We whisk you a Merry Christmas!

For creating that truly cosy and comforting Christmassy feeling at home, nothing beats a spot of home baking, and of course, getting to enjoy a scrumptious treat or two at the end is the real icing on the cake. Here, we outline the brands and innovations that will top of the shopping list for any budding home baker


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25 November 2022

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The holiday season has a funny way of unleashing the inner baker in all of us. From family favourites like mince pies, fruit cake, and gingerbread men, to sweet and savoury pies and tarts, consumers are guaranteed to start whipping up some delicious treats in the weeks ahead. While consumers definitely enjoyed getting back to basics during lockdown and baking breads and bakes from scratch, now that we’re back living our busy, normal lives, there is now less time for the simple pleasures in life like baking.

Recognising this, some of the main players in the category have introduced products that make baking from scratch easier and less time consuming. With that in mind, here we highlight some of the must-have baking products that no consumer should be without this Christmas, whatever their skill level.

Memories that last a lifetime

Siúcra Royal Icing Sugar is ideal for piping, frosting and decorating sweet treats

At Christmas, Siúcra recognises the importance of creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s spending time in the kitchen with the kids or at the table with family, Siúcra has your customers covered for all their sentimental baking needs this festive season.

Whether that’s gifting family, friends, grandparents or teachers a sweet edible goodie, delivering a twist on a traditional present or just spending some time together in the kitchen making memories. There is no better time to wow family and friends with a homemade festive creation or a festive centrepiece dessert using an iconic Irish household brand, like Siúcra.

This year, Siúcra has created a suite of festive recipes that are not only delicious but are guaranteed to inspire and help everyone make beautifully sweet treats and traditions at home, using some of Siúcra’s key seasonal products.

Lots of recipe inspiration is available online at www.nordzuckerireland.ie

Siúcra Roll Out Icing Sugar, 454g, is a timesaving baking essential and the perfect ingredient to ensure a satin smooth and elegant finish to a show stopping Christmas dessert or novelty sweet treats.

Siúcra Icing Sugar, 500g, completes any festive baker’s cupboard. Perfect for adding a final loving frost-like touch to Christmas desserts, as it will look like sprinkling a dash of snow!

Siúcra Royal Icing Sugar, 350g, is ideal for piping, frosting and decorating sweet treats with Christmas ornaments. Quick and easy to prepare, simply add water to create a white icing that dries smooth, with a hard, matte finish.

Other key festive kitchen cupboard essentials include Siúcra Rich Dark Brown Sugar, Light Golden-Brown Sugar and Demerara Brown Sugar. The distinct colour and flavours of brown sugar is great for inclusion in Christmas cakes and cocktails as well as savoury items such as the Christmas main feast, sticky marinades and rich gravies, to name a few.

Nordzucker (Ireland) Ltd is one of the leading sugar distributors in Ireland providing retailers and consumers across the country with an extensive range of sugar products under the Siúcra brand.

For more information on Siúcra products and recipe inspirations, visit www.nordzuckerireland.ie.

Joy of getting stuck in!

A finely milled flour, Odlums 00 Flour is perfect for making pizza and pasta

Odlums is proud to have been milling and packing flour in Ireland for over 175 years. Originally established in Portlaoise by the Odlum family in 1845, Odlums has been an integral part of Irish baking and cooking for generations.

The team at Odlums don’t think baking is about perfection. Instead, it’s about the joy of getting stuck in and giving it a go. It’s about the pride that comes in sharing creations with loved ones. Odlums will be encouraging bakers of all levels to bake something special for their loved ones this Christmas. From the traditional Christmas cake and pudding to cranberry and brie mini tarts and festive Christmas cookies, Odlums.ie has a recipe for everyone.

For those entertaining over the festive period, why not impress guests by serving up some delicious homemade pizza? Odlums’ new OO Flour is a finely milled flour that’s perfect for making pizza and pasta. Or on Christmas morning, your shoppers can take some freshly baked sourdough bread out of the oven using the new Odlums Craft Sourdough Bread Mix, a quick and convenient way to make homemade sourdough bread. Both products are available nationwide now.

Visit Odlums.ie or find us on Facebook and Instagram or for more recipe inspiration.

Number one butter

Ireland’s number one butter brand, Kerrygold, is the secret ingredient for every kitchen moment. The full line up of Kerrygold products includes Kerrygold Irish Creamery Butter (227g and 454g), Kerrygold Irish Softer Butter (454g) and the recently launched Kerrygold Spreadable (454g) and Kerrygold Unsalted Irish Butter (227g).

Whether your shoppers are budding chefs, a dab hand at baking, or simply seeking that extra edge to up their kitchen game, Kerrygold offers food lovers an abundance of choice to match every occasion.

To access the full range, contact Kerrygold directly at hellokerrygold@ornua.com and the team will connect you with your nearest supplier.

Delicious Christmas gifts

Dr. Oetker offers a fun range of sparkly sprinkles, from Reindeer Cheer & Christmas Party to Glamour & Sparkle

At Dr. Oetker, the team knows that Christmas is full of meaningful moments, from spending time with family and friends to opening presents under the tree.

What better way to spread the festive cheer than baking loved ones some delicious, homemade treats to show you care? Not only will bakers – of all skill levels – have fun making them, but they can share and enjoy them together – and it’s often more meaningful than a shop-bought present.

Whether a regular baker or a kitchen newbie, all it takes is a few little tips to turn yummy Christmas bakes into gift-worthy showstoppers. Dr. Oetker has created the ultimate Christmas gift guide to help everyone do just that!

Home bakers can use Dr Oetker’s Christmas Glittery Coloured Icing to add the finishing touches to any baked gift

Sprinkles are a key segment with a big uplift at Christmas time, with three times the value generated at Christmas time vs out of season*. To create a festive feel for any bake, your shoppers can try Dr. Oetker’s range of sparkly sprinkles – from Reindeer Cheer & Christmas Party to Glamour & Sparkle. Dr Oetker’s Christmas Glittery Coloured Icing is the perfect product to add finishing touches to any baked gift, which comes in seasonal red, green, gold and black.

For more information on how to make baked gifts extra-special with Dr. Oetker’s Christmassy decorations, clever hacks and handy ingredients, check out www.oetker.ie.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack Data December 2021)








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