McCormack’s shakes up salads with snack lettuce and watercress

McCormack Family Farms introduces Snack Lettuce and nutrient-rich Watercress, redefining healthy snacking and produce innovation


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10 July 2024

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McCormack Family Farms has launched two new products, snack lettuce and watercress.

Snack lettuce is a unique product that caters to a variety of consumers seeking delicious and convenient ways to enjoy their greens and is more than just lettuce. 

It’s very sweet, juicy, and crunchy with an excellent shelf life but its design is where the real innovation is found. 

The lettuce head will naturally split into distinct, boat-shaped leaves after the bottom is removed.

Game changer

“Snack lettuce is a game-changer for healthy snacking,” said Stephen McCormack, managing director, McCormack Family Farms.

These naturally portioned leaves are ideal for dipping, scooping, or filling. 

They’re perfect for anyone looking to cut carbs and use them instead of bread and they make great healthy canapés for entertaining this summer season. 

The unique flavour profile and fun way to eat also makes them a hit with children.

Key benefits

  • Sweet, Juicy, and Crunchy Flavour: Snack Lettuce offers a delightful alternative to traditional lettuce varieties.
  • Multiple Uses: Perfect for dipping, scooping, filling, creating canapés, and more.
  • Carb-Conscious Option: A delicious alternative to bread for sandwiches and wraps.
  • Kid-Approved: Sweet taste and fun way to eat make it a hit with children.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Stays fresh longer for convenient snacking throughout the week.
  • Heat tolerant: Leaves don’t wilt when in contact with warm food.

The second product launched is Watercress, renowned for its dedication to producing inventive and healthful produce, the farm is expanding its product line with one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens.

Watercress is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, A, and C. 

This nutrient-rich crop has been enjoyed for centuries, traditionally hand-harvested from streams, but difficult in commercial production.

McCormack Family Farms has recreated this natural environment by building water beds with flowing water systems on their farm. 

“There’s a strong demand for this well-known product, which is also considered a superfood, and as the farm grows and so does our brand, we’re delighted to finally bring it to retail stores nationwide,” said Padraic McCormack, sales manager, McCormack Family Farms.

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