Ireland’s 100 most-chosen brands revealed!

During an unprecedented year, when grocery retailers were more vital than ever as an essential service to consumers, Kantar Ireland managing director David Berry provides an in-depth look at the pandemic’s impact on shopping patterns and specific in-store categories


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21 June 2021 | 0

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David Berry, MD of Kantar in Ireland, will appear at the upcoming Marketing Soceity event

Kantar Ireland managing director David Berry

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Q: The largest increase in this year’s ranking was achieved by Dettol, up a massive 49 places! Faced with a global pandemic, the reasons for this increase are clear but how have hygiene products adapted and innovated to ensure they are meeting consumers’ needs in formats and pricing?

A: Looking back, 2020 was a year of change and uncertainty that nobody could have predicted. Covid-19 changed the ways we lived our daily lives and disrupted usual routines. As many of us were confined to our homes to limit the spread of the virus – health and hygiene standards were at the forefront of shoppers’ minds. During the height of the pandemic, our data read to 17 May 2020 saw household & cleaning products and healthcare soar +14% and +60% respectively year-on-year. The demand for hygiene products has remained strong for the last year and has continued into 2021. As a result, brands have had to rethink and push their brands to meet consumer needs. There was a change in consumer demand needing antibacterial products more now than ever to kill any bacteria especially in the home. Among others, Dettol’s hand sanitizers were readily available in-store which became a necessity for shoppers as guidelines kept reminding us how vital it was to keep our hands sanitised. Cleaning products all advertised heavily their ‘anti-bacterial’ function which was vital for shoppers during the pandemic.

Q: The next largest increases compared to last year’s positions were achieved by Doritos (up 33 places) and Magnum (up 31 places). What have these brands done well in order to fully capitalise on the consumer trend for at-home treats?

A: As we adapted to ‘the new norm’ and our new lifestyles, new habits began forming as we catered for more meals at home. With many people now working from home and home schooling, there were a lot more mouths to feed in many homes across the nation, and fewer opportunities for eating out of the home or on the go. Brands like Doritos (up 33 places), Magnum (up 31 places) and Tayto (up three places) all harnessed creating more moments for Irish consumers to enjoy the little luxuries from the comfort of their own homes. Tayto saw its consumer reach point (CRP) increase by +32%. At the start of the pandemic, Tayto launched ‘Thank You’ packs as a token of support and also redesigned Tayto Bistro which tapped into the ‘occasion’ moment as gatherings no matter how small were no longer taken for granted for consumers around Ireland.

During peak pandemic times we saw shoppers spending an additional €1.9m on take home savouries (17 May 2020). This behaviour has been consistent throughout the course of the year – shoppers are turning to the supermarkets for those little luxuries, with take-home confectionery, take-home savouries and alcohol growing strongly over the year.

Q: Another strong performer this year was Odlums (up +26 places). This is a clear demonstration of the lockdown-fuelled trend for increased baking at home. Do what extent do you think these and other trends observed during the pandemic will continue in the long-term and how can brands capitalise on this?

A: During the first four weeks of the first national lockdown, we saw shoppers looking to recreate those occasions they would usually have out of the home, trying out different cuisines and indulging a little more. Sales of home baking ingredients rose 52% compared to the same period the previous year, ethnic ingredients grew 41% with Irish shoppers now having more time to recreate meals in home.

Odlums capitalized on the uptake of baking as a lockdown activity – it managed to attract 338,000 new households to the brand, even at times struggling to keep up with the enormous demand from consumers. 67.5% of Irish shoppers purchased Odlums compared to 49% last year.

When looking forward, how shoppers will respond to the impact of the recession will be key. How the recession and recovery play out will have significant impact for the grocery industry. During the last recession we saw value sales decline in the market, with shoppers spending less but with a steady increase in volume sales, which maintained normal levels of growth. For grocery retailers, a positive is that even when our financial circumstances change, we are not likely to consume less and other areas are more likely to take the hit of household budgets being tightened. What we might see is shoppers opting for private label lines and other cheaper alternative options – a sharp about-turn from the success branded lines have seen throughout the pandemic. But regardless of where people shop or how much they pay for a product, we know there are key areas which perform well in a recession as shoppers change their behaviours to suit their new circumstances. Eating and drinking out is one of the first things to go, and alongside this, we see a rise in home-baking and cooking.

Q: Traditionally, Irish brands have always performed strongly within the Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home ranking. How has this pattern continued in the past year and have you seen evidence that supporting Irish has become even more important for shoppers during the pandemic?

A: Covid-19 has made shopping local more important than ever before! We have seen throughout the course of the year and into 2021, that shoppers have made a conscious effort to support local convenience stores, supermarkets and even choosing local restaurants and pubs offering takeaway options. For brands, it is vital to emphasise your role in the local community and in supporting the Irish economy as we emerge from lockdown into a recession.

