Truly Irish gains Tesco listing

Truly Irish has only been in the butter market since 2014

After only expanding from pork products in to butter last year, Truly Irish has gained a foothold in Tesco Ireland.


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18 June 2015

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We love a success story here at ShelfLife, and it’s always cause for celebration when an Irish brand makes its way to the shelves of a major retailer. So let’s hear it for Truly Irish Country Foods, the Limerick-based farmer’s brand, which has secured a listing in 60 Tesco stores around Ireland for its Irish creamery butter.

The company, which was established in 2008 selling pork products, and expanded in to producing butter last year, says that they use the same churning method that has been utilised on Irish farms for hundreds of years.

By using small batch production Truly Irish Butter is also fully traceable back to Irish dairy farms and it is free from hydrogenated fat, it says. The company has been supplying Tesco with pork products such as bacon joint and black pudding for some time. “Moving in to butter production from pork was a natural progression for us,” said CEO Mike McAuliffe, “as a lot of our farmer shareholders were dairy and beef producers as well as pork.

“We hope to expand our range over time,” he added, “while standing by our motto to ‘absolutely refuse to compromise quality for profit.'”

McCauliffe also said that he hoped Truly Irish products could eventually gain a listing in Tesco stores in the UK.






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