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With gin growing by a mammoth 184% between 2014 and 2020, today, a G&T is a go-to first choice for many shoppers in the mood for a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Ensure you don’t miss the mark by offering a selection of in-demand premium offerings


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20 June 2023

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Following Ireland’s flourishing ‘gin-aissance’ in recent years, there are currently at least 37
distilleries on the island of Ireland producing Irish gin, with over 70 brands. Indeed, Irish gin has experienced a number of years of very fast growth, where sales soared. In fact, between 2014 and 2020 the category grew by 184%, according to ‘The Irish Gin Strategy 2022-2026’ published by the all-island trade body Drinks Ireland|Spirits.

The strength of Irish gin lies in the fact it is very much a premium-plus product which has been established as a world-leader in terms of quality and authenticity. This has and will be key to positioning the category internationally, according to Drinks Ireland|Spirits.

“Irish gin has been a true national success story in recent years,” said Vincent McGovern,
director of Drinks Ireland|Spirits. “Our members employ dozens of people across both urban and rural Ireland producing this much-loved spirit and exporting to markets across the globe.”

Demonstrating the strength of Irish gin, the Exports Performance and Prospects 2022/2023 report from Bord Bia shows that gin exports grew at a rate of €5m per annum over the last two years to €20m, with gin once again benefiting from the global premiumisation trend.

New research from Silks Gin has also shed light on the preferences and habits of gin drinkers. An impressive 49% of respondents emphasised the importance of knowing where their gin comes from when making a purchase decision, with participants appreciating the craftsmanship and story behind the spirit.

When it comes to enjoying gin, the survey also revealed some interesting habits. More than one in three participants (36%) indulge in the beloved elixir on a weekly basis, with one in five (19%) relishing it a couple of times a week. Meanwhile, 41% enjoy it occasionally, savouring its unique flavours and characteristics whenever the mood strikes.

As for the preferred way to enjoy gin, the classic combination of gin and tonic takes the crown with a resounding majority. 68% of respondents preferred the timeless allure of a refreshing G &T. 14% of participants expressed a preference for gin in a cocktail, while 12% enjoyed it neat over ice, showcasing the versatility and enjoyment of gin in various forms.

When it comes to garnishing their gin, the research showed a zesty lime wheel proved to be the most favoured garnish, chosen by 34% of respondents. Close behind is a slice of orange, adding a citrusy twist for 19%, and cucumber, adding a refreshing touch for 12% of gin enthusiasts.

When asked to reveal their favourite gin-based cocktails, the classic Gin and Tonic again
emerged as the undisputed champion, capturing a substantial 70% of the vote. This was followed by the timeless elegance of a Martini, preferred by 8% of respondents, while a Collins and Bramble secured 7% and 5% of the votes respectively.

Gin to truly savour

Copeland Distillery is proud to produce both its award-winning Classic Irish and Navy Strength gins

The Copeland Distillery, located next to the historic harbour in Donaghadee, County Down, is home to its award-winning Classic Irish gin (45% ABV) and Navy Strength gin (57% ABV).

Winning an Outstanding Gold award with 99 points out of 100, Copeland Irish gin (RRP €39.99) was awarded the Best Contemporary Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2022, the first Irish gin to ever be awarded the trophy.

Distilled with 12 carefully selected organic botanicals, including unwaxed navel oranges and Sea Pink Maritima foraged from the Copeland Islands, the result is a gin truly to be savoured.

To create the distillery’s unique Navy Strength gin, Irish gin is casked in Kentucky bourbon casks for 120 days before transferring to Oloroso sherry casks for 20 days. The result is a gin packed with flavour, with a punch of juniper followed by smooth caramel and spice. Perfect for an indulgent gin & tonic, garnished with a slice of apple or a Negroni.

Jones Navy Strength gin (RRP €48.99) was a Winner of The Gin Masters ‘Master’ Award 2021, the world’s most highly regarded series of spirits blind tasting competitions and an IWSC Gold Award in 2020.

Available through Classic Drinks, more information can be found at

An oasis of unexpected delight

Hendrick’s Gin is made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals, to produce a wonderfully refreshing gin

Just when life is feeling like it is incapable of surprise, you encounter an oasis of unexpected delight, that is Hendrick’s. It looks like a gin, but in reality, it is an escape to all things refreshingly curious, with undercurrents of crisp cucumber and wisps of rose. Every sip will refresh your senses and remind you… it’s always worthwhile to seek the unusual.

Hendrick’s Gin is a delicious, super premium gin that’s made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious drinking arrangement. Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s Gin is distilled in Scotland in batches of only 500 litres at a time. Only Hendrick’s Gin is made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals, to produce a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightful floral aroma. Hendrick’s Gin is crafted using two utterly dissimilar stills, a rare Carterhead and an antique Bennett copper pot still, to create a divinely smooth gin that is simultaneously light and complex.

Hendrick’s is best served with tonic, ice and three thinly slice cucumber rounds.

Hendrick’s Gin is distributed by Richmond Marketing Limited in Ireland. For further information, visit

Landing in style!

Runway 28 Irish Craft Gin landed in Ireland circa 2020. It’s distilled with classic botanicals, with just a hint of pepper. This resonates on the palate as warm, strong, and spicy. This gin “forte” (42%) serves well with any choice of tonic, on the rocks, with a splash of lime.

