Baileys Treat Report 2022 predicts how we’ll be treating this season

Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake Cremella

Report offers an in-depth look at the most exciting trends in treats set to shape our treating habits


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25 April 2022

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The Baileys Treat Report 2022 predicts how we’ll be treating this season, with a selection of delicious delights that embrace bright indulgence, the wonders of nature, and creative cones.

Compiled by Baileys with leading food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye and a cohort of global treat leaders, the Baileys Treat Report 2022 offers an in-depth look at the most exciting trends in treats set to shape our treating habits throughout the year.

According to the 2022 Baileys Treat Report, the top ten treat trends for the months ahead are:

  • Colour maximalism – 2022 is going to be the year of colour, including ice creams made from purple corn and brownies made with vivid beetroot
  • Crème de la Cremella – the Cremella takes the donut to the next level by halving it, filling it with ice cream and smothering it in every indulgent topping you can think of
  • Crazy for cones– you can forget the wafer, the cone of 2022 is swathed in a blanket of crushed nuts, or maybe even made from charcoal or churros
  • Nature’s sweet treats – celebrate the wonders of nature with natural marvels sneaking into our treats, including edible geode cakes that mimic the otherworldly shapes and patterns within crystals
  • Snickerdoodles – a cookie/cake hybrid, Snickerdoodles have a cloudlike interior and are traditionally paired with a dreamily sweet dusting of cinnamon sugar
  • A touch of sparkle – you can expect to see edible glitter popping up on many a treat in 2022, with an endless selection of sustainable and edible glitters at our fingertips
  • Going nuts for desserts– it may feel like nut-based desserts are everywhere right now, but the tradition goes way back. Nuts give a gorgeous, flavour-rich depth to a dessert, and you are about to see even more of them in 2022
  • Sharing sticks – the latest dessert hybrid is pretzel sticks, the ultimate mix of sweet and salty. And it’s not just pretzel sticks, churros are also getting a whole new treat up
  • Let it snow – snowballs are going to enjoy a treat revival in 2022. Doused in chopped nuts, glossy chocolate, heaps of desiccated coconut, or a mound of caramel or custard
  • Sculpture made sweet – Treats are about to get structural and downright epic. In treat kitchens everywhere, techno-wizards have been working up a storm, creating yummy little concoctions that look like actual pieces of art

Trends are a response to our cultural climate and treating is no exception. This season the fashion industry has predicted bright colours and the report predicts we will see these trends influence our treats – think aquamarine blues from butterfly pea flower tea or earthy greens from spirulina.

A donut that’s halved, filled with ice cream, and drizzled in an array of luscious toppings, the Cremella is set to be this season’s most sought-after treat. Baileys Dublin-based co-conspirators Three Twenty Ice Cream Lab has dreamt up a decadent Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake Cremella that will be exclusively available in its Drury Street store until 2 May.

The Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake Cremella is the perfect spring treat – a pillowy fresh donut, that has been grilled, halved, and filled with luscious Baileys Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream then drizzled in indulgent strawberry coulis.

Discover the full report with even more treating trends here.



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