Award-winning Willowbrook Foods rolls out new branding and product lines

“The Willowbrook brand uses premium ingredients which are simple, tasty, and engagingly innovative. Quality and value are at the heart of everything we do,” says founder John McCann MBE

Willowbrook’s exciting new range includes fresh and vibrant salads and a mouthwatering pasta salad range alongside its chicken Caesar and bacon salad


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17 November 2023

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From the shores of Strangford Lough, Willowbrook Foods has been serving customers UK and Ireland-wide with convenient salad, vegetable and premium cooked meal accompaniments for well over 50 years.

Willowbrook foods is steeped in a rich heritage of farming, John McCann MBE, founder of Willowbrook Foods is by nature a true farming pioneer, growing and marketing vegetables at scale. With continuous innovation, the business has grown organically and now with further strategic plans, is proud to present its new branded signature range.

Building a strong authentic brand identity is as important to Willowbrook Foods as providing good customer service. “Our mission statement is to be recognised as the best producer and supplier of fresh, convenient, quality and innovative products in the market we serve,” says John McCann.

Willowbrook’s exciting new range includes fresh and vibrant crunchy salads, a mouthwatering pasta salad range along with its chicken Caesar and bacon salad.

With premium ingredients ranging from a creamy Caesar salad dressing and authentic Italian parmesan reggiano shavings in its Caesar salad, juicy sweetcorn and vibrant red peppers in its sweet and crunchy salad, to fresh herbs and dressings used in its nut-free basil pesto and a bespoke indulgent mayonnaise made in its production facilities for pasta salads. There is something for every taste bud and age range; all available in bespoke, sustainable packaging.

Willowbrook Foods proudly develops products for all categories in the food industry. These include tailored lines for the retail sector and a variety of on-trend products for foodservice. It also creates bespoke components for food manufacturers, delivering the convenient Willowbrook fine dining experience at home.

For Willowbrook, NPD isn’t just about creating new products; it’s about ‘Nurturing the Power of Delicious’.

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