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Perhaps the most famous of Heinz tinned products is Heinz Beanz which is available in a range of sizes and multipack formats
Perhaps the most famous of Heinz tinned products is Heinz Beanz which is available in a range of sizes and multipack formats

The canned foods category is experiencing a new lease of life with customers drawn to good products that offer value-for-money. Retailers need to stock a wide variety of options for the busy yet money conscious consumer.


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10 July 2013

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  • The canned vegetables section is one of the most frequented sections of the supermarket in Ireland
  • With an estimated retail value of over €70 million per annum, the canned vegetable market is big business
  • The two main brands are Batchelors and Heinz and these account for over 65% of the market in multiples
  • Batchelors is Ireland’s favourite brand of canned vegetables and continues to dominate the canned vegetable market
  • The global canned food market is forecast to reach a volume of over 23 million kilograms by 2015, an increase of 10.6% since 2010 (Source: Research and Markets, July 2013)
  • The top 10 companies in the Irish canned foods market account for 91.2% of the market share (Source: Research and Markets, July 2013)
  • Despite a marginal loss in value share to 23%, Batchelors maintains its lead in canned/preserved food (Source: Euromonitor, April 2013)
  • In the last year, sales of canned goods grew in the UK by 4.6%, which is 1% higher than the total grocery market, which grew by just 3.6% (Source: Kantar Worldpanel, April 2013)
  • UK consumers spent £2.4 billion on canned goods in 2012, £104.3 million more than the previous year (Source: Kantar Worldpanel, April 2013)


Despite a decline in the market a number of years ago, the market has turned around and is proving more and more popular with consumers. There has been a number of new product launches in recent years within the canned food category with brands expanding from the traditional foods into more exotic options. These are proving popular in the Irish market but there are firm favourites that remain at the top of the leader board.

The canned vegetable section in-store should consist of baked beans, canned and packet peas, canned pasta, sweetcorn, carrots and pulses. In the Irish market, over 60% of sales come through baked beans and peas and space should be allocated accordingly in-store for these products.

Euromonitor, the market research company, has recently released an in-depth report into the canned and preserved food market in Ireland. The report which was released in April shows that the category is experiencing substantial growth in Ireland. Canned/preserved food suffered as a category during the apex of Irish economic growth in the early to mid-2000s. Expanding disposable income and increasingly sophisticated palates encouraged many consumers to move away from these products, which were seen as old-fashioned, cheap and unappealing. However, in more straitened times, Irish consumers have returned to canned/preserved food, drawn by convenience and value-for-money.

Additionally, manufacturers have also been eager to emphasise the nutritional benefits offered by many of the products as well as innovating in taste and packaging to satisfy Irish consumers, whose sense of culinary adventure has not been dimmed by more austere economic conditions.

Perhaps the most famous of Heinz tinned products is Heinz Beanz which is available in a range of sizes and multipack formats

Perhaps the most famous of Heinz tinned products is Heinz Beanz which is available in a range of sizes and multipack formats

Canz Meanz Heinz!


H.J. Heinz boasts a vast range of canned foods including the iconic Heinz Beanz, Heinz Soups, Heinz Spaghetti and the Weight Watchers from Heinz range. As one of the world’s largest producers of tinned foods, the Heinz brand is synonymous with quality, taste and daily life among consumers worldwide.

The compelling one of your five-a-day initiative across core Heinz Beanz, Heinz Spaghetti and selected Heinz Classic Soups will ensure that these Heinz products will continue to stay relevant to consumers for years to come.

In Ireland perhaps the most famous of Heinz tinned products is Heinz Beanz which is available in a range of sizes and multipack formats including a Reduced Sugar and Salt variety, each with an easy to open ring pull.

Heinz is continuously expanding and updating its range of tinned spaghetti products in response to families’ ever-changing tastes. Heinz Spaghetti is the definitive brand leader with Heinz Spaghetti and Heinz Spaghetti Hoops being, by a large distance, the category’s strongest performers.

Heinz Alphabetti Spaghetti is also an important part of the Heinz range available in both a 205g and 400g size. Consistently popular licences within the Heinz pasta shapes range include Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty, which illustrate Heinz’s commitment to the category and its status as the undisputed brand leader in tinned pasta.

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup is not only the most popular variety in the Heinz ready to serve range of soups but it is also the best-selling tinned soup variety in the market. Heinz’s Big Soup range offers a selection of hearty, chunky soups which are ideal for a sustaining lunch or a light dinner with an extensive range of traditional varieties including Chicken and Vegetable and Beef and Vegetable.

Heinz remains ever responsive to consumer demands for healthy and convenient products that do not compromise on taste. Weight Watchers from Heinz, the number one healthy eating soup brand continues to offer older favourites such as Chicken Noodle and newer varieties such as Tuscan Minestrone and Tomato and Basil. All Weight Watchers from Heinz varieties exclusively carry the Weight Watchers Points Value on pack.

An Irish icon

Batchelors is an iconic Irish brand, which has been enjoyed by Irish households for generations. It retains its number one market leading position in the baked beans and canned vegetables category. With an impressive 57% market share* of baked beans, it remains the nation’s favourite.

Tinned foods are convenient, versatile and are packed full of nutrients; high in fibre and protein and low in fat. Canning is a long-established natural means of preserving nature’s goodness. Batchelors has a rich Irish heritage dating back to 1935 and the brand is proud of the fact that it continues canning produce in Dublin to this very day. ‘Irishness’ is something that Batchelors is absolutely passionate about, especially in these times.

Batchelors Irish Peas are a variety specific to the Irish market and are grown by Irish farmers in Irish soil. As a founding member and strong supporter of Love Irish Food, the brand has always been proud of its heritage and roots. Batchelors has a strong tradition of innovation and constantly listens to what customers want. New products introduced in the last 12 months include Hot’n’Spicy Beans and Curried Chick Peas. These new products seek to add value to the category, while catering for consumers who are looking for all the benefits of Batchelors’ favourite recipes but with a twist.

Batchelors is strongly supported by tactical media campaigns, ranging from targeted store-focused activity to high engagement outdoor and digital campaigns. With attractive ongoing in-store promotions, ranging from price downs on single cans to special offers on multi-packs, Batchelors really has something to suit everyone. Batchelors prides itself on high product standards, strong brand values and focused consumer communications which are all key to ensuring that Batchelors remains Ireland’s number one.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack (MULT/GRP/4CT) (Value) MAT Aug 2012)

Canned Food Week launched in UK

The not-for-profit organisation Canned Food UK, which is made up of leading can and product manufacturers, launched the first ever Canned Food Week this year. The event took place from 15-21 April. Canned Food Week is designed to showcase the benefits of canned food, showing consumers that it is a healthy, time-effective and cost-effective way to cook.

Sue Shaw, spokesperson for Canned Food UK, said: "Canned food continues to be a much-loved product in almost every household across the UK. Annual figures for the grocery market show that the canned food market is ever-growing and at a faster rate than food in alternative packaging.

"The industry is now very adept, with ongoing developments in technology. Moreover, the continual introduction of new and innovative products provides consumers with excellent value and a wide variety of choice. Twenty years ago, the main canned foods bought were sweetcorn, tuna and tomatoes. Now, suppliers make an impact with high-value products that haven’t always been available, from coconut milk, stir fry vegetables and pulses, through to limited edition flavours of store cupboard favourites."

Consumers want healthy foods that are convenient but also provide value-for-money. Canned vegetables can do this. More and more people are demanding quality foods that cut down on time without sacrificing taste. The ultimate convenience product, canned vegetables are proving popular with today’s busy consumers.




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