Radically reduced plastic packaging with no reduction in performance

The Cryovac brand BDF flow-wrap system fulfilled Saarioinen’s needs for strong presentation coupled with reduced plastic

Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand BDF flow-wrap system has allowed Finnish market leader Saarioinen to pack 15 times more pizzas with the same amount of plastic


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1 July 2020

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Saarioinen has reduced the plastic packaging of its Pizza Lovers range by 93%, thanks to the Cryovac brand BDF flow-wrap system.

Saarioinen is the market leader in Finland for fresh ready meals. Based in the Tampere area of the country, Saarioinen is a family-owned business with a long pedigree: the Saarioinen Manor site was first mentioned in written sources in 1469, and the business has been operating since 1941.

Saarioinen produced the first ready meals in Finland in 1957 and began its long partnership with Sealed Air back in 1960 through the packaging of its whole chickens. Finns love pizza, and Saarioinen is Finland’s largest pizza maker. The brand’s pizzas are baked at its Valkeakoski factory and the company produces an impressive 12 million pizzas a year.

The challenge

Saarioinen’s main pizza product is economically priced, yet the company aims to strengthen its position in the high quality pizza segment by investigating modern packaging solutions which use less plastic and deliver a fresh look with excellent presentation. The existing packaging for the half-cooked premium pizzas was a rigid (plastic) PET-tray (MAP) with a plastic film lid.

The solution

In light of its long relationship with the company, in 2019 Saarioinen approached Sealed Air for a solution to this challenge. Sealed Air recommended the Cryovac brand BDF flow-wrap system.

Saarioinen understood that Cryovac brand BDF is the perfect solution to fulfill its needs of presentation coupled with reduced plastic.

For this project, Sealed Air worked closely with machinery partner Ulma, and recommended an Ulma FM 300C (flowpack wrapper for HFFS) and Cryovac CJ63 (hot air shrink tunnel).

The pizza is placed on a recyclable card tray and Cryovac brand BDF is used to wrap around the product which is then sealed in the shrink tunnel.

By switching to this new packaging, Saarioinen has reduced the amount of plastic in its pizza packaging from 75g to just 5g – a reduction of 93% plastic content! With the same amount of plastic, Saarioinen can now pack 15 times more pizzas with Cryovac brand BDF.

The Cryovac brand BDF offers many advantages over the previous rigid MAP-tray system:

•  Ultra-thin (21μm), shrink barrier film which is antifog and suitable for MAP

•  Thinner material, i.e. less plastic but no compromise on performance

•  Flexible system – can be used with/without trays, on a wide range of tray shapes, sizes, materials

• Traditional store-wrapped look

Find out more: www.sealedair.co.uk/en-gb/ customer-stories.



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