone. In recent years, Morelli’s has developed a dairy-free range which is free of all allergens. It’s also made with ‘Plant Cream’ which gives the product a brilliant creamy texture. ‘Libero’, is the Italian word for ‘Free’ so the name was apt. This range is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Morelli’s also loves to collaborate with other producers. Flavours like ‘Irish Black Butter’ have done very well and its something a little bit different. Morelli’s also collaborated with the award winning Clandeboye Estate in Bangor, Co. Down using their Greek Style Yoghurt to make a range of scoopable frozen yoghurts. Frozen yoghurt with Cherry is a firm favourite! Morelli’s Double Cream Vanilla is the best-selling flavour across all ranges. The family are especially proud of this ice cream. 

‘Papa Guido’ developed the recipe over many years. It has achieved National Champion status in the ICA’s National Ice Cream competitions twice and is the current ‘Best of the Best Vanilla’ in the UK and Ireland. This ice cream is perfect on it’s own or as an accompaniment. If you like coffee, a great way to enjoy this is as an ‘affogato’. 

Are you planning any expansions, NPD etc… 

We are always working on NPD. We make a range of ice cream for Dunnes under the ‘Simply Better’ brand and we’ve just completed tastings for two new flavours. A lot of work but totally worth it. Another exciting development for 2024 is the ‘GMIC’ Guido Morelli Innovation Centre. This will be a purpose-built development kitchen for us to take our NPD to the next level and showcase our ice cream at our factory premises in Coleraine to current and potential customers. Work has already started and we’re super excited to get going. 



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