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Health and fitness has become a massive area for Irish consumers. Pic: Linsday Henwood
Health and fitness has become a massive area for Irish consumers. Pic: Linsday Henwood

The effects of our new-found preoccupation with health and fitness can be found everywhere; in this case, the rocketing popularity of sports nutrition and protein-based products. Popular in both planned purchases and impulse sales, retailers can stock a range of these products to give consumers what they want and need all at once….


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21 February 2018

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In ‘Attitudes toward Sports Nutrition’, a report published by Mintel in June 2016, the research and consumer behaviour agency found that food and products designed specifically for performance in sport and fitness are used by an impressive one in four people. Sales of these products have been steadily rising, reflecting the market’s evolution from a niche area to a mainstream and highly lucrative business.

Protein as a key part of any diet is perceived highly positively by younger consumers in particular, causing a wide range of products and segments to promote their protein content, such as pre-packed meats, bread and even snacks and treats like ice cream. Younger Irish consumers consider themselves to be particularly healthy, according to Bord Bia’s Periscope report of 2013. This trend has continued in the intervening years, to coincide with the growth of this segment in Ireland.

Expansion meets innovation

Since launching just over two years ago, Fulfil’s vitamin and protein bars have effectively tapped into the growing market for healthy, high protein snacks. The brand’s expansion and penetration into public consciousness has been nothing short of sensational, leading to it becoming Ireland’s number one protein bar brand. Fulfil sold almost 15 million bars during 2017; in particular it has been a huge hit with busy, health-conscious consumers.

Fulfil says it has used customer feedback as the driving force behind its ongoing innovation. This is evident in the recent launch of Fulfil multipacks. Three-packs are available in the following flavours: Peanut & Caramel, White Chocolate & Cookie Dough and Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough. More new flavours are due for release in Q2 of 2018; as always, these flavours have been developed based on customer-led insights from Fulfil’s Flavour Labs.

As well as product expansion and innovation, Fulfil’s aim for 2018 is to promote the benefits of a protein-rich diet through its work with its brand ambassadors, including international athlete David Gillick. The brand also plans to participate in some of the country’s biggest fitness events, where it will bring its core message to life by helping the public to lead a healthy lifestyle, enjoy a balanced diet, maintain a positive mindset and have fun.


Q&A with Tom Gannon, co-founder of Fulfil Nutrition

Fulfil won the Award for Best C-Store Marketing at the recent ShelfLife National C-Store Awards; what does an award like this mean to the brand?

We are amazed and humbled to receive such prestigious awards in the Irish industry. It gives us the confidence that our marketing plans are executed well, and noticed by the trade.

The ‘Fulfil Selection Boxes’ on sale over Christmas were fun and innovative. Was this a successful product?

Novelty and innovation are both key drivers of awareness and trial in the confectionery world. The selection boxes were a bit of fun and gave us a voice during the Christmas period when we could have struggled to be heard above traditional Christmas treats. They were really well received by consumers!

What new products does Fulfil have planned for summer 2018?

That would be telling! At Fulfil we are having constant conversations with our consumers about what they want to see next. We host ‘flavour labs’ to allow consumers to taste and critique our latest shortlist of flavours, and these groups genuinely pick the next big variant. You will see some new flavours this year and we have no doubt they will rival our best-selling bars…stay tuned on our social media!

The brand has been very successful in its marketing strategy so far – as the awards attest. Are there plans to evolve, adapt or expand the strategy this year?

Like our flavours, we have been learning and testing what consumers respond to from a marketing perspective. We have spent the last few months getting closer to our long term strategy and, we will have a new-look campaign launching in 2018.

What is the long-term objective or goal for Fulfil?

We want to become Ireland’s biggest ‘better for you’ snacking brand that enables people to choose a healthier life. We aim to think differently and challenge the status quo so that we can inspire people to fulfil their potential.

What are your newest recommendations for retailers on driving sales of Fulfil in-store?

