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19 January 2018

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Guinness launches Open Gate Pure Brew non-alcoholic lager

Guinness brewers at St. James’s Gate in Dublin have introduced ‘Open Gate Pure Brew’ a new, full flavoured, non-alcoholic lager. According to the company, seven in 10 taste testers were surprised to learn that Pure Brew contained no alcohol, due to its hoppy, aromatic flavour and “delicious, refreshing taste.”

M&S launches its first Kefir Drinks

M&S has launched Kefir, a fermented, cultured milk drink naturally packed with billions of probiotics (aka friendly bacteria), which aids digestion and helps restore the balance of good bacteria in the gut. High in protein and calcium, it is also a good source of essential vitamins (including B2 and B12) which contribute to the normal function of the immune system, metabolism and reduction of tiredness. Kefir is also reported to improve lactose digestion.

Wild Oats wins Kilkenny Design Open Call 2018

On top of a whole host of achievements in 2017, Waterford brand Wild Oats has kicked off 2018 on a high note by winning the Kilkenny Design Open Call, a contest entered by hundreds of Irish designers and craftmakers every year. Wild Oats creates the perfect mix of high-quality natural products: soaps, bath milks and body oils, beautifully designed and sustainably packaged. The duo’s designs will be be stocked in Kilkenny Design Nassau Street, Dublin and online, along with four other chosen designers.

Volvic presents “one resolution you can stick to” campaign for 2018

Volvic kicked off the new year with a heavyweight digital campaign using fun, targeted content to encourage shoppers to stick to their New Year’s resolutions while keeping hydrated. The activity coincides with the launch of a new, sleek bottle design for parts of the Volvic plain portfolio: the 50cl format and the newly introduced 75cl format, which lends itself perfectly to sporting and travel occasions thanks to its handy sports cap. The campaign will also feature the Volvic Touch Of Fruit Sugar Free variants Summer Fruit and Watermelon, both of which were launched recently. The campaign forms part of the brand’s multi touchpoint media investment of £3.8million in 2018.





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