BIC introduces Design Megalighters

Leading flame light manufacturer Bic has launched its latest innovation designed for use at barbecues and dinner parties all across the land this summer.


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19 July 2017 | 0

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With summer upon us and barbecue season in full swing – leading pocket lighter manufacturer BIC has launched its new look collection of colourful Design Megalighters in stores across Ireland.

Whether it’s a pro pitmaster or a barbecue beginner, customers can spark up their summer in style with BIC’s eye-catching range of lighters, especially suited for outdoor dining.

The Design Megalighter range comes in a selection of bright and brilliant fluorescent colours including pink, yellow, orange and green with a metal wand, perfect for lighting BBQs, fire pits, grills and candles in safety this summer. BIC’s Design range can be found in SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide, retailing at €3.50 per product.

So whether it’s to take charge of the grill or decorate the dining table with candle light for a summer soirée, BIC’s Megalighter is the ideal multipurpose lighter and is a must have accessory for any household. Delivering up to 750 lights, the lighter has an ergonomic handle for comfortable lighting with a retractable hook for easy storage and is guaranteed to far live beyond the first flame of barbecue season, ensuring it will last you through the summer months.

For more information, as well as tips and useful product information, visit the BIC Lighters website:

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