St Etchen’s National School wins €3,000 Avonmore Super Milk Super Science Competition prize

 Pictured (L-R) is principal Matt Melvin, Dominykas, Molly, teacher Sandra Champkin, Ava, Sophia, Caedyn and chair of the Parents Council Marina Donnelly

Avonmore Super Milk Super Science Experiment encourages primary schools nationwide to engage in a STEM-based lesson, while learning about bone health 


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17 January 2022 | 0

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The students of St. Etchen’s National School have one more reason to celebrate a Happy New Year in 2022 as the school recently won €3,000 after taking part in the Avonmore Super Milk Super Science Experiment competition.

Now in its third year, the Avonmore Super Milk Super Science Experiment is an exciting initiative encouraging primary schools nationwide to engage in a STEM-based lesson, while learning about the importance of bone health.

The campaign teaches children about the importance of bone health and how the nutrients in Avonmore Super Milk – in particular Vitamin D and calcium – help build healthy bones for life. A fun experiment formed part of the campaign teaching children how to make and decorate their own bone mould using Avonmore Super Milk and some additional ingredients.  In addition, teachers could enter to win a prize of €3,000 for their school.

St. Etchen’s National School intend on using the cash prize to build a new play area, having recently undertaken a fundraising drive for a new play area at the school.

“We are delighted to be able to support teachers in introducing STEM-based lessons to their students through the Avonmore Super Science Experiment,” said Linda Sheehan, marketing manager for Avonmore Super Milk.

“Our goal is to inspire curiosity in a fun and educational way and we look forward to seeing their new play area completed,” she added.

The optimal time for children to build their ‘bone bank’ is during childhood. The more calcium you consume in childhood, the less likely bones will become fragile later in life. Vitamin D is also fundamental for bone strength as it helps maximise absorption of calcium by the body.



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