It is all about the right SKUs in the right place. Peanut is still a stand-out best seller, and is the number one SKU that new Fulfil consumers will buy into. In order to attract new consumers into the brand, retailers need to ensure that it is front and centre in every single Fulfil display. It is closely followed by Triple Chocolate, White Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. Keeping these in stock and highly visible on the Fulfil pop out POS will drive new business and repeat purchase rates.


Active nutrition

  Nutra-Go is the latest offering from Nutramino and is set to disrupt the Irish protein market. Nutramino is one of the leading brands in Glanbia’s active nutrition portfolio. The latest range is a line of snack bars and wafers designed to deliver a great-tasting snack that is low in sugar and high in protein. Its compact size, meanwhile, makes it the ideal choice for on-the-move consumers.

In short, Nutra-Go delivers on taste and texture. It is available in three fantastic flavours, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Coconut, with each delivering fewer than 200 kcal per serve, making it a perfect low-sugar, high-protein snack for health conscious and active consumers.

Alongside the wafers is the low-sugar Nutra-Go protein bar, which comes in a range of flavours: Chocolate Vanilla & Caramel, Chocolate & Peanut Butter, White Chocolate & Cherry and White Chocolate & Lemon. Each bar provides 15g of quality protein, with less than 2g sugar and no more than 185 calories equalling a great snack for any time of the day.

Presenter and model Vogue Williams

Presenter and model Vogue Williams

Marianna Daddiego, Nutramino’s brand director believes consumers are currently seeking better-for-you snacks to help them through their busy and active lives. “Trends show that more and more consumers are looking for better-for-you snack options to help them through their busy and active lives,” Daddiego says. “Nutramino is fast becoming the go-to snack of choice for many Irish consumers. The Nutra-Go range now offers delicious low-sugar protein wafers and bars to pick and go anytime, anywhere – minus the guilt!”

The active nutrition brand which originated in Scandinavia is going from strength to strength; it was recently voted Convenience Product of the Year 2017 in Norway by the market-leading 7-Eleven Group. It also introduced TV presenter, model and fitness enthusiast Vogue Williams as its brand ambassador.

“Training accounts for a huge part of my day-to-day life,” says Williams, “so it’s essential that I keep my body fuelled. I’ve learnt what my body needs and as the Nutra-Go range is low in sugar, it has become my go-to treat.”

Marianna Daddiego says William stands for everything Nutramino represents: commitment to an active lifestyle that is supported by balanced nutrition. Nutramino is available in selected convenience stores and forecourts such as Applegreen, Topaz, Spar, Mace, Centra and SuperValu and in gyms nationwide.


Energy with a difference

All energy drinks aim to replace fluids lost during physical exertion; Boost Sport does this and more by providing an essential carbohydrate boost, thereby driving endurance levels further and reducing fatigue. It comes in 500ml PET bottles, price marked at 99c and is available in three flavours: Orange, Tropical Berry and Mixed Berry. Last year, challenger brand Boost Drinks updated its isotonic sports drink offer, with a striking new look, new packaging and a new recipe. The brand’s look is now more in line with that of a sports product. In flavour variants, Boost Sport provides a stand out range of products that are very popular with consumers.

The bottle design also took on a new look in 2017, with an evolved shape that was more reflective of the isotonic sports drink subcategory. This enhancement of Boost Sport was part of wider brand refresh across other ranges.

“Investing in new product development is a key part of Boost’s commitment to our customers and consumers,” says Simon Gray, founder and managing director. “The sports drink category in the Republic of Ireland performs very well, and so it makes complete sense for us to build on the opportunity in this category.”

Boost’s product range stretches across sport and energy drinks, including stimulation energy and sports/isotonic. Boost’s product portfolio provides great-tasting products and excellent value for money for consumers, while also delivering strong margins for retailers.


Gathering momentum

Since its launch in 2015, innovative sporting nutrition brand Acti-Snack has put in its best performance, with a year-on-year value growth of 34.4%, and a 208% growth over the past two years. This positive trajectory trumps the overall category performance, which has grown by 20% from £51m in March 2015 to £61m in March 2017.

Acti-Snack’s continued success feeds into consumers’ current scrutiny of food and drink. Almost two-thirds claim they read the ingredients list before choosing a new product; one-third say they are looking for sports nutrition products with all-natural ingredients.

