‘Roll with the punches and setbacks but enjoy it all,’ says Paddy Small

Insomnia ambassador and Dublin footballer Paddy Small GAA/GPA, at Croke Park in Dublin Pic: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Insomnia Coffee ambassador and Dublin Footballer, Paddy Small is pictured at Croke Park as part of Insomnia’s recently announced a five-year partnership with the GAA/GPA 


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10 June 2024

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Insomnia Coffee ambassador and Dublin footballer, Paddy Small talks to Donna Ahern about his GAA career and his role as Insomnia’s brand ambassador 

How did you first get involved with Gaelic football? 

I got involved through my dad bringing me up to my local GAA club & got involved with the nursery. I really loved playing, so I continued to play. Both my dad and brother played for the club, so I had little choice!

Can you share a memorable moment from your GAA career that has had a significant impact on you?

Being a part of my first senior All-Ireland victory in 2018. It was something I always wanted to do and be a part of as a young age. Being able to do it alongside my friends was also very special.

How do you prepare mentally and physically before a big match?  

I try to chill out as best I can in the days leading up to a game, go for a swim and get as much sleep as I can. A coffee or two with my friends the day before is something I usually do.

What do you think are the key attributes that make a successful Gaelic football player?

Making sure you work at the basic skills, especially as a kid. Kicking off both feet and staying fit and healthy are key.

What advice would you give to young Gaelic football players who dream of playing at the highest level?

Enjoy it as best you can. Some players develop later than others, but sticking at it gives you the best chance of reaching the highest level. Roll with the punches and the setbacks but enjoy it all.

Who is the strongest opponent you’ve ever faced in your Gaelic football career?
Dublin’s Eoin Murchan.


Insomnia Coffee ambassadors

Insomnia Coffee ambassadors, (LR) Kilkenny’s Katie Power, Dublin’s Paddy Small, Limerick’s Cian Lynch, Meath’s Emma Duggan and Galway’s Conor Whelan 


Along with Limerick’s Cian Lynch, Kilkenny’s Katie Power, Galway’s Conor Whelan, Dublin’s and Meath’s Emma Duggan as its new brand ambassadors. Can you tell me about your role as an Insomnia Coffee ambassador? 

I’m thrilled to be involved as a brand ambassador and I’m in good company too! Insomnia coffee have similar values to GAA like community, inclusivity, and respect. My go to order is a flat white. 

The five-year investment Insomnia are making will help support players both in terms of their welfare and their development. Can you tell me about this partnership?  

As Official Coffee Partner, Insomnia Coffee committed to working with the GAA/GPA in providing the extra resources needed to help players reach their full potential, both on and off the pitch. As an Irish business, it’s nice to see Insomnia Coffee investing in the players and the GAA community over the next few years.  

Can you tell me something about yourself that I don’t already know?

I’m a massive Arsenal FC fan! 

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