Cully & Sully achieves re-certified B Corp status

Alongside Cully & Sully's Origin Green certification, its B Corp recertification demonstrates commitment to social and environmental responsibility


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9 November 2023

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Cully & Sully is thrilled to have been re-certified for B Corp status this month.

B Corp, along with Cully & Sully’s Origin Green certification, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

At the Cully & Sully ‘Hen House’, the team are dedicated to sustainable sourcing, employee wellbeing, and reducing the brand’s environmental footprint whilst always providing the most delicious soups, pies, broths and risottos for customers.

“This is a huge team effort, a team we are hugely proud of and who all do their part,” said Cully & Sully co-founders, Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan.

“We will continue to reach our targets, operate our business to the highest standards and have fun along the way,” the duo added.

In fact, as recently as this week, Cully & Sully has implemented improvements in our packaging by removing the plastic cap on its Tetra Pack 750g soups. This small tweak will result in a reduction of over 2,000kg of plastic per year.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Cully & Sully changed its pie packaging from plastic to foil saving approx. 13.5 tonnes of plastic a year. That’s equivalent to the weight of two African elephants.

“We are constantly looking for new solutions to improve our packaging and do better,” the co-founders continued.

“We also try and go full loop and remind everyone of the importance of disposing of litter correctly and recycling. Cully and Sully sponsored the Big Beach Clean in Ireland and the Great British Beach Clean in the UK this September where thousands of volunteers collected over 53 tonnes of marine litter. Both are fantastic initiatives to take direct action on litter and we are very proud to have sponsored them.”



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