Centra reports a 150% surge in iced coffee sales

The surge in iced coffee popularity is led by millennials and Gen Z, with Centra anticipating continued growth in line with global trends


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18 June 2024

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Ireland’s iced coffee era has arrived with sales of the beverage up 150% at Centra compared to last year.

The trend is being driven by millennial and Gen Z consumers who are seeking a refreshing caffeine boost, with a wide variety of flavours and styles to choose from.

This category of consumers are also more likely to purchase other varieties of non-traditional coffee products such as frappés and cold brew.

Centra expects iced coffee sales to continue to grow at a substantial rate in the year ahead, as Irish consumers mirror a global trend of increased ice coffee consumption. According to GlobalData, 24% of US consumers said they consumed ice coffee at least once a day in 2023, compared to 17% in 2022.

Insights team 

The rise of iced coffee is among a number of key consumer trends that have been identified by Centra’s insights team.

Wellness and wellbeing is another pronounced trend amongst Centra shoppers. Continued growth is also expected in this area as customers seek out healthier alternatives such as plant-based drinks or power shakes for consuming on-the-go. Across these products, sales are up 26% on last year.

Jim Corcoran, commercial manager, Frank and Honest, said: “The growth of iced coffee is a well-recognised trend and Ireland is catching up on more mature markets for this product like the US and UK.”

Strong growth 

Corcoran expects continued strong growth in the category, and the customer demographics indicate iced coffee will be a ‘significant part’ of the Irish coffee market from now on. Iced coffee – including iced Americano, Latte and Mocha, are key parts of Frank and Honest offerings.

“We are rolling out the next generation of Frank and Honest across our store network and iced coffee will become even more prominent as we continue to grow Ireland’s leading bean-to-cup gourmet coffee brand, made specifically with coffee lovers’ tastes in mind. 

“Centra is Ireland’s leading convenience retailer and anticipating and fulfilling our customers’ changing needs is what we are all about, making sure we offer a convenient, good-value and high-quality experience every time,” Corcoran concludes.

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