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While shoppers may be busy stocking their cupboards with indulgent Christmas food, one thing’s for certain: come 1 January, many will be looking to start the new year on a healthier footing. ShelfLife looks at the products your customers will be looking for in order to stick to their new year’s resolutions


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14 January 2022 | 0

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After enjoying an indulgent festive season, many consumers want to kick start a fitness and healthy eating regime. According to a Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey, one in 10 adults in Ireland are on a slimming plan and are always on the lookout for products and services that can help on their weight loss journey. Interest in in all things healthy is nothing new in Ireland. Over the years consumer interest in healthier options has soared in popularity. Retailers nationwide have been proactive in catering to this demand, and today healthy snacking is easier and more affordable than ever before. We look at some of the best-selling products and some new entrants to the market.

Weight loss you can enjoy

The Gorge Us range is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and low in saturated fats

The Gorge Us range from Unislim uses only the finest ingredients. There are currently two gluten-free, vegan-friendly products on the market; Unislim Gorge Us Rustic Cut Chips and Skinny Sweet Potato Fries. The Gorge Us family goal is to offer a healthy, delicious, wholesome and great-tasting option for vegans, slimmers, and health-conscious foodies.

This year two frozen fruit products were added to the range – Breakfast Berry and Tropical Mix – they offer a quick, convenient way to get some healthy, succulent fruit into your diet. Each juicy piece is naturally grown, picked ripe and freshly frozen to ensure they are bursting with flavour. Frozen fruit has similar levels of vitamins and minerals as fresh and 80g still counts as one of your five a day.

Created by Unislim’s top food experts, the Gorge Us range is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, low in saturated fats, contains no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings and have been approved by Ireland’s top dieticians.

Unislim is a family run, Irish owned company. It is Ireland’s leading slimming and healthy lifestyle club since 1972. It offers its 50k members a personalised and effective weight loss plan, which encourages them to make healthier food choices. With a network of 300+ supportive weekly classes all over Ireland there is a class near your store and Us! online for those that can’t make it to a class. Visit unislim.com for more information.

Superfood support

Chia Active is high in Omega 3 ALA (highest plant source) and is well known for helping to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels

Whatever stage of life we are at, we could all do with a natural boost to keep us healthy.
The Chia Active range, as nature intended, has one tablespoon (15g) per day of Chia Active, contains 30 active ingredients and is high in 24 vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, C and Zinc. It also contains CoQ10, arginine, taurine, turmeric, ground black pepper and the 10 essential amino acids.

These all contribute to the normal function of muscles and bones, heart health, cholesterol levels, weight management, joint health and mobility, gut health, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, hormonal balance, immune support and many more.

Chia Active is high in fibre and absorbs up to ten times its own weight in liquid, which helps to keep you fuller and hydrated for longer, slows down the absorption of carbs, therefore giving you a slower release of energy and less likely to hit the 11 o’clock snack or the 3pm slump.

Chia Active which is high in Omega 3 ALA (highest plant source) is well known for helping to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Get all that you need in one tablespoon and just add to whatever you fancy: breakfast, lunch or dinner. As the brand states, not all Chia seeds are the same: Chia Active offers the gold standard!

Sweetness and light

Hermesetas has grown sales considerably in the last year

Covid-19 continues to affect much of our lives, especially with working from home; and whilst doing so, we are drinking more tea and coffee at the “home office”. As a result, the market for sweeteners via our grocery stores has grown considerably too and will continue to do so as many shoppers change from sugar and its associated calories to a sugar-free or lower calorie and healthier lifestyle.

We are spending much less time and money than we used to in coffee shops and snack outlets and much more in supermarkets and local convenience stores due to our increasing at home consumption. As a result, Hermesetas Mini Sweeteners – Ireland’s number one volume tablet sweetener brand – has grown sales considerably in the last year. With a range of pack sizes – 300, 600 or 1,200 tablets, plus the 90g granulated jar –   they suit all main user types and needs. Small quantity and convenience for personal use (the 300 flat and slimline pocket / handbag pack) or larger volume 600 or 1,200 tablets for family share in-home or for individuals with higher sweetness levels or more regular hot beverage drinkers. The great sweet taste of Hermesetas meets your shoppers’ needs.

With home baking on the rise as well as keeping an eye on our family’s sugar and calories intake, there is Hermesetas Granulated. It has recipes on the label and is also supported by more great tasting recipes and healthier lifestyle tips via Hermesetas.com.

In addition to the traditional Mini Sweeteners, Hermes Sweeteners also provide the SteviaSweet brand of naturally sourced stevia sweeteners. It is available in tablet form in a handy one-by-one dispenser. SteviaSweet is the perfect alternative to sugar but with zero calories for a healthier lifestyle. The brand’s website mysteviasweet.com provides lifestyle hints and tips and more.

Help your shoppers to a healthier lifestyle, with lower sugar and calorie intake and maximise your category sales with a range that provides choice to suit everyone’s pocket as well as their sweet tastes, from the Hermesetas and SteviaSweet brands. Contact Allegro on 01 858 0600 for further information and purchasing.

Seize the cheese

The “Seize The Cheese” campaign will focus on the 20g cheddar snack bars

Kilmeaden Cheese wishes to remind consumers to simply “Seize the cheese” this January! After enjoying an indulgent festive season, Irish consumers will no doubt want to kick start the New Year off on a healthy footing. Award-winning cheddar cheese brand, Kilmeaden is ready to go with its “Seize the Cheese”, campaign which will focus on its healthy, 20g cheddar snack bars.

In 2020, Kilmeaden took a step into the snacking world with its mature cheddar snack bars. The bars are all-natural containing just one simple ingredient; cheese! Each 20g snack bar is naturally high in protein – something that tops many consumers’ nutrient list, especially when it comes to snacking. It helps to satisfy those cravings with only 78 calories. The low carb, low sugar snack will maintain health bones thanks to its high calcium count – without any additives; perfect for professionals and kids alike.

With six out of ten  consumers admitting they think there should be more natural products in the market place and over half of ROI consumers report “sugar content” is their biggest concern when shopping, (Mintel, 2021) Kilmeaden is “Seizing The Day” with its 100% natural and low sugar snack bars*.

Kilmeaden plans to launch a snack bar sampling roadshow to kick start the year alongside a strong digital campaign, in hope to convince shoppers to “Seize the Protein, Seize the Calcium, Seize the Convenience and Seize the Cheese”!

The snack bars are available in multipacks of 5 x 20g bars (RRP €2.70), or as a single 20g bar to eat when on-the-go (RRP 70c)

*(Source: Mintel, Consumers Attitude Towards Natural and Organic Food – Ireland, 2021)

Refreshing blend

Health continues to be a dominating trend across most categories, including soft drinks. It can mean different things to different people: cutting down calories, reducing alcohol intake or prioritising natural ingredients.

When considering stocking a healthy soft drink, consumers naturally turn towards flavoured water, making it a must have in your range.

Volvic Touch of Fruit is a refreshing blend of Volvic Natural Mineral water, with a touch of natural flavouring. The brand’s sub ranges are respectively low in sugar or have no sugar at all. To make sure consumers are not compromising on taste while enjoying their low sugar or sugar free option, Volvic Touch of Fruit offers a variety of flavours. The best sellers are Strawberry, Lemon & Lime and the newly hugely popular Mango & Passionfruit.



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