KnightBridge Group acquires Freshly Chopped in expansion move

Pictured: Kent Lee and Bock Liang of KnightBridge

KnightBridge is prepared to inject a significant investment into Freshly Chopped to rejuvenate its branding and devise a new menu offering



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1 July 2024

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KnightBridge Group has announced the acquisition of Freshly Chopped.  

Launched in 2012, Freshly Chopped grew to be one of Ireland’s largest indigenous quick service healthy food chains. 

The recently launched hospitality division of KnightBridge will retain the existing Freshly Chopped senior management & head office team and work with hospitality experts to breathe new life into the brand.

Existing franchisees and the day to day operation of the company owned stores will not be affected.

 New CEO

“By leveraging our international network and our expertise in investment and franchising, we see a very bright future for Freshly Chopped,” said Kent Lim, founding partner, KnightBridge Group.

Lim will spearhead the hospitality division of KnightBridge, and is also appointed the new CEO of Freshly Chopped.  

Jonathan Parkhill, who has worked as the business development director with Freshly Chopped for the past 10 years, will remain in his pivotal role for the brand. 

Parkhill will also join the Board of KnightBridge Hospitality. 

“Since we set up the company in 2012, I’ve been at the coalface, driving its growth from an idea at the back of my mind to one of Ireland’s biggest brands and Ireland’s first, and now leading, healthy fast-food chain,” said Brian Lee, co-founder, Freshly Chopped.

Lee said that this acquisition is a significant milestone for Freshly Chopped and, on a personal level, “it’s the beginning of a new chapter.”

Rejuvenate branding

KnightBridge is prepared to inject a significant investment into Freshly Chopped to rejuvenate its branding and devise a new menu offering. 

KnightBridge acknowledges the valued support and patience of its existing key partners, suppliers, and particularly the confidence of the franchisees.  

A town hall meeting with all franchisees to present KnightBridge’s strategic plan and direction is a priority. 

Additionally, Knightbridge is also looking to secure a master franchise in the UK and Ireland for an international brand that has 1,300 locations worldwide. 

They are in the assessment stage of acquiring a Polish chain of 52 healthy food restaurants to further strengthen its position in the sector. 

Interpath Advisory, which advised KnightBridge on the acquisition of Freshly Chopped, has been retained to lead on commercial lease acquisition and financial strategic planning. 

Conor Mullany and Conor Mullins of Mullany Walsh Maxwells LLP handled the legal acquisition of Freshly Chopped.

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