Freshly Chopped opens first UK store

Freshly chopped co-founder Brain Lee marks the opening of the brand's first UK store
Freshly chopped co-founder Brain Lee marks the opening of the brand's first UK store

Healthy fast food outlet Freshly Chopped has unveiled its first Freshly Chopped store in mainland UK. The new Manchester store in is the 60th store in the network, and is the third new store to be opened in 2019.



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25 February 2019 | 0

Freshly Chopped, one of the biggest success stories of recent years in Ireland’s convenience food segment, has opened the doors in its Manchester store, the first Freshly Chopped on to appear on the British mainland.

Speaking at the opening of the store, Brian Lee, co-founder and managing director of Freshly Chopped, said the new Manchester store marks the next step in the brand’s journey. “It is our objective to make Freshly Chopped the world’s best healthy fast food choice,” he said. “Despite the uncertainty created by Brexit, we are confident though that we have found the right location and we have the right infrastructure in place to deliver the foundation we need to grow the brand in the UK.

Lee described the new store as a pilot, to help the company learn more about the market and assess how Brexit impacts on the sector, before spreading to open more stores in England. “We will be careful and deliberate in our roll-out strategy,” he said, “and we have created a new supply chain that we believe is Brexit-proofed to deliver the same experience that our customers in Ireland have grown to love.”

The new company-owned store is located in Piccadilly Plaza and suppliers include Johnson’s Coffee, Antrim and Sanam’s Sweetcakes, a local Manchester bakery that provides vegan, gluten free and dairy free treats. The new outlet will also see Cork’s Rebel Chilli introduced to the UK.

Brian Lee added that the main objective across the entire Freshly Chopped network is to improve on the custerom experience with additions such as more hot food choices. 


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