Guinness holds steady as most valuable Irish brand

Pints of Guinness. Photo by Zally via Pexels

Data from Brand Finance shows Baileys is once again crowned as the strongest Irish brand



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22 March 2024

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Guinness remains the most valuable Irish brand for the third consecutive year, valued at EUR2.4 billion, according to data from Brand Finance.

Guinness continues to leverage its unique heritage and authentic brand story to stand out in a crowded beer market, with associations like St. Patrick’s Day and the Six Nations Rugby strengthening the brand’s familiarity. The brand’s recent partnerships with the Women’s Six Nations rugby tournament and popular DJ Fred Again have bolstered Guinness’ appeal to younger consumers, ensuring that the brand remains relevant in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Other Top 10 Brands

Baileys is once again crowned the strongest Irish brand, earning a brand strength index (BSI) score of 81/100. Baileys has successfully maintained its premium positioning and indulgent image through the decades.

Ryanair cements its position as Ireland’s second most valuable brand at EUR2.4 billion. Ireland’s flag carrier Aer Lingus is also on the ascent, increasing its brand value by 8.6% to EUR274.6 billion to become the second fastest-growing Irish brand. Capitalising on soaring post-pandemic travel demand, these airlines’ increased capacity, aggressive route expansions, and enhanced operational efficiency have strengthened consumer loyalty and fuelled demand.

Ranked as the third most valuable Irish brand, Primark / Penney’s is valued at EUR2 billion. The brand’s core value proposition of offering ultra-low prices continues to resonate strongly with cost-conscious consumers. The brand has also focused on expanding its digital presence and leveraging social media partnerships to retain and expand its popularity amongst younger demographics.

Henry Farr, associate director, Brand Finance, said: “Guinness’ position as the most valuable Irish brand once again is a testament to its rich heritage, iconic status, and unparalleled reputation for quality.

“Guinness has successfully maintained consumer loyalty through its authentic brand story and the distinctive brand identity that it has commanded for decades, while new and innovative product developments ensure that the brand remains appealing to emerging demographics within an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

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