Each batch of Runway 28 gin is distilled by Sean Mac Dhuibhinse at Listoke Distillery, who ensures that the recipe is kept exact to formula, and small batch.

While the Runway 28 gin recipe creators may be award winners, the Runway 28 gin label itself has been recognised for its unique presentation, and vintage aviation storyline, winning a bronze medal in the Irish Print Awards competition 2022. The label creators, an Irish aviation family, wanted to evoke the golden era of aviation, paying homage to a pioneering spirit, proudly flying the Guaranteed Irish logo and Irish flag.

2022 was not only a good year in terms of awards for The Runway 28 Beverage Co, but also saw the craft spirit find new routes to market abroad, landing on the Island of Tenerife in April 2022. The export routes continue with plans underway for late summer export of this aviation inspired gin to Palma de Mallorca in August 2023.

For further information, visit or

Under starters orders!

Silks Gin is composed with 14 distinct botanicals and distilled in small batches at the Boann Distillery

Silks Irish Dry Gin is inspired by the colourful jockey silks worn at Bellewstown racecourse, which can be seen from the family owned Boann Distillery where it is distilled in small batches.

Silks Gin is composed with 14 distinct botanicals, which are macerated for 24 hours before slow distilling with vapour infusion in a 500ltr custom “Bennett” copper pot still.

The signature botanicals have been hand foraged from the Cooney family apple orchards at the foot of the hill of Tara in Co Meath – apple blossom from the trees, honey from the beehives and elderflower from the hedgerows.

This unique combination of botanicals and distillation technique creates a floral forward contemporary style gin with bright citrus aromas. Perfect served in a classic G&T with a slice of red apple and superb in a classic martini.

It was recently awarded “Irelands Best Gin” in the Irish Whiskey Awards which follows a Gold Medal awarded by the Beverage Testing Institute and 93 points at the IWSC Awards, Silks Irish Dry Gin is hand distilled at the Cooney family owned Boann Distillery in the heart of the Boyne Valley.

For further information, visit, and @silksgin on social media.

A taste of the Wild Atlantic Way

Locally sourced salt water and sugar kelp balanced with hand-picked fuschia and traditional gin botanicals combine to give the consumer a true taste of the Wild Atlantic with both gin options.

The Beara Peninsula is a wild and unspoiled area like no other. A place blessed with timeless beauty. Off the beaten track of the main tourist routes, the land has provided inspiration for poets, writers and musicians over thousands of years.

Drawing on this inspiration, the family-run Beara Distillery, based in the Beara peninsula, Co. Cork, produces both Beara Ocean Gin and Beara Pink Ocean Gin.

Inspired by the beauty of their birthplace, the Beara peninsula and passionate about things gin, siblings, John and Eileen embarked on a voyage of discovery to create their own signature gin.

Over 18 months they travelled across the globe, meeting distillers and gin enthusiasts alike, in order to learn as much as possible about this enigmatic spirit. They enrolled in gin school to learn the craft of distilling and blending.

The family-run Beara Distillery produces both Beara Ocean Gin and Beara Pink Ocean Gin

The result is a spirit that reflects the natural beauty of their homeplace. A hand-crafted small batch gin, infused with wild Atlantic Sea water and Ventry Harbour sugar kelp, ‘Saccharina
latissimi’, and hand-picked fuchsia, the iconic flower of West Cork, has been combined with traditional gin botanicals to create a well-balanced, easy-drinking gin.

Beara Ocean Gin (ABV 43.3%) is available in both 700ml and 50ml miniature formats; infused with sugar kelp, fuchsia, Atlantic saltwater, citrus, juniper berries, orris root, angelica root, coriander seed and cardamom.

Meanwhile, Beara Pink Ocean Gin (ABV 42.2%) is also available in 700ml and 50ml miniature formats; infused with cranberry, rosewater, sugar kelp “saccharina latissimi”, fuchsia, Atlantic saltwater, citrus, juniper berries, orris root, angelica root, coriander seed and cardamom.

“The coastal inspiration comes through loud and clear, and there’s no doubt this would make a great companion to seafood dishes,” according to “The infused sea water and sugar kelp, along with fuchsia keep things interesting, and although we’ve not the pleasure of visiting the Beara Peninsula personally, we feel like we’ve been transported there via
the flavour journey. Overall, this is fresh, salty and bold, yet beautifully balanced.”

A zest for life

Bombay Citron Pressé is a new creative gin expression inspired by the flavours of the classic Tom Collins cocktail. It’s a zesty spirit that’s easy to mix, inspiring creative twists on classic cocktails.

Capturing the real flavour and essence of hand-picked Mediterranean lemons harvested early in the season, this gin presents the bright, zestful citrus notes at their most vibrant.

The lemons’ flavour is concentrated to create a naturally refreshing, fruits infusion. Instead of adding artificial additives and sugars, Bombay Citron Pressé contains hand-picked Mediterranean lemons, that are hand-peeled and concentrated to create a 100% natural fruits infusion. It also has a naturally refreshing and sophisticated flavour that is easy to mix and perfect for summer cocktail occasions, from a classic Pressé & Tonic, Ultimate Tom Collins, or simply over ice in a lighter Pressé and Soda.

With a RRP of €33, it’s currently stocked in Dunnes, SuperValu, Tesco, O’Brien’s and
independent off-licences around the country.




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