A unique product to the sports nutrition category, Acti-Snack is designed to maximise on the natural goodness of each ingredient to help meet individual sporting nutritional needs. Moreover, it offers a healthier alternative to the artificial supplements on the market.

The 100% dried fruit, nut and seed range comprises of mixes such as: Fruit, Nut & Seed, Fruit, Nut & Soya, Nut Mix and Fruit, Nut & Cacao. All of these contain no added salt or sugar, are gluten-free, and free-from artificial additives and preservatives.

“As consumers become more discerning and savvy in terms of what they’re putting in their bodies, clear and transparent labelling is more important than ever before,” says Andrea Cahill, ActiSnack’s marketing manager. “With no artificial additives, the Acti-Snack range ticks the box for those looking to limit the number of artificial ingredients they add to their diet and increase their natural ingredient intake.”


Raising the bar

More than 150 years after the brand was first established, top American ice cream brand Breyers has made its debut in Ireland’s freezers. Backed by a substantial marketing investment, Breyers is introducing to Irish consumers, an exciting ice cream offering, which taps into the rapidly growing health and wellness trend.

The range has the delicious and creamy taste that consumers expect from an ice cream, all while high in protein and lower in sugar*, with no more than 350 calories per tub**. Breyers promises to rapidly become a favourite fixture in freezers across Ireland this spring and summer, in the following four flavours:

  • Cookies & Cream – A delicious take on the classic combo, now tasting even better at 350 calories per tub
  • Creamy Chocolate – Rich and full of flavour; the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream at 310 calories per tub
  • Smooth Vanilla – Smooth and creamy vanilla just got a whole lot more exciting at 290 calories per tub
  • Mint Chip – Designed to leave taste buds tingling at 340 calories per tub

These four flavours will be supported by a huge advertising investment across social, search, instore and OOH advertising, all of which are set to drive incremental ice cream sales.

“We know there is a demand out there from health-conscious consumers who want to limit their calorie intake, whilst also wanting to treat themselves,” says Paul Kelly, head of marketing for Breyers Ice Cream. “Breyers is the perfect product for those people, and also helps us to reach new consumers who may not have previously bought into the category.”

Breyers’ black packaging and tub format allow the colourful motifs for each variant to stand out on-shelf, clearly indicating the exciting and delicious flavours inside. The total calories per portion and the total calories per tub are clearly communicated on the front of the pack along with a stand out flash highlighting ‘high protein’.

Breyers delights hold an RRP of €5.99 for 500ml.

* (Source: Market comparison, Nielsen MAT w/e 30.9.17, UK Total Coverage)

** (Source: Local Nielsen Packaged Ice Cream database for United States)


Milk, but better

Innovation in flavour variants has seen Avonmore Protein Milk experience huge success to date, resulting in adoption by an ever-increasing group of active customers and double-digit growth in 2017.

Avonmore Protein milk is the milk brand of choice for a wide range of exercise enthusiasts. A key driver of this popularity is the convenient pack formats delivering 25g of high quality milk protein per 500ml. The range’s convenience, flexibility and taste make it a great choice for breakfast, smoothies, or as a drink after a workout.

Availability of the fresh milk product in its original 1L and 500ml formats cemented it firmly in milk usage areas such as breakfast and lunch. Meanwhile, the launch of Avonmore Protein Milk in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours in a 500ml format has broadened on-the-go appeal for the brand.

This innovation in 2017 saw further adoption by active consumers with the brand achieving +28% volume growth*. Also for every pack purchased, a donation is made to the Gaelic Players Association’s Player Development Programme Fund, for the benefit of county players.

Avonmore Protein Milk is supported by a national advertising programme including outdoor commuter formats and digital and social media activity. For more information on Avonmore Protein Milk, visit

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack 52 w/e 05th Nov 2017)


Get the best!

