Only 8% of early risers get enough morning protein – Alpro survey

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The survey shows 46% of Irish people tackle up to 16 tasks before 7am, yet only 8% feel they get enough protein in their morning routine



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9 July 2024

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According to new research conducted by Alpro, the Irish are a nation of go-getters, with more than 46% of respondents tackling four to 16 tasks by 7am each day.

The survey*, undertaken to celebrate the arrival of the new Alpro Plant Protein range, found a nation of go-getters with everyday essentials like starting a wash load, emptying the dishwasher and getting showered before breakfast.

Alpro also found that almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents complete their entire morning routine in less than 60 minutes. 

Almost every Irish person (96%) recognise the importance of protein in their diet, yet only 8% feel their morning routine delivers a protein punch. 

Sea sauna

Alpro is teaming up with saunas in Dublin, Cork, and Galway to offer fans a chance to take on a new morning challenge – for free. 

Alpro is encouraging the people of Ireland to have a different start to their day with a bracing ice plunge and sauna.

There will also be plenty of new delicious Alpro Plant Protein on hand for to try on the day.

Alpro will be taking over The Sea Sauna in Dublin; Driftwood Sauna in Galway and Wild Wellness Sauna in Cork on Saturday, 27 July 2024. 

Full details on how you can get involved and book your spot are below:

“Our research shows that although Ireland is a nation of early risers, we haven’t cracked our protein intake at the start of the day,” said Lydia Cummins, brand manager, Alpro.

Although almost all Irish people recognise the importance of protein in their diet, a third don’t have enough in their breakfast. 

“We may be good at getting up early, but we also need to start our day in the right way. Our Alpro protein range is the perfect yummy protein treat, packed with plant-based goodness**.”

Rugby legend 

Alpro challenged rugby legend Donncha O’Callaghan to put an unrealistic morning routine to the test, proving you don’t need any iconic celebrity regime.

The Alpro Plant Protein Morning Trials were no walk in the park for Donncha.

He had to wake up at the crack of dawn (2:30am), squeeze in multiple intense gym sessions, and even brave an ice bath. 

Alpro Plant Protein range is packed with protein making them a great addition throughout the most hectic mornings.

Heres how Donncha got on.

Latest additions

The latest additions to the Alpro Protein range includes Alpro Plant Protein Chocolate Flavour Drink (750ml), Alpro Plant Protein Original Drink (750ml), Alpro Plant Protein Mixed Berries alternative to yoghourt (200g) and Alpro Plant Protein Tropical Fruit alternative to yoghourt (200g). 

The Alpro Plant Protein range is now available in supermarkets nationwide including SuperValu, Dunnes Stores and Tesco.

For further information on the Alpro Plant Protein range visit here



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