Lidl launches 100% compostable potato packaging

Ciara Sheehan, CSR manager with Lidl Ireland alongside Philip Meade Jr of the Meade Potato Company

Another day, another environmental initiative, as the race among brands and store groups to launch the next plastic-free initiaitve is starting to bear real fruit in the race against waste.


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11 February 2020

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Next in the rapid procession of retail environmental initiatives is Lidl’s launch of a 100% compostable potato bag, in conjunction with Meade Potato Company – supplier of thousands of sacks of spuds to the supermarket retailer every day.

The new bag – the first of its kind in the category in Ireland – harnesses existing efficient packing machines and eliminates conventional plastic, making it fully compostable. The 2kg Meade White Potatoes are available now for €2.69 nationwide through Lidl’s network of 162 stores.

The bags are described as 100% Seedling certified compostable bags that use FSC certified sustainably-sourced paper, strengthened with starch and printed with water-based ink. The window of the bag is made with corn-starch based netting.

This innovative solution has eliminated all conventional plastic from the packaging, making it 100% compostable and suitable for disposal in all consumers’ brown bins for industrial composting. In addition, the new bag uses 34% less paper than traditional paper bagging machines.

Ciara Sheehan, CSR manager for Lidl Ireland said that as a business, Lidl’s working relationship with the Meade family allows both brands to grow and evolve. “We are fully committed to ensuring we drive positive change for the environment and for our customers,” Sheehan said. “Sustainability is core to our business and we’re constantly looking at ways we can change our packaging, which includes the removal of black packaging from our entire fruit and vegetable range.

“Other recent sustainability initiatives to support our customers include the introduction of reusable fruit and vegetable bags in store, the installation of customer recycling bins and now by giving our customers a sustainable packaging option for their potatoes, we’re continuing to empower consumers to make greener choices,” she added.



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