Naughty or nice? Elf Surveillance is one to watch!

You can run but you can't hide...from the Elfie Cam! Santa's Little Helpers have just gone digital thanks to fun new novelty product


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13 November 2017

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As all retailers know, Christmas is a vital selling period. Here at ShelfLife, we’ve come across a quirky new novelty  item which we reckon could give help give your festive sales a boost, courtesy of none other than Santa’s Little Helpers.

‘Elf Surveillance’ is a new fun, dummy surveillance camera. Complete with a flashing red LED light to add to the illusion of the real thing, the idea is that parents place the camera in a room and tell children it’s the elves camera. They’re eagerly watching for naughty or nice behaviour to report back to Santa on.

The  CE certified product requires two AA batteries which are not included. *(Please note this is not a toy).

Based on the success of similar novelty items in recent years, we think this is one camera you could do well to snap up for your store.

 Details are as follows:

  • Wholesale price: €3.50 per item
  • RRP: €6.95
  • Delivery cost: €12.50 per carton of 100 items
  • Smaller quantities available.
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 75mm

Telephone number to order = (01) 556 3039






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