Through innovations both tasty and convenient, and by appealing directly to consumers’ lifestyles, John West strives to reach loyal customers and appeal to new ones simultaneously. Consumers on the lookout for solutions and inspiration, can choose fish as a natural alternative and a protein-rich snack that complements their healthy on-the-go active healthy lifestyle.

“Fish is a great source of natural protein,” says Sarah Keogh, John West consultant dietician and nutritionist. “In fact, it’s one of the most important nutrients we need during training. Protein not only helps to build muscle, it also helps to maintain it.

“Tuna is a fantastic source of natural protein,” Keogh says, “and salmon also provides a good intake.”

Innovations such as John West Infusions and Creations make it easy for consumers to eat fish twice a week – as recommended by the healthy eating guidelines.

The John West Infusions range takes a single serving size portion of healthy fish and gives it extra zest by adding a rainbow of exciting flavours: Tuna infused with chilli and garlic, basil, soy and ginger, tangy jalapeno, or Salmon infused with Sweet Chilli or Teriyaki are just the start.

Infusions provides on average 19g of protein in a tub. Creations is perfect to create a quick healthy lunch or snack in seconds. It comes in a pouch, can be served hot or cold, fits with the “five a day” initiative, and is free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It comes in four flavours with tuna or salmon. Creations provides on average 15g of protein in a pouch.

Winning performance

Once again by tapping into consumers’ needs for an affordable and effective sports drink, Energise Sport is going from strength to strength as a brand. Energise Sport currently holds 24% share of the on-the-go sports category*, with sales continuing to climb at +10% year-on-year.

Available in Orange and Mixed Fruit flavours, Energise Sport is specially formulated to supply carbohydrate energy and minimise the impact of the loss of water and electrolytes during exercise routines. This is essential for achieving optimum performance.

Energise Sport has its roots in GAA and has been supporting players and teams through sponsorship since its launch and this February sees the launch of its new bigger 750ml pack. Energise is the only Sports brand that is 100% produced in Ireland.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack OTG Sports Category – MAT November 2017)


Leading tastes

Boasting a volume market share of 16.2%, KP is the category leader and Ireland’s largest nut brand*. With a rich portfolio offering pack formats for every occasion, the brand is in continuous growth.

It is a well-known fact that consumers are increasingly seeking protein-rich snacks that can help provide a steady release of energy throughout the day. A couple of handfuls of KP nuts (25g) provides a consumer with 7g of protein, which helps curb hunger until the next meal.

KP’s on-the-go pack is aimed at consumers seeking a quick and satisfying snack. The pack’s tall and slim design mean they are easily consumed on-the-go. The range includes four bestselling flavours: Original Salted Peanut (50g) Dry Roasted Peanuts (50g) as well as Fruit & Nut Energy Mix (40g) and Orange Nut Fudge Energy Mix (40g).

Also recently launched are the flavoured sharing nuts (225g), which are perfect for entertaining. They are available in five tantalising flavours including Salted Caramel to Smokehouse BBQ. For plenty of nutty news and competitions, keep an eye on the page.

*(Nielsen Markettrack Volume Sales November/December 2017)


Big on energy

It’s clear now that the energy drinks segment is experiencing strong growth across the board. With that in mind, Monster, “the meanest energy drink on the planet”, is aiming to capture this incremental growth for retailers thanks to new innovations and a continued drive behind its low sugar offerings. The brand experienced 44.7% value growth in 2017*.

Capitalising on the success of the ‘zero sugar’ energy segment, Monster Hydro, launched in June 2017, offers a lower-sugar energy option for those on-the-go. The non-carbonated drink benefits from Monster’s unique energy blend and is available in three flavours: Tropical Thunder, Mean Green and Manic Melon.

All variants are powered by glucose and contain 25mg of caffeine and just 4.6g of sugar per 100ml, and therefore will be exempt from the approaching soft drinks levy to be implemented in April 2018.

Complementing Monster Energy’s range as an everyday pick-me-up, Hydro comes in a 550ml resealable wide mouth PET bottle. The clear packaging carries the iconic Monster claw logo as part of its design and format.

