Summer sizzle! 

An Irish summer wouldn't be quite the same without the aroma of an impromptu BBQ drifting through the air. Given the unpredictability of our sunny days, it's crucial to keep your shelves filled with all the best-selling essentials for the weeks ahead, ready to entice shoppers' taste buds while the sun is shining, says Shauna Bernard


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29 May 2024

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While the Irish summer remains unpredictable, one certainty is that once the sun emerges, barbecues across the nation will ignite. As summer approaches, consumers are gearing up to restock their barbecue essentials. 

According to a Kantar 2023 report, spending on chilled burgers, grills, and ice cream increased by €3.6 million. Additionally, with children on break and shoppers enjoying summer holidays, sales of items for homemade lunches and picnics, like cooked meats, yoghourts, chilled prepared salads, and hot beverages, surged by €6.1 million compared to the previous year. As outdoor summer celebrations continued throughout July, alcohol sales saw a notable 11.2% year-on-year increase, as Irish consumers raised a toast to the season. 

American cuisine has firmly established itself in the preferences of consumers on this side of the Atlantic, according to Mintel research. The nuanced flavours of “fired” and “charred” BBQ dishes present new opportunities for brands. Additionally, these “fired” flavours can align with the current focus on health-conscious eating. For instance, charring vegetables is believed to enhance flavours that consumers may not have previously encountered. 

According to (ifac), the salad and condiments categories enjoy popularity during summer, often marketed as accompaniments for barbecues and marinades. Salad pots are especially favoured, in line with the current trends of outdoor dining and picnicking.  

Research conducted by Bounce Insights for Tesco in 2023 revealed that many people prefer using the BBQ to cook their steak to perfection*. One standout tip said: “Dad barbecues the steak by adding rosemary and garlic, which is always the best way!” Others praised their partners’ or spouses’ BBQ skills, with comments like: “My husband’s BBQ steaks are the most succulent and mouth-watering on the planet,” and “My partner enjoys cooking steaks, he will always cook them on the BBQ. As he enjoys the process so much, seasoning, grilling, etc. I leave it up to him. 

*(Source: Research conducted by Bounce Insights, commissioned by Tesco Ireland between the 6– 7 February 2023, surveyed 1,012 adults) 

Light the way! 

BIC EZ Reach lighter

Whether lighting candles for a special occasion, grilling at home or getting ready to warm up by the fireplace, BIC EZ Reach is there to light the way. BIC EZ Reach is the Ultimate Lighter for all lighting needs all year round. Perfect for lighting candles, stoves, BBQ’s, grills, gas cookers and more! This convenient multi-purpose lighter features a 3.5 cm wand to light hard to reach places and helps keep fingers away from the flame. BIC EZ Reach holds up to 900 lights and ignites at the same height every time, so just press, light, repeat.  

BIC EZ Reach provides the perfect opportunity to serve non-smoking occasions, and we’ll be supporting EZ Reach with a 360°​communication plan to drive awareness and conversion, starring iconic duo Snoop Dogg and ​Martha Stewart​.   

Last year, BIC achieved significant results across TV, Video on Demand & Social Media, and strong distribution in Ireland has enabled them to support this launch with a number of high impact out-of-home sites across the country including the Luas tram in Dublin, making BIC EZ Reach the perfect opportunity to drive sales.  

Maximise this great campaign and key usage occasions by having EZ Reach in highly visible in-store locations throughout 2024. Get in contact with your local key account manager now to find out more about BIC EZ Reach, the ultimate lighter.  

Up your game!

(L-R) Hellmann’s real mayonnaise, Hellmann’s tomato ketchup and Hellmann’s chunky burger sauce

Hellmann’s, Ireland’s favourite Mayonnaise brand is proud to be the Official BBQ Partner of UEFA EURO 2024™ and will be providing the essential ingredients to turn every ordinary BBQ into a mouthwatering game day celebration, for fans in stadia and at home.   

Hellmann’s wants to unite football fans this summer over a shared love of food, creating an amazing BBQ experience with its classic and specialty sauces for all to enjoy, in a campaign called “Up Your Game”.   

This summer, Hellmann’s is encouraging people to come together on match day through a shared love of food, specifically over the BBQ. In today’s world, it’s easy to feel divided from one another, but when it comes to sport, it brings people together, much like a good, shared meal.    

Hellmann’s products – [from the classic creamy mayonnaise to specialty burger sauces] – are essential ingredients to turn every ordinary BBQ into an elevated food celebration this football season. When it comes to barbecuing, a spread can go from bang average to bangin’ BBQ with just a few special additions from Hellmann’s, helping people enjoy great tasting food for the simple pleasure that it is.   

The partnership is supported by a large-scale nationwide campaign called “Up Your Game” during UEFA EURO 2024TM, across TV, out-of-home billboards, in-store displays, and social channels. Hellmann’s will also offer a range of once-in-a-lifetime; money can’t buy experiences for fans.

Calor’s cylinders 

Calor cylinder

With the weather getting warmer and the rain calming down, Summer is on the minds of people across the island! As thoughts move to spending more time outdoors, Calor has the patio gas cylinders ready to go! Calor has launched a summer BBQ campaign which includes showcasing the 6kg patio gas cylinder which sits alongside the 11kg patio cylinder.  

