Mega Melty – Sons of Butchers launches new plant-based cheese range! 

Innovative Galway based meat-alternative producer expands range to include two plant-based cheese alternatives


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5 May 2023

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Galway- based, Sons of Butchers, the fourth-generation master butchers turned plant-based foodie masterminds, have just launched a new plant-based cheese range.

These sons of butchers swapped herds for herbs in 2021 and developed a range of plant-based meat alternatives. The new plant-based cheese range, ‘punily’ titled ‘Chedda Cheats’ slices and grated ‘Notzarella’ have been designed to complement & enhance its current top-selling plant-based meat alternative ranges.

Mega Melty new range 

The new products are perfect for vegans and anyone looking to reduce their dairy intake without sacrificing the taste and texture of traditional cheeses. Chedda Cheats and Notzarella are:

  • Wholly Plant-Based Vegan Cheddar Style Cheese(s)
  • Free from lactose & dairy, suitable for veggies and vegans
  • Mega Melty
  • Made in Ireland

With the same classic creamy texture and delicate taste found with traditional cheddar, Sons of Butchers Chedda Cheat slices melt perfectly on toasted sandwiches and burgers. Specially formulated with a blend of coconut and shea oil, these convenient cheddar-style slices are free from dairy, soy, and gluten.

Notzarella is a grated mozzarella-style cheese that is perfect for topping off pizzas, pasta dishes or adding to salads. Also made with a blend of shea and coconut oil, Notzarella is free from dairy, soy, and gluten.

Chedda Cheats and Notzarella are crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure a delicious and authentic taste that cheese lovers will enjoy. Both products are a great choice for vegan diets or anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet.

“At Sons of Butchers, we have really enjoyed experimenting and innovating to create plant-based meat alternatives and a natural extension to this was to explore dairy-alternatives,” said Sons of Butcher’s Director of Production Eoin Loughnane.

“When we developed Chedda Cheats and Notzarella, we wanted to ensure that we had the right flavour profile, texture and meltability that is integral to cheese. It is a truly versatile product that can be used just like traditional cheese.

“We are very excited to be launching our new cheeses, with lots more exciting new dairy-free, plant-based alternative products and ranges coming in the near future – watch this space!”

Sons of Butchers Chedda Cheats and Notzarella are now stocked in select Tesco and Dunnes Stores retailers both instore and online.

For more information about Sons of Butchers and its new plant-based cheese products, visit @sonsofbutchers_ Instagram page, the brand’s new TikTok channel @sonsofbutchers or  



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