Launching this month, Monster Hydro will launch a national promotion to win the Ultimate Adventure Trip to South Africa. The once in a lifetime trip will see the winner visit exotic locations to take part in extreme activities including abseiling and shark cage diving. This high-profile prize will increase transactions, while attracting new people to the brand.

With continued marketing investment planned for Hydro, 2018 will see an increase in sampling by the Monster team to drive trials, while ongoing digital communications and campaigns will keep the brand top of mind. A local ambassador will soon be announced to join Mark Cavendish, professional road cyclist, as brand ambassadors for Monster Hydro.

Hydro is expected to follow in the footsteps of the success of Monster Ultra, the energy drink that offers a lighter-tasting, zero calorie energy drink with the iconic Monster blend. Since its launch, Monster Ultra has experienced unparalleled growth and is responsible for growth in the ‘zero sugar energy’ category overall.

“The growth of the energy segment offers a huge opportunity for Monster Energy,” says Peter Hughes, marketing manager for Monster. “We also know that our consumers are increasingly looking for lower sugar options, and with a growing range of options, including the new Hydro range and the existing success of Ultra variants.

“Monster is primed to capture this incremental growth for retailers,” Hughes says. “We are excited about our plans for Hydro throughout 2018. With our dynamic brand plans, once-in-a-lifetime promotional prizes, and the recruitment of a relevant new ambassador, I’m confident that Monster will continue to lead the segment throughout the year.”

*(Nielsen ROI Total Value Sales Energy Category December 2017 MAT)


Natural performance

Leinster and Ireland rugby star Jamie Heaslip is an Investor and Brand Advocate for CocoFuzion 100

Leinster and Ireland rugby star Jamie Heaslip is an Investor and Brand Advocate for CocoFuzion 100

With endorsements from some of the biggest sports names including Irish rugby legend, Jamie Heaslip and British boxing champion Chris Eubank Jr, CocoFuzion100 is a new, naturally great tasting sparkling organic coconut water. It is made from tender young coconuts sourced from the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam, and contains 100% natural coconut water, natural flavours and the just the right amount of natural sugars and electrolytes to help athletes stay hydrated.

It also features no unnecessary sweeteners or preservatives.

The sparkling coconut water is naturally isotonic, making it ideal for sports and fitness as it is absorbed by the body more efficiently than water. CocoFuzion 100 helps to replace lost fluids, restores electrolytes and reduces cramping and gastric distress, when compared to other more conventional sports drinks.

“Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and more are becoming aware of the harmful effects of sugar and artificially sweetened sports drinks,” says Steve Barton, CEO of C7 Brands. “They are becoming more educated on what products to consume for optimum hydration. We are fully committed to communicating the health and performance benefits of our products, particularly, as we move towards the introduction of the Sugar Tax – from which our products will be exempt – later this year.”

The gluten free and naturally low-calorie sparkling coconut water is available in four tasty flavours: Natural, Raspberry, Mango and Lime. It is available to purchase from all major retailers including SuperValu and Tesco. To learn more about the range, visit


One for all

Designed by athletes, for athletes, For Goodness Shakes is a cutting-edge sports nutrition brand which features a unique combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in every shake. It aims to give consumers the nutrients needed for any goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain lean muscle or train for a marathon, For Goodness Shakes has a corresponding protein product.

The range includes For Goodness Shakes Recovery, Protein, Ultimate and Nutrition, with each shake tailored to suit specific goals. Add in a variety of flavours, and there’s something for everyone.

For Goodness Shakes Recovery is perfect after training, when muscles are damaged and glycogen levels are low; For Goodness Shakes Protein is a tasty, low in fat shake, designed to promote growth and maintenance of functional muscle. For Goodness Shakes Ultimate is the lowest carbohydrate, highest protein shake, and so perfect for gaining lean muscle mass. With 10 grams of carbs, 40 grams of protein, and from just 210 calories, that’s exactly what it will do.

For Goodness Shakes’ nutrition is the ideal top up for on the go; while rich in protein and 14 vitamins and minerals, each bottle is low in fat, with no added sugar and from 125 calories. In short, it’s the perfect protein for weight loss.

