Survey: most Irish mums go without breakfast

Flahavan's porridge and Keelings fruit make for some delicious winter morning smoothies
Flahavan's porridge and Keelings fruit make for some delicious winter morning smoothies

A survey by Flahavans and Keelings has shown that Irish mothers often go without breakfast in order to get their families out the door in the morning


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19 October 2015

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Everyone is tied up with this and that at this time of year, but spare a thought for the Irish mothers out there, some of whom don’t even have time to eat breakfast in the morning! A new survey, commissioned by Flahavan’s porridge and Keelings fruit producers, to mark National Porridge Week, revealed that 73% of Irish mothers believe it’s more important to get the family ready for the day than to have breakfast themselves. In the online survey of 956 mothers, more than half (59%) admitted to skipping ‘the most important meal of the day’ to save time in the morning, and more than one-third consider a cup of tea or coffee their breakfast.

Furthermore, almost every respondent – 96% – agreed that they would go without breakfast if there wasn’t enough food for everyone in the house.

53% of mothers surveyed said that nutrition was of high importance when it comes to feeding the kids, but in reality, 25% would let their kids have whatever they want for breakfast – in the interest of a quiet life!

“It’s time to prioritise mums so they’re not running on empty,” says dietician Aveen Bannon. “Skipping breakfast is the hallmark of a hectic life, but in the long run all this will result in is poorer performance at work, unhealthy food choices later in the day and, consequently, weight gain.

“Mums need to lead by example,” Bannon continued, “as research shows that children of breakfast skippers are more likely to skip breakfast themselves.”

The survey results offered some suggestions on how to save time and effort in at breakfast time:

  • Make school lunches the night before
  • Soak porridge oats overnight
  • Set the breakfast table before going to bed

“Remember,” Bannon added, “if you’re under pressure for time, breakfast is more important than a tidy kitchen.”

For more information on Flahavan’s and Keelings’ survey, visit



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