Available now, the patio gas cylinders contain a blend of BioLPG*, Calor’s renewable fuel with conventional LPG, ideal for consumers looking to make a more sustainable choice. The Patio Gas cylinder range, the only gas cylinder that contains renewable gas in the Irish market, strengthening Calor’s commitment to their sustainability journey.   

Larry Smith, Regional sales manager, Calor Ireland, said: “As we move through the summer, we are always delighted to be a part of one of Ireland’s favourite Summer pastimes, BBQs! The 6kg cylinder, which sits alongside the 11kg cylinder gives consumer added choice as an ideal solution for BBQs and patio heaters, either at home or on the move. Our patio range was developed specifically for outdoor use and recently, a steady increase in demand has been seen with more home entertaining and barbequing. We’re delighted with the improvement in the weather and looking forward to getting into summer mode where the Calor 6kg cylinder will become synonymous with barbeques.” 

As the barbeque season blooms, the patio cylinder leisure range will be promoted with an extensive marketing campaign including seasonal point of sale, social media adverts, advertorials as well as influencer marketing.   

For more information on Calor’s Patio Gas Cylinders please visit  

*Calor’s renewable gas – BioLPG, is made from a mix of sustainably sourced vegetable oils and wastes and residues. Using the globally recognised, mass balance, supply chain approach for renewable energy, all Calor 6kg and 11kg propane patio gas cylinders include a blend of 20% BioLPG renewable energy. 

Gourmet buns 

Brioche style bun

Since its debut in 1989, Cuisine de France has become a cherished in-store bakery brand in Ireland, renowned for its exceptional breads and pastries. Embarking on their 35th year celebrations, Cuisine de France’s commitment to innovation remains unwavering as they introduce exciting new products.  

In anticipation of the bustling summer BBQ season, Cuisine de France are thrilled to unveil their latest creation: the Brioche Style Bun. This exquisite bun boasts a golden hue, a delicate, tender crumb, and a lustrous, golden crust that is sure to elevate any occasion. Crafted with an enriched dough, the Brioche Style Bun offers a subtly sweet flavour profile that distinguishes it from the standard bun, making it the perfect complement to any gourmet burger or sandwich.  

Join in celebrating this milestone, with the taste of tradition and the promise of innovation that Cuisine de France continues to deliver. 

Flogas fuels 

Flogas cylinder in outdoor setting

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re planning a weekend getaway in a caravan or simply hosting a backyard barbecue with friends and family. With Flogas, you can make the most of your time outside without worrying about running out of fuel.  

Flogas offers a range of Gaslight cylinders that are ideal for outdoor activities including boating, caravanning, and camping. These cylinders are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport so you can take them with you wherever you go. They are incredibly easy to connect, and the semi translucent cylinder means that you can always see how much gas you have.  

Flogas Gaslight cylinders are also a great choice for those who want to host outdoor gatherings at home. With their compact, rustproof design and easy-to-use features, they are perfect for powering your barbecue, patio heater, or other outdoor appliances.   

To get started with Flogas Gaslight cylinders, simply visit their website and find a distributor using their handy ‘locate your nearest supplier’ function. You can also learn more about the benefits of using Flogas Gaslight cylinders, including their high-performance, long-lasting design. Get ready to make the most of this summer outdoors with Flogas.  

Make the most of outdoor living this summer with Flogas Gaslight Cylinders  

Power up the barbecue, pizza oven, patio heater or gas fire pit and ensure your next party is one to remember.   

Make this summer unforgettable – Power up your barbecue!  

  • Rustproof   
  • Lightweight  
  • Easy to carry & connect  
  • Visible gas level  
  • Works with all standard barbecue and patio heater models  

 Pickle kicks 

Heinz pickle tomato ketchup

Heinz introduces their Tomato Ketchup Pickle Flavour to Ireland, now available to buy in Dunnes, Supervalu and Tesco stores nationwide. The eagerly anticipated flavour combines the tanginess of tomato ketchup with the zingy flavour of pickles.  

The introduction of Heinz Tomato Ketchup Pickle Flavour illustrates Kraft Heinz’s commitment to fast, insight-driven innovation, aimed at delivering unparalleled taste experiences to consumers worldwide.    

This launch marks a significant milestone in Kraft Heinz’s ongoing mission to elevate taste profiles and expand its taste elevation platform across the globe.  

Elaine McCague, head of Commercial and Marketing, Heinz, said: “We are dedicated to investing in innovation across all markets, and we are so excited to see how our new Heinz Tomato Ketchup Pickle Flavour is received in Ireland. This new flavour is a delicious fusion of two beloved classics, combining the timeless tanginess of tomato ketchup with the irresistible zing of pickles. At Heinz, we are constantly exploring new avenues to elevate flavour profiles, and with the country’s growing love for pickles, introducing this product to the Ireland market was a natural progression.”  

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Pickle Flavour is crafted with a commitment to quality, with a recipe free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, making it suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.  

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Pickle is available to buy in Dunnes, Supervalu and Tesco stores nationwide in Ireland for €4.59.  

Sizzling sausages! 

O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages is making significant strides in the national market through the Grow with Aldi programme. The company’s Traditional BBQ pack, is designed with family barbecues in mind, featuring six sausages that ensure a delightful experience packed with flavour. This offering caters to all family members, satisfying both children and adults. The business hailing from Cork City is also launching a high protein turkey sausage into Aldi from 23 May, which is on trend based on consumer tastes and the drive toward high-protein produce.  



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