For Goodness Shakes has all the goodness of dairy tailored to meet any and all specific sports and nutritional needs.


Spicy snack

One area that health enthusiasts are always seeking new products in is healthy and nutritious snacks that can be enjoyed on the go, but that also “hit the spot”. Aiming to occupy that very niche are the makers of Irish Biltong.

This air-dried, 100% Irish beef snack is slightly spiced and thinly cut. With 69% protein content and low fat and sugar content, it’s a very nutritious snack and comes in two flavours – Plain Beef, and Mild Chili. It’s ready to eat from the pack, making it perfect for a healthy snack in the car, after a workout, on the golf course or anywhere in between.

Irish Biltong’s target market is male and female aged 18-45; the health-conscious individual who is aware of food nutrition and the importance of clean eating for both sports performance and healthy living. The company was established in 2015, and is owned and managed by Noreen and John Doyle. Both coming from a beef and livestock family background, the Doyles produce it in-house in fully licensed premises in Naas.

Since Irish Biltong was established, it has gone from strength to strength winning awards such as Food & Drink Europe Award 2016, Great Taste Award 2016 and Irish Good Choice Quality Food Award 2017.

In early 2016 Irish Biltong became sponsor to the Rugby Pro12 Champions Connacht; that sponsorship was recently renewed for another three years. The brand also supplies Munster Rugby and recently become sponsor to Bristol Rugby – the first big sponsorship deal outside of Ireland. As a result, Irish Biltong is now associated with elite rugby players from all provinces, as well as elite professional golfers. To learn more, visit

Irish Biltong is working with full service distributor Ampersand, and has launched into stores nationwide. To stock, call Ampersand on 01-4130100 or visit


Big-name protein

This year, Mars Chocolate UK has revealed that it too will join the protein segment with the launch of new Mars and Snickers bars to the Irish market. The revised editions of the iconic chocolate bars will now include 10g of added protein.

“Protein consumption is on the increase,” says Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats. “It has made the transition from niche to mainstream, and in response we have developed a new version of the Mars and Snickers bar with added protein. These new bars will appeal to impulse shoppers who regularly visit major retailers and convenience stores and buy on-the-go.”

The new Mars and Snickers bars are exclusive to the Irish market. Mars Chocolate is keen to offer consumers more choices on how to enjoy their favourite chocolate brands, as well as a more appealing price point for a protein product. Each bar contains less than 200 calories, and 10g of clearly labelled protein content.

“We are excited to be appealing to a new wave of impulse protein consumers,” Frost adds.

For all stockist enquiries, contact Primeline. (RSP €2.49)

Award-winning taste

Husband and wife team Colm and Genna Connolly founded Rucksnacks in July 2016, and since then the brands has been enjoying stead growth. The snack’s original signature flavour, Original Beef Bites, was successfully introduced to market at that point, and would go on to win a Great Taste Gold startup award for 2017, as well as an award for most innovative packaging and the prestigious Blas na hÉireann awards in Co. Kerry.

Rucksnacks recently launched a variety of new flavours. The full range now includes Original, Fiery Red Chilli, Honey Roast, Sweet Chilli and Spicy Curry Beef Bites.

“We are delighted to have launched these new flavours, which are proving very popular as people are looking for an alternative to protein bars and crisps,” says Colm Connolly. “Business is going very well, plus we have the ability to cater for customers or retailers quickly by shipping directly via our website”

Rucksnacks is a grass-fed beef snack which is low in per-serving calories. It is a high-protein snack, with no gluten and no allergens, making it a quality snack food that ticks a lot of health boxes as a lean protein snack.

Looking to the future, the brand is expanding and hoping to take on more customers. “We want to expand into more locations,” Connolly adds. “Gyms, pubs and bars alongside retailer locations are all in our sights, so we encourage interested businesses to get in touch.”

Rucksnacks are made in Ireland and are ambient with a long shelf life so perfect for retailers and other vendors.

For more information, visit, add Rucksnacks on Twitter or Facebook, email or call Colm on 089 255 6351.


