Bring the magic home with Lindt’s Christmas collection

This Christmas, Lindt will be bringing back its social media competition giving consumers the chance to win Lindt chocolate hampers


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17 October 2022

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This Christmas, Lindt will be bringing back its social media competition, where consumers will be asked to guess the location of Lindt Teddy in well-known locations across Ireland and the world, with the chance to win Lindt chocolate hampers.

Lindor, Ireland’s number one boxed chocolate, is expertly crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers with the finest tasting chocolate.

The Lindor Christmas range has something for all the family. From the Lindor Milk Truffle available in varying sizes including the familiar 200g cornet, to the Christmas limited edition Lindor Milk & White with smooth melting white chocolate enrobed in the finest milk chocolate. Another favourite is the Lindor Gift Box 287g, which comes embellished with red bow.

New this year is the Lindt Teddy White Chocolate (100g) and the unique Lindt Teddy Crispy Bites (120g). Back for Christmas once again are the Lindt Teddy Milk Chocolate (100g), Lindt Reindeer (100g), and a special Lindt Teddy in a festive Christmas jumper (200g).

Returning this year are the indulgent Lindor selection boxes – available in Milk and Assorted and filled with an assortment of Lindor favorites including tempting truffles and bars. Meanwhile, the Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Advent Calendar 300g has a milk chocolate truffle behind every door. Ideal for sharing, the Lindor Assorted Tin offers six varieties, from classic Milk, and White chocolate to the irresistible Salted Caramel.

Information will be available on the Lindt Ireland Instagram here or the Facebook page here.

Lindt and Lindor chocolate are available from supermarkets nationwide. Products include:

Lindor SEASONAL    
Lindor Milk & White € 6.99 200g
Lindor Heart – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 8.99 200g
Lindor Giftbox Milk € 12.99 287g
Lindor Giftbox Assorted – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 12.99 287g
Lindor Milk & White Assorted € 9.99 337g
Lindor Assorted Selection Tin € 20.00 450g
Lindor Maxi Ball Milk € 19.00 500g
Lindor Maxi Cornet Milk € 18.00 600g
Lindt Teddy 5 Pack € 3.50 50g
Lindt Santa 5 Pack € 3.50 50g
Lindt Santa Sleigh 5 Pack € 3.50 50g
Lindt Teddy Counter Display € 0.65 10g
LINDOR Milk Mini Truffles € 3.50 80g
LINDOR Double Choc Mini Truffles – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 3.50 80g
Lindt Teddy Milk Chocolate € 4.50 100g
Lindt Teddy White Chocolate – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 4.50 100g
Lindt Teddy Santa and Girl € 4.50 100g
Lindt Reindeer € 4.50 100g
Lindt Santa € 4.50 125g
Lindt Teddy Christmas Green Jumper € 6.00 200g
Lindt Lindor Cracker € 3.50 100g
Lindt Teddy € 2.25 40g
Lindt Teddy Crispy Bites – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 4.00 120g
Lindt Advent Calendar € 8.00 160g
Lindt Teddy Advent € 8.00 172g
Lindt Teddy Adorable Advent Calendar € 15.00 250g
Lindor Milk Advent Calendar € 15.00 300g
Lindor Milk Selection Box € 10.00 234g
Lindor Assorted Selection Box € 10.00 227g
Lindor Milk Selection Box € 15.00 500g
Lindor Milk Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor Assorted Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor 60% Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor White Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor Milk Orange Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor Milk Mint Cornet € 7.69 200g
Lindor Salted Caramel € 7.69 200g
Lindor Double Chocolate – NEW FOR XMAS 2022 € 7.69 200g
Lindor Milk Cornet € 10.99 337g
Lindor Assorted Cornet € 10.99 337g
Master Chocolatier Collection € 10.99 184g
Master Chocolatier Collection € 17.99 320g




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