Baileys introduces audio innovation ‘Sound Scales’

By blowing gently over the bottle Sound Scales measures the remaining Baileys and suggests recipes like based on the amount left



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25 March 2024

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Irish Cream liqueur brand, Baileys, has introduced Baileys Sound Scales, a unique audio innovation that tells consumers what is left in their bottle and suggests delicious treats they can create with it.

Removing the need for guesstimates and measures, customers can  visit on their mobile device and tap the prompt to ‘Listen’.

How to use

When someone blows gently above the top of the Baileys bottle Baileys Sound Scales will not only tell them how much Baileys they have left in their bottle but will suggest some deliciously indulgent treat recipes with what remains, including Baileys Brioche French Toast, Baileys Cheesecake, Baileys Espresso Martini and the seasonal Baileys Easter Shake.

Designed and delivered by creative company VML, who Baileys has worked with for five years, Baileys Sound Scales is a bespoke web-based app that records the sound waves created by blowing above the bottle to determine what’s left in your Baileys bottle with accuracy levels to approximately 50mls.

VML developed a 15 second social video for paid media to create awareness around this new innovation and to demonstrate how it works. Baileys also worked with two existing influencer partners Donal Skehan and Mark Rodgers to create content around the recipes.

Hilary Quinn, marketing director, Diageo Ireland, said: “We know that Irish treat lovers simply adore Baileys and love nothing more than drizzling it into coffee, over ice cream or creating delicious baked goods with it. With that in mind, we developed a unique way for them to find out what was left in their bottle and inspire them with some indulgent recipes for delicious treats.”

Debbie Ellison, chief commerce officer, VML UK builds, said: “With Sound Scales, Baileys playfully turns a business challenge into an opportunity to inspire and delight consumers with treat inspiration and discounting offers in an innovative way… It’s exciting to see Baileys continue to trial new technology to inspire its customers to try new recipes in this way.”

Baileys Sound Scales will also deliver some limited edition discount codes for consumers based in Dublin with Shuppa, for those whose supply is sounding a little low or who want to give Baileys Sound Scales a go.

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