The Good Neighbour moves to Rathmines

The Good Neighbour refill shop

Moving from Dundrum, the shop offers more than 700 bulk and package-free products, including grains, pasta, spices, nuts, coffee, and peanut butter



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30 May 2024

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The Good Neighbour, originally located in Dundrum, has relocated to 39/40 Castlewood Avenue in Rathmines. The shop offers more than 700 bulk and package-free products, including grains, pasta, spices, nuts, coffee, and peanut butter. Bring your own container and buy exactly the amount you need, from a tablespoon of curry powder to 1 kg of rice, saving money, and reducing plastic and food waste.

The Good Neighbour was founded in 2019 by Jess Dollinger to provide package-free options for customers aiming to reduce waste. In 2019 Jess was frustrated by the amount of unavoidable waste she was producing, as there were no alternatives to the heavily plastic wrapped products sold in the supermarket. She figured other people must be feeling the same way, and if offered an alternative, they would take it. After doing some research at shops in Canada and in the UK, she decided to open The Good Neighbour.

The Good Neighbour aims to reduce plastic pollution and source as many organic and Irish products as possible. The goal is to help customers minimise their environmental impact by choosing products that produce less waste and leave no chemical trace behind. 

How it works: a step-by-step guide

  1. Bring your containers: Bring your own reusable containers such as jars, bags, or bottles. Ensure containers are clean and dry
  2. Weigh your containers: Go to the scale, there are always staff on hand to help if you’re a refill newbie
  3. Choose your products: Choose the products you need, grains, nuts, spices, oils, cleaning supplies, and more
  4. Fill your containers: Carefully fill your containers 
  5. Label your containers: If you like, label your containers for easy checkout
  6. Weigh and pay: Bring your filled containers to the checkout

Jess Dollinger, owner, The Good Neighbour, said: “I can honestly say that running The Good Neighbour has changed my life in the most amazing ways. To be able to run a shop with a purpose I believe in, and to be supported by so many people, is a privilege and an honour.

“While we are very sad to be leaving our wonderful community in Dundrum, we can’t wait for the next chapter of our journey in Rathmines. We are now open in our new location in Rathmines, with all of your favourite products and lots more. For all of our customers who live further south and east, we will be back in Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt soon with our full range of products to make your refill shopping even easier.” 



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