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LowLow Original 500g is the number one branded SKU in the standard health spreads category
LowLow Original 500g is the number one branded SKU in the standard health spreads category

Spreads are jam-packed with several key consumer benefits including value, which are helping to smooth out the negative effects of recession on sales.


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11 February 2011

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Spreads1The spreads market is a relatively stable one, even recession-proof, as sweet spreads are a great comfort food, states market analyst Mintel in a November 2010 report entitled ‘Sweet and Savoury Spreads, Europe’. Spreads have also received a boost during the recession, as consumers with lower take-home pay are frequently opting to bring their own lunches such as sandwiches into work. These consumers are looking for a cost-effective way to add flavour and interest to everyday lunches and snacks, which is where spreads can play a key role.

Mintel reports suppliers are also increasingly seeking to convince consumers of other usages, not just on bread, especially as breakfast declines in popularity. Hence, advertising campaigns have stressed that spreads can be a useful and flexible ingredient to pep up a variety of recipes at mealtimes. Health credentials likewise constitute an important selling point as consumers want to be heart-healthy and will choose options that provide a high level of nutrients and vitamins. Providence has also become increasingly important within this category, while the convenience offered by spreads has always been a key factor in their success.

Reflecting Irish trends, Mintel reported that the spreads market in the UK was valued at £590 million (€690.54 million) in 2008 and that this figure was almost evenly split between sweet and savoury products. Sales of honey and chocolate/nut spreads have been particularly buoyant in recent years within sweet spreads, while in savoury spreads, chilled spreadables, such as sandwich fillers and pâtés, account for the bulk of sales.

All the taste with less fat

LowLow is starting 2011 with a fresh new look. The healthier dairy brand is kick starting 2011 with a make over. LowLow states the rebrand aims to bring fun, freshness and femininity to the Irish dairy category.

LowLow is a power house brand within dairy. It currently holds the number one branded SKU (volume and value) in the standard health spreads category, LowLow Original 500g* and is also the number one selling healthy cheese brand in the natural cheese category*, making it a must stock brand.

LowLow offers a unique proposition across the butter spreads and cheese categories as it delivers great taste with at least a third less fat. In surveys three out of four people agreed that LowLow butter spreads and cheese taste as good as their full fat competitors (Source: B&A Research, November 2009).

2011 promises to be an action packed year for the LowLow brand. Kerry Foods is investing in an extensive marketing campaign for the dairy brand this year starting off with the LowLow butter spreads relaunch in February.
*(Source: Nielsen MAT 52 Weeks to December 2010)

A fruitful endeavour

Fruitfield offers a wide selection of marmalades and jams to enhance any occasion. Fruitfield is the dominant brand in the marmalade market with 50% market share.

Fruitfield Old Time Irish Marmalade consists of a range of marmalades with intense Seville orange flavour packed with thickly cut slices of orange peel for full flavour. Old Time Irish Coarse Cut is the single biggest-selling marmalade in Ireland; in addition to this traditional favourite, there are also Fine Cut and No Peel varieties available.

The Little Chip Marmalade range tends to have bittersweet citrus flavours and finely cut fruit pieces for a smooth spreadable marmalade. Little Chip Orange Fine Cut is the second best-selling product in the market and so Fruitfield claims it is another must-stock item for retailers. As well as this family favourite, there are also Lemon, Lemon & Lime and Orange No Peel varieties available.

Fruitfield Jam is a range of traditional jams that includes Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant variants.

Quality organic ingredients

Orchard Organics is delighted to introduce the Kay’s Kitchen range of organic handmade preserves.  The Kay’s Kitchen range has recently been re-branded and is currently available in Raspberry, Strawberry, Damson, Plum and Marmalade with chutneys and sauces to follow later in the year.  The minimalist yet elegant packaging upholds the company’s strong organic ethics and Orchard Organics believes the quality taste of home grown organic ingredients is unmistakable.

Based in Co Armagh, Orchard Organics is renowned for its quality range of organic fruit and vegetables with Kay’s Kitchen now adding to that esteemed portfolio.



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