Since the early days of the pandemic, shoppers have stayed closer to home for their supermarket trips and have made a greater effort to support Irish brands. We can see a real desire among shoppers over the year to buy local. Irish brands have gone from strength to strength, and our data shows that Irish-made products and brands are generally growing faster than their imported counterparts. Tayto, Brennans, Avonmore, Denny and also Cadbury which are typically Irish brands all performed particularly well in the last year and were in the top 10 master brands at home.

Q: In recent years, coffee has been one of the main success stories within the Kantar ranking, with consumers increasingly looking for a premium, barista experience at home. How have you seen this continue in the past year and how can this category continue to drive growth?

A: The coffee category is seeing significant growth – it had been previously but has been escalated since Covid, with Nescafé increasing its footprint and jumping five places in the rankings, making it into the top 20. Another trend which we have seen throughout 2020 and is likely to continue in some degree is working from home. While this has been a short-term necessity to limit the spread of the virus – those in desk-based jobs working more flexibly was an underlying trend which has been accelerated by the pandemic. It’s unlikely that the return to ‘normality’ will include a return to full-time office work, with employers likely to take a more flexible approach to working locations for their staff now that working from home has become the norm. Working from home will undoubtedly cause a longer-terms shift in spend away from hospitality and on the go outlets and categories. Coffee, which previously a mainstay of commuter life; likely to picked up at cafes in city centres, was brought back into the home during the pandemic. We have seen shoppers looking to recreate their coffee occasions at home and everyone tried their hand at becoming a barista – instant coffee and ground coffee & beans boosted in growth by 25% and 28% respectively.

Q: Online grocery sales have jumped significantly from pre-pandemic levels. What insights can you reveal about how to achieve online success from the retailers who have performed well in this area?

A: Throughout the year, throughout lockdowns and other restrictions, we relied heavily on the supermarkets to feed the nation. The retailers had to act quickly to introduce measures which would ensure the safety of their staff and shoppers – such as installing social distancing barriers, hand sanitiser stations and in-store, rolling out online and delivery services and above the line communications campaigns.

Another significant behavioural change brought about by the pandemic was the rise of online grocery shopping. The clear benefits of having groceries delivered, both in reducing time spent out of home and allowing shoppers to avoid visiting physical stores, was particularly compelling for older and more vulnerable people, and online spend continued to grow throughout the year. It is worth noting that Retailers that had online capabilities had much stronger growth this year than those that did not.

Q: Which brand’s marketing has really stood out for you in the past year and why?

A: Dove increased its footprint and jumped seven places in the rankings. Dove launched its ‘Courage Is Beautiful’ campaign which was the most awarded campaign in health & beauty. The campaign tugged at heartstrings and honoured our brave healthcare workers around the world fighting against Covid-19!

Tayto increased its footprint and jumped three places in the rankings making it within the top five most-chosen brands. Tayto placed a big emphasis on the occasion themed packaging and variants as people are looking for little lifts and bringing little luxuries into the home to enjoy.

Walkers increased its footprint and jumped nine places in the rankings. Walkers tapped into at-home snacking occasions through the launch of Wotsits Giants, available in sharing friendly formats. Walkers also used in-store activation and cross-category promotion with Pepsi-Max to drive growth in share bags and capitalise on consumers celebrating at home.

Odlums likewise increased its footprint and jumped an impressive 26 places in the rankings. Odlums capitalised on the update of baking as a lockdown activity and responded to dramatic change in demand and pressures on supply.

According to industry observers, these are the “levers” a brand should pull in order to attract new shoppers and new occasions.

How is the Kantar Brand Footprint calculated?

The complete ranking comprises over 200 FMCG categories tracked around the world by Kantar Worldpanel across beverages, food, health & beauty and homecare.

The ranking is based on an innovative metric created by Kantar called Consumer Reach Points (CRP), which measures each time a consumer chooses a brand. The data for this year’s ranking was collected in the 52 weeks to October 2020.

What this research IS:

  • Data is sourced from 5,000 demographically representative Irish households recording their take home grocery
  • Comprises over 200 FMCG categories which are recorded by Kantar on a continuous basis – including those in the beverages, food, health and beauty and home and care sectors
  • The list is based on a measure of how many households purchased a brand at least once during the year (penetration), and the average number of times households bought the brand (frequency)
  • These two numbers are multiplied to calculate each brand’s ‘Consumer Reach Points’ (CRP) score
  • The report covers the period of 52 w/e October 2019 vs 52 w/e October 2020
  • Kantar contacted respondents on average at least twice a week
  • Kantar provided households with barcode scanners in order to scan the goods that they had purchased for at home consumption

What this research IS NOT:

  • It is not based on sales or EPOS data, measuring either value or volume sales
  • The data does not reflect food purchased and eaten out of the home
  • Impulse pack products have been excluded from the dataset
  • The following categories are not included in the Brand Footprint ranking: batteries, tobacco, nappies or alcoholic drinks

  1. Brennans

Generations of Irish people have revelled in opening the famous yellow wrapping of a Brennans Family Pan and getting the aroma of fresh bread. This history combined with nostalgia-tinged advertising make Brennans, Ireland’s most popular bread.

