BWG Foods launches professional development academy

The BWG Academy aims to provide training and education to thousands of workers in the retail sector

BWG Foods has launched a new employee professional development initiative, entitled the BWG Academy, which includes a dedicated, Dublin based, training and education centre.



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6 November 2019 | 0

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The newly-launched BWG Academy has been designed to provide a wide range of self-development and support programmes tto more than 22,000 retail employees across BWG Foods’ store networks. These workers will be given the opportunity to develop new skills in pursuit of careers in the retail sector.

BWG Academy’s dedicated training is located in Dublin’s North City Business Park, and features a state-of-the-art practical training facility, high-spec kitchen, food preparation and food display fittings, along with auxiliary study rooms for theory education.

Training at the centre will range from practical food management skills to specific retail management skills. Given the nationwide spread of BWG Foods’ retail network of over 1,000 independent stores, the BWG Academy is underpinned by a sophisticated eLearning platform, which will facilitate remote based self-development programmes.

Peter Donohoe, Group HR Director, BWG Group said that the academy was founded to acknowledge that the retail sector is lacking from a formal education and skills perspective, making it difficult for workers to map out rewarding careers. “While we have come to expect office-based businesses to provide professional development opportunities,” he said, “we in BWG Foods believe that retailers must also now adapt by providing self-development opportunities to employees so that they can pursue compelling career paths.

“This will ultimately help retailers to attract and retain talent in today’s competitive labour market,” he added.

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