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Foras na Gaeilge showcases the benefits of using Irish in your business


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16 December 2010

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GnoTá Foras na Gaeilge i bpáirtnéireacht le Shelf Life ó 2007.  Ba mhór linn comhghairdeas a dhéanamh le Siopa Mhic Dhonnchadha i mBéal an Daingin a thóg an duais do Mhiondíoltóir Gaeilge na bliana seo ag na C-Store Awards. Tá buntáistí iontacha ann do shiopaí agus ghnónna a chuireann an Ghaeilge i lár an aonaigh.  

Foras na Gaeilge would like to let readers know about the benefits of using the Irish language in your business. Research shows that Irish consumers are attracted by Irish language signage and branding. The use of Irish on business materials shows the company is proud to be doing business in Ireland which generates loyalty and goodwill among customers. Irish language branding is also an excellent way to convey the premium quality of goods and services. You can start using the Irish language as your unique selling point by hanging your free Nollaig Shona Banners in your stores for this festive shopping season.

Gno2Make your business Bilingual

In January 2011 Foras na Gaeilge will have two new business grant schemes to provide funding for shops that use the Irish language on signage or on other business materials. Hundreds of businesses nationwide have already availed of the schemes for new shop fronts, internal signage, stationery, bilingual websites and a whole range of other bilingual business materials. You can check these out on the website

For more information on these schemes or to find out how Irish can help boost your business contact



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