Brennans’ long term success has been based on three key pillars: a distinctive brand, a strong distribution network and – most importantly – a fresh, quality product. While those pillars are still as important today as they were when Joseph Brennan baked his first Family Pan, Brennans has introduced numerous new and exciting breads in recent years, which have been created not only to meet changing consumer tastes, but to inspire them.

Brennans is also answering consumer needs by continuing to take active steps in its journey as a business, striving towards a more sustainable future. The team has introduced many sustainability initiatives to the bakery like rain water harvesting, energy monitoring systems and the wax paper packaging, which is used for many of its bread products, is certified as 100% recyclable and industrial compostable.

2. Avonmore

Q&A with…Linda Sheehan, marketing manager, Glanbia Ireland

Linda Sheehan


Q: Congratulations on retaining the number two position on the Kantar ‘100 Master Brands at Home’ ranking. How have you ensured you continue to satisfy your loyal custom base throughout the past year?

A: We know that Irish consumers love dairy and particularly our leading Avonmore brand, so they look for products that they trust and deliver consistently.

In recent research by the NDC, nearly one third of young adults without children indicate that their consumption of dairy products has increased since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. This increase is significantly higher for young adults with children, almost half (i.e. 48%) of these respondents say their milk consumption has increased by nearly 50%.

Avonmore is a key brand in the fresh dairy category. The success factors have been around sustained investment in the brand and partnership with customers to really drive growth.

Avonmore Super Milk has 100% of the recommended intake of Vitamin D in a glass

Avonmore Super Milk has a key role to play in the fresh milk sector, given that we don’t get enough sunshine because of our northerly latitude, we don’t naturally get enough vitamin D, which is a real issue when it comes to bone health, particularly in the early years. Avonmore Super Milk is positioned as a good source of vitamin D given that it has 100% of the recommended intake of Vitamin D in a glass.

A recent report first published in 2020, supported by Avonmore Super Milk in collaboration with Researchers from the Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA) and Trinity College Dublin has shown that vitamin D deficiency is widespread across Dublin and surrounding areas in one of the largest studies ever carried out in Europe. The research examined levels of vitamin D from almost 40,000 patients over a five year period (2014 – 2018) and found that one in six were deficient, rising to one in four in the winter. Avonmore Super Milk continues to work closely with a wide range of professionals in the health and wellness space to amplify the benefits of Avonmore Super Milk.

Q: Avonmore is well known for selecting quality famers. What are the criteria that you set out to ensure you work with the best farming partners?

A: Glanbia Ireland is a trusted, global supplier of milk and dairy ingredients, committed to the highest standards of milk quality and food safety. This provides high levels of confidence to our customers and, in turn, their customers. Our goal is to ensure that customers and consumers can enjoy milk and dairy ingredients that are of the highest quality and can be traced to the dairy farm and herd of origin.

As a dairy processor, focused on establishing an internationally leading position with respect to quality and sustainability, we continue to reassure our customers that our products are produced to the highest quality and safety standards, using safe and sustainable agricultural practices.

Q: Avonmore has introduced a number of successful innovations throughout recent years such as Avonmore Protein Milk, Avonmore Lactose Free and Avonmore Super Milk. Why is it so important to continue innovating in this manner?

A: Innovation is key to our success. In the last year we have launched a number of new products Avonmore Super Milk Minis are a new addition to the range – this new multi-pack format for kids is our first flavoured product in the Super Milk range. Parents love it because it has no added sugar, all the goodness of milk and of course added calcium and vitamin D. It also tastes really great! Since its launch last year, it’s become a favourite with consumers during the home schooling regimen as well as a trusted and tasty snack after school. We have had lots of success but looking back at the history books, Super Milk is our most successful innovation, we probably don’t class it as innovation now since it’s been around for a while, but when you compare our category with other markets like the UK, a premium fortified brand like Super Milk stands out.

Avonmore Protein Milk’s ‘Bring Your All’ advertising campaign will celebrate the never-give-up attitude that Generation Fit brings to their training at all levels

Avonmore Protein Milk is a key part of our success story in value added dairy. Launched in 2014, this brand is now performing better that some of the long established brands in this space. Mooju flavoured milk is another popular brand in the portfolio, which underwent a significant re-launch in 2019. The Mooju brand is popular with a young audience, success is built on its quirky brand personality and of course its great taste. Innovation is key to the brand with a number of different flavours in the pipeline.