Guilt-free sensation

Another recent arrival to these shores is Halo Top Creamery, which bills itself as America’s guilt-free ice cream sensation. This high-protein ice cream brand is now available in Tesco stores across the Republic of Ireland.

In the USA, Halo Top’s sales have risen tremendously over the last six years, having even surpassed those of iconic industry leaders that have been household names for generations. These brands’ sales have reigned supreme in the ice cream category for years; the new figures show a definite change in trends and tastes among the public.

Since its US launch in 2011, Halo Top has proudly presented a light, high-protein, low-calorie ice cream that maintains a delightful flavour for those with a sweet tooth. The Irish launch includes seven flavours:

  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Chocolate Flavoured
  • Mint Chip
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cinnamon Roll

As with many products of this variety, founder Justin Woolverton’s Halo Top journey began when he himself was simply seeking an ice cream product he could enjoy “guilt free”. Using a simple domestic ice cream maker, he created something that turned out to be quite special. With the help of partner Doug Bouton, Halo Top went to market in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Halo Top in the Republic of Ireland,” Woolverton says. “The incredible support we have received so far has meant we have been able to share Halo Top with more and more people. We are hugely excited that Irish consumers can now get in on the fun.”

Halo Top is now available from Tesco stores across the country for an RRP of €6.49. For more information on Halo Top, contact:


Shake it Off

Founded in 2010 with a focus on high performance sports nutrition products, Grenade has become the ‘go to brand’ in the active nutrition/healthy snacking space. With its full range of high-protein, low-sugar offerings, which includes the signature Carb Killa range of bars and shakes, Grenade is leading the way with innovative healthy snacking products.

This is another brand which neatly finds the balance between nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, an increased understanding of the benefits of protein and the demand for low-sugar alternatives. Grenade bars, shakes and spreads tick all those boxes, without compromising on taste.

“Consumers want genuinely healthy on-the-go offerings,” says Juliet Barratt of Grenade, “and Grenade delivers. With its sports nutrition heritage, products are made using high quality protein sources. We are working hard to ensure we continue to innovate in this space, and to deliver products that enable people to make healthier lifestyle choices without having to compromise on taste.”

Grenade supports retailers with in-store POS as well as a rapidly growing social media following. High levels of engagement reflect the strength of the Grenade brand and the excitement it generates with consumers. For more information, contact


Lowest calories

In 2018, health is still the most important driver for shoppers. According to the Nielsen 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey, a large majority (88%) are prepared to pay more for it too. However, the way consumers are achieving a healthy diet is changing. Sales of traditional ‘dietary’ products, which involve cutting calories, fall into decline. Instead, eating healthier means proactively seeking out and adding better foods into the diet. This is particularly true for millennials, a key consumer of ice-cream.

A brand which is heavily capitalising on the success of protein-rich snack products is Wheyhey. An ice-cream bringing the health benefits of protein to the freezers of health-conscious shoppers, Wheyhey is sugar-free and low in calories. Made with real cream, Wheyhey uses all-natural ingredients, making it the perfect treat for mid-week snacking or nights in on the sofa. Meanwhile, for shoppers actively seeking out the healthiest choices, Wheyhey delivers there too. It contains 88 calories and 7.4g of carbs per pot – the lowest of any ice-cream available on the market. Tasty, protein-packed, sugar-free and low in calories, Wheyhey’s ice cream is perfect for consumers who don’t want to compromise on taste but who are keen to discover healthier alternatives.

“Year on year, the ice-cream market is growing steadily at 3.9%.” says Damien Kennedy of Wheyhey. “What is driving this growth is the take-home ice cream category, in which our 100ml multi-packs sit.

“Last year,” Kennedy says, “the Wheyhey individual take home tubs significantly contributed to this growth, being solely responsible for delivering 10% of it. We expect that trend to continue this year as the need for healthful treats like Wheyhey Protein Ice-Cream keeps on growing.”

Available in either vanilla or chocolate flavour, Wheyhey 100ml pots come in a multipack of four with an 18-month shelf-life. In Ireland, Wheyhey is currently stocked in Dunnes Stores. Retailers interested in stocking the product should get in touch at





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