Irish consumers more aware of lamb advertising campaigns

Bord Bia's new campaign aims to encourage consumers to experiment with lamb (Picture credit: Aldi)

Irish consumers aged 25 to 45 are more aware of advertising for lamb than their EU counterparts and although we have a high recognition of cutlets, leg and chops, we are less aware of other cuts



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1 October 2015

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Irish consumers aged 25 to 45 are more aware of the role lamb production plays in the rural economy and environment than their EU counterparts. They are also more aware of advertising campaigns for lamb promotion and can recall the content of advertisements more readily.

The findings come from the baseline study of the recently launched EU Lamb Promotion campaign aimed at informing consumers in this age bracket of the social and environmental role played by lamb production and increasing the attractiveness of lamb as an ‘everyday’ meat of choice.

The survey was carried out in Ireland, the UK and France which are the co-sponsors of the campaign and in Germany, Denmark and Belgium which are seen as growth markets for EU lamb. Bord Bia along with AHDB in the UK and Interbev in France are rolling out the campaign in their respective domestic markets and in the target export markets. The three-year information and promotion campaign will be assessed again in 2017 to measure the impact on consumption in the six countries involved. For more information, visit

While the overall findings show that there is a way to go to increase the consumption of lamb (currently 35% of Irish consumers eat lamb on two or more occasions each month) and the awareness of the role of sheep farming in the rural areas and in the rural environment, there are also many encouraging signs for the development of the sector at home and in export markets.

According to Declan Fennell, Bord Bia`s lamb expert, the survey provides a positive platform from which to launch the campaign, and through “raising awareness of alternative lamb cuts and cooking recipes” Bord Bia aims to make lamb more of “an ‘everyday’ meal option”.

He added that the survey also showed there is an opportunity for Ireland through Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme to respond to the demand for information on sustainable lamb production systems by Danish, German and Belgian consumers.

At a glance: Lamb and the Irish consumer

  • Ireland scored less well when it came to recognition of individual cuts of lamb though with a high recognition of cutlets, leg and chops.
  • The economic value of sheep production to the landscape and the rural economy as well as appreciation of its characteristics is more pronounced in the producing countries but what was interesting was the heightened awareness in Ireland in comparison to other countries.
  • Lamb producing countries logically have a higher consumption rate, with eight to nine respondents out of 10 who consume this type of meat at least on a yearly basis and three to four out of 10 who consume it more than once a month (38% in the UK, 35% in Ireland and 28% in France).
  • Whether eating in restaurants or at home, results for Ireland are very balanced with all meal occasions reaching approximately 40%.
  • The three main reasons for non or low consumption of lamb are the same in all six countries –  price, taste and lack of expertise in cooking the meat.
  • Lack of experience in cooking lamb is quoted by one respondent out of four in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Ireland. It increases to one out of three in France, whereas it is only quoted by one out of five in the UK
  • Respondents from Ireland and the UK tend to use websites less than others (44 and 46%), preferring family recipes (60 and 62%). They are also more influenced by TV food shows (16 and 21%) 
  • In the UK, Ireland and Denmark, seven respondents out of 10 agree that lamb is suitable for everyday meals, five out of 10 agree in Belgium and only four out of 10 in France and Germany.
  • Irish and French respondents are the most aware of promotion campaigns (respectively 21% and 17% remember a campaign)
  • In Ireland, three respondents out of 10 who remember a campaign recall that it was about Irish origins of the meat and was promoted by Bord Bia




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