London Spirits Competition introduces cocktail stories in 2022 competition through London Drinks Guide

First round of cocktail recipes and suggestions is now live on London Drinks Guide



16 August 2022 | 0

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In 2022, London Spirits Competiton promised its entrants that it would add a new cocktail story feature in its entry form at no extra cost, and now it has started to deliver just that.

The first round of cocktail stories is now live on London Drinks Guide. It will be further organized with a dedicated cocktail section for users where they will be able to sort recipes by drinks and styles.

The new initiative for the 2022 competition allowed every brand owner, distiller, or supplier entering the awards to submit a cocktail suggestion for each of the products they enter. One of the key recommendations the London Spirits Competition has had from producers and bartenders is to find more ways to bring the products that win medals to life. To help them better promote their awards to the final consumer.

That way, it hopes to give bartenders a quick, easy way to showcase any winning brand they list by working with that cocktail in their bar or adapting it to one of their own. But crucially, it also gives consumers a new way to enjoy that brand as the producer wants them to. View the full article on The Buyer.

“The competition prides itself on being one step ahead by thinking like the consumers who, after all, are the potential buyers for any of the top awarded spirits in the event,” explains Sid Patel, head of the London Spirits Competition and founder of the London Drinks Guide,

“Allowing drinks producers to enter a bespoke cocktail for each of their products effectively creates a bridge to connect brands with consumers through the bars they visit. As organizers constantly listen and adapt our offer to give producers, suppliers, and importers clear and added benefits to entering their spirits.”

What does this mean for London Spirits Competition winners?

The cocktail recipes will also be featured on the London Drinks Guide, the dedicated consumer website set up by the Beverage Trade Network, organizers of the London Drinks Competitions, to help promote drinks, producers, and suppliers that participate in its events.

This benefit is at no extra cost to the entrants. Entrants can upload their cocktail pictures and add their recipes while registering the spirits brand in the entry zone.

For more information on some of the cocktail stories that have started appearing on the London Drinks Guide and are being promoted on London Drinks Guide social accounts, visit



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