On and off the rugby pitch with Beibhinn Parsons 

Aldi brand ambassador and national rugby player, Beibhinn Parsons signing an autograph for a fan 

Aldi brand ambassador and national rugby player, Beibhinn Parsons talks to Shauna Bernard about her rugby career, the challenges she’s faced and how her role with Aldi influences her outlook on life and community 


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9 July 2024

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Can you share what being an Aldi brand ambassador means to you and how it influences your connection with your community?   

Being an Aldi brand ambassador is a huge honour and perfect fit for me. Aldi’s commitment to encouraging health and fitness through rugby and healthy eating aligns so well with my personal values, and it’s fantastic to represent a brand that genuinely cares about community.   

It allows me to connect with people and kids across the country through the AldiPlayRugby campaigns on a personal level by promoting healthy living and participation in sport. Plus, it’s such a privilege to be involved with a brand that supports me both on and off the pitch.   

Who’s been your toughest rugby opponent, and how did facing them change your game, if at all?   

The toughest opponent I’ve faced has to be the Australian Sevens Team. Their speed and skills always provide us with a tough battle and push us to new limits. Facing them taught me the importance of staying calm in chaos and making the right decision even when your lungs are burning and the pressure is on.   

What personal qualities do you believe are essential for success in rugby, beyond just physical ability?  

Teamwork is the backbone of our team and a value we check in with very often. No single player can win a game alone. Building bonds off the pitch make playing together so much more effective and enjoyable. Learning from loss together makes winning together even better.   

Can you tell us about a piece of advice that has stuck with you and helped you navigate your rugby career?   

One piece of advice that was given to me by Olympian Annalise Murphy, went along the lines of “don’t fear losing, get excited to fight to win.” Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of fearing failure and playing in your shell but if you change from a threat mindset to a challenge mindset, I find I perform much better.  

Would you be willing to share something about yourself that fans might not know?  

I really like trying out new makeup and skincare products and could talk about it for hours. Me and my two teammates Dorothy and Aoibheann even have a group chat dedicated to new products we try.   

Reflecting on your journey, can you recall a moment where you faced a significant challenge in rugby and how you overcame it?   

One significant challenge was a recurring knee injury. It was a tough period where I missed a lot of training and tournaments but it’s given me a lot more perspective and understanding for my other teammates when they go through injury.   

Apart from physical strength, what mental attributes do you think are crucial for thriving in the intense world of professional rugby?   

Resilience allows you to bounce back from setbacks, whether it’s a loss or an injury, maintaining your drive and passion for the game. It’s crucial in sports because you have to pick yourself up from big losses and come back stronger when there’s another game to play.   

What passions or hobbies do you pursue off the field that bring you joy and help you stay grounded amidst the demands of rugby?  

Aside from spending all my money shopping, I enjoy going for coffee and walks with my friends and the occasional sea swim (obviously followed by a nice coffee).   

How has your experience as an Aldi brand ambassador influenced your perspective on life, community, and balancing the demands of being a professional athlete?   

Being an Aldi brand ambassador has reinforced the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and community. It has shown me the impact I can have beyond the rugby field, promoting young kids (especially young girls) to take up rugby or any activity for that matter.  

This role has made me more aware of the importance of giving back and staying connected with those who support me, both in my career and personal life. It’s a reminder that success isn’t about winning matches but also about contributing positively to the people around you.   

I have developed as a person through opportunities for growth, such as public speaking in front of crowds, on radio, and on television. These experiences have really stood to me.   

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