Krispy Kreme unveils Irish-inspired doughnut range

Today (15 March), Krispy Kreme has introduced an Irish Delight Dozen to its limited-edition range



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14 March 2024

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As St Patrick’s Day quickly approaches, Krispy Kreme has unveiled a festive range of Irish-inspired doughnuts to mark the occasion. 

Each doughnut featured in the collection is ‘specially designed to capture the true essence of Ireland’s finest flavours.’

Festive range 

The limited-edition range include an Irish Kreme (from €3.75) doughnut. This is filled with an Irish kreme flavour filling, dipped in caramel icing, dark chocolate icing, and finished off with chocolate shaving. 

For a stronger flavour punch, also available is the Twist & Stout (from €3.75) which is filled with a stout flavour brownie batter, dipped in dark chocolate icing and topped with white chocolate curls. 

For those that prefer the popular Original Glazed Doughnut, the new range also features an Emerald Sprinkles (from €3.35) version, which is dipped in a chocolate flavoured icing and dipped in green sprinkles. 

Also available is the ‘light and fluffy’ Gaelic Cookies & Cream (from €3.75) doughnut. The festive offering features a crunchy cookies and cream frosting and is lined with green icing.

Better by the dozen 

Today (15 March), Krispy Kreme has introduced an Irish Delight Dozen (from €26.95), which features three of each of the above flavours and will be available until Sunday, 17 March. 

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