For Goodness Shakes ready for Hell

For Goodness Shakes is ready for the fearsome Hell and Back race in Wicklow this month `
For Goodness Shakes is ready for the fearsome Hell and Back race in Wicklow this month

Aurivo Co-op's sports nutrition brand For Goodness Shakes has been named as one of the sponsors of this year's Hell and Back race.



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8 June 2016

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This month will see the Hell and Back race take place at Kilruddery Estate in Co. Wicklow, where more than 21,000 participants will take part in a series of adventure events designed to test themselves to their physical limits.

With racers (known as HellRaisers) crossing rivers and lakes, climbing hills and mountains and clambering through bogs and swamps, it’s not called Hell and Back for nothing. HellRaisers will have to endure everything the race throws at them, including the gruelling environment, the torturous man-made obstacles or the two electric shock obstacles provided by For Goodness Shakes.

It’s a good thing that For Goodness Shakes will  also be providing a little piece of heaven on the day in the shape of its sports nutrition range that includes Recovery, Protein and Ultimate Protein.

“We’re really excited to be part of Hell and Back,” says Evelyn Garland, sales developer at For Goodness Shakes. “It’s the perfect fit for our sports nutrition range, which helps energise, repair and rebuild after sport. For Goodness Shakes will be the best recovery for those who make it through the gruelling 12km and 7km routes with their natural and man-made obstacles!”

After going through hell on the race, HellRaisers will be welcomed with open arms to the Little Piece of Heaven “X-Gloo”, in which they will have the opportunity to by enjoy For Goodness Shakes and recover their battered bodies.

Hell and Back takes place at Kilruddery Estate, Wicklow, on July 25th and 26th. To learn more, including how to participate, visit



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