Solving the top five pain points for retailer technology

Rocsolid Retail outlines how to solve retailers' technology challenges


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24 January 2023

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2023 presents many challenges for retailers big and small. From the single shop to the multiples, Roctel’s Rocsolid Retail explores the top five pain points for retailer technology.

While the order of this list will vary in importance from retailer to retailer, most should consider point 3 the most critical issue, if you move to solve any of these issues, solve your cyber risk.

  1. Lack of Automation: Automating customer data, inventory, ordering, and customer service is essential for efficient retail operations. However, many retailers still lack the necessary technology and lack the resources to invest in it.
  2. Insufficient Data Analysis: Many retailers are not taking advantage of the data they have. They are not able to perform deep analysis of customer behaviour, purchasing patterns, and other important data points.
  3. Poor Security: With the rise of data breaches, it is essential for retailers to have adequate security measures in place. This includes encryption, identity and access management, and malware detection.
  4. Outdated Technology: Retailers need to stay up to date with the latest technology to keep up with the competition and meet customer expectations.
  5. Poor User Experience: Retailers need to provide customers with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. This includes a well-designed website, mobile app, and in-store systems.

One might ask how does Rocsolid Retail solve these technology challenges for retailers?

Rocsolid Retail powered by Meraki provides retailers with a comprehensive solution to their technology challenges. It includes dual access to offer high availability hardware, software, and services to help retailers build a secure, reliable, and scalable technology infrastructure. The platform provides secure Wi-Fi, integrated analytics, and centralized management of devices, applications, and networks. It also offers advanced features such as location-based services and embedded analytics to support retail operations. Additionally, retailers can use the platform to optimize their customer experiences and gain insights into customer behaviour.

Rocsolid Retail, is a nationwide service that is underpinned by best in class tier one carrier services with Cisco Meraki technologies at its core, both on site and in our NMC and SOC, it is easy to find out how we can help you just call 0818 365 247 or email for a free consultation, or find out more on



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