Twenty quick questions with…Maxine Hyde

Maxine Hyde, marketing manager, Ballymaloe
Maxine Hyde, marketing manager, Ballymaloe

Maxine Hyde, marketing manager, Ballymaloe answers our quickfire quiz



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16 October 2014

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1. Do you breakfast or ‘deskfast’ in the mornings?

Yes I am guilty of deskfest, as I am not an early bird. We have a kitchen in work so I poach two of our own eggs and toast my homemade brown bread.

2. How do you get to work?


 3. Favourite time of the day?

Lunch time probably!

4. Best ad on telly?

The Lotto ads.

5. Worst ad on telly?

The McVitie’s ad where a hairy kitten comes out of the packet of biscuits? I always think it’s a rodent at first, what a nightmare! I think there is huge debate about this advert online, so at least people are talking about it.

6. Best new product (outside of the brands you represent)?

The new Glenilen four pack yoghurt, much more convenient than the big tubs and more economical than the lovely jars.

7. How do you get your news; print or web?

Both, I am rare for my age group, I regularly buy newspapers.

8. Favourite grocery shop?

SuperValu Midleton, they have been our customers for a long time and take on all our trial products so we can test consumers’ reactions. It’s a brilliantly run store by the passionate Tommy Grimes.

9. International product you would like to see available in Ireland?

That’s a hard one, I would love to be able to buy free range pork pies that sell a lot in the UK.

10. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook, love it. My work profile is: Maxine at Ballymaloe Relish

11. Favourite website?

12. Favourite politician?

Simon Coveney – very easy to get in touch with and has helped the food industry and animal welfare groups too.

13. Most annoying public figure?

I wouldn’t comment, I feel sorry for public figures that get so much unjust abuse these days.

14. Biggest fear?

Conflict in the workplace, illness.

15. Greatest achievement to date?

We work really hard but have great craic and positivity so I guess that’s a great achievement.

16. Favourite quote?

We are not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.

17. Cash or card?

Card all the way.

18. Pop or rock ?


19. What’s the best thing about living in Ireland?

The warmth of the people.

20. What’s the last compliment you received?

I got a Facebook message from an upset friend yesterday that said I should be ‘available on prescription, even messaging you is like a big dose of Prozac’.

Ballymaloe is a member of Love Irish Food which is home to 100+ brands from over 70 companies and promotes Irish produced food and drink brands.



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