Deliveroo partners with c-stores and off-licences to deliver to homes

Convenience stores and off-licences across Ireland are now live on the Deliveroo app 



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9 April 2020

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Deliveroo has partnered with a number of Irish retail outlets in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Essential food and household items such as bread, milk, butter, dry and tinned goods, along with alcohol, are available to order from over 21 convenience stores on the Deliveroo app. According to the delivery service, orders can arrive to a customer’s doorstep in as little as under 30 minutes.

The partnership links Deliveroo’s riders, of which there are over 1,000 in Ireland, with well-known convenience store brands such as Fallon & Byrne, Londis, Mace and Spar. Orders can be placed as normal through the Deliveroo app.

Popular local off-licences and corner shops live on the app include:

  1. Spar (Dublin)
  2. Mace (Dublin)
  3. Fallon & Byrne Food Hall (Dublin)
  4. ARC Wines (Belfast)
  5. Higgins Off-Licence (Dublin)
  6. Londis (Dublin)
  7. O’Neills Wines (Limerick)
  8. Vineyard (Belfast)

All deliveries will be contact-free, so that riders do not hand deliveries over to customers, but leave them outside their door for collection.

Michael Healy, Deliveroo Ireland general manager said the move would “make it easier for customers to get access to day-to-day food and household items quickly as they limit trips outdoors”.



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