Vitamin D mushrooms bolster M&S category sales by 50%

Andrew Shanks, farm manager at Monaghan Mushrooms

Enhanced Vitamin D mushrooms from Monaghan company account for almost half of all mushroom category growth at M&S



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12 May 2016

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Marks & Spencer has sold a milestone 500,000 packs of a special type of mushroom developed in the Republic of Ireland.

Produced by Monaghan Mushrooms, which is based in Tyholland in County Monaghan, M&S is the only retailer to offer Vitamin D-boosted mushrooms.

The food company has developed a new process to enhance Vitamin D2 content in mushrooms, which results in 100% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D in just three mushrooms.

In fact, M&S reports almost 50% of growth in its mushroom category has come from Vitamin D mushrooms alone since their launch in late 2014.

Geoff Taylor, product manager at Monaghan Mushrooms, said he was delighted by the sales figures and looked forward to continuing its partnership with M&S.

Explaining how the mushrooms contain a high amount of Vitamin D, Taylor said: “Our mushrooms are grown inside houses where they are exposed to a high wattage light for a few seconds. The bulb, which contains wavelengths of light including UV, acts like the sun and through a natural process the mushrooms make Vitamin D, just like wild outdoor grown mushrooms.”

Monaghan Mushrooms, which will be exhibiting on the M&S stand at this year’s Balmoral Show, has been supplying Marks & Spencer with mushrooms since the 1980s.

Helen Seward, M&S company nutritionist said: “M&S is known for its health innovation so we’re delighted that this product has proven to be hugely successful.”

M&S will be exhibiting at the Balmoral Show from 11-13 May 2016.



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