Q: Do you have further plans to expand your product portfolio in the pipeline?

A: Our innovation programme has always focused on addressing consumer needs, based on real insights. In the last year consumers’ needs have changed, and in our experience have turned to well trusted nutrition brands within our portfolio like Avonmore Super Milk. Avonmore Super Milk is seen by consumers as a nutritious milk given its level of fortification and headline vitamin D content – we have all heard the media talk about the power of vitamin D from a bone health perspective and now more and more on immunity. Immunity is of course a hot topic these days as consumers try to stay healthy and take care of the essentials.

Our Protein Milk will see continued range extensions including a delicious Peanut Butter version.

In cheese our new snacking range launched in 2020 focused on convenience in the snacking arena. We have challenged some other well-known snacking categories with the power of format and dairy to bring cheese to new consumers – well beyond just lunchbox.

Q: During the lockdowns of the past year, many people honed their skills in both baking and cooking from scratch. How significantly did this affect sales of Avonmore’s products and do you believe this trend will continue into the long-term?

A: According to research by Bord Bia, seven out of 10 Irish people want to eat more healthily, and this number is rising every year as the healthy-living movement gains momentum across the board. Through 2020, 94% of Irish shoppers have been cooking or baking from home, with 32% of these consumers indicating that they regularly cook their meals from scratch. As two thirds of these consumers expect to continue to scratch cook their meals in the future, there has never been a better time to introduce our new Avonmore pure ghee butter into their cooking repertoire.  Ghee butter is as versatile as it is delicious, just take the trend of ‘bulletproof coffee’ which sees fans of the superfood drop a dollop in their coffee for its inherent health benefits. It’s equally popular as a spread on toast or as a finishing touch on perfectly steamed veg.

For some culinary and baking inspiration, Avonmore have compiled a collection of delicious recipes using Avonmore Cream, Buttermilk and Butter products which can be found at:

Q: What will your marketing plans for the rest of this year entail?

A: We have just launched a new campaign for Avonmore Super Milk. The new creative is designed to bring a knowing smile to viewer’s faces with the scenes depicting people getting the most of the situations they are in. The ad focusses on the fact that Avonmore Super Milk is fortified with vitamin D which helps support our immune system and helps our bodies absorb calcium which helps keep bones healthy, allowing us to get the most out of everything. The heavyweight campaign includes TV and radio and is part of a fully integrated programme until the end of 2021.

With Avonmore Protein Milk we have the ‘Bring Your All’ campaign celebrating the never-give-up attitude that Generation Fit brings to their training at all levels from amateur to professional. The campaign will be supported with digital media and PR showcasing our team of brand ambassadors. We have five athletes across hurling, gaelic, football, rugby and gymnastics showcasing them on and off the pitch, gaining an insight into their lives and motivations.

  1. Denny

2020 was a challenging year for all brands to navigate. Denny has been a simple pleasure in Irish households for the past 200 years so it’s no surprise to see it move up to Ireland’s third most chosen brand (up from fourth in 2019)!

2020 saw Denny, Ireland’s biggest meat brand, evolve into meat free for the first time

Denny recently celebrated its 200th anniversary, marking the occasion with the launch of a new comms platform and TV campaign, demonstrating that ‘Only Denny Will Do’ when it comes to bringing those simple, honest, great tasting food moments to Irish families.

This helped fuel a strong performance, growing sales, market share and helping retail partners to grow their categories. Denny holds leading positions across all the categories it operates in including sausages where Denny grew +23% MAT*, sliced cooked meats by +12% MAT* and rashers by +17% MAT*.

Denny has also been at the forefront of consumer trends for 200 years, and 2020 saw Ireland’s biggest meat brand evolve into meat free for the first time, with a range consisting of meat free sausages, burgers and mince. This big bet paid off as Denny quickly established itself as the fastest growing chilled meat free brand, with the number one chilled meat free product with its meat free sausages**.

Overall, 2020 has been a very strong year for Denny, delivering strong growth of +16 % MAT*, with 2021 set to be another massive year for the brand.

*(Source: Nielsen IOI Data up to 28/3/21)

**(Source: Euromonitor ROI 2019-2020)

***(Tesco Dunnhumby ROI data up to 18/4/21)

Q&A with… Matt Paterson, senior brand manager, Meats IOI, Denny

Matt Paterson

Q: Congratulations on achieving the number three position within this year’s ‘Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home’ ranking. What are the key reasons that have led to the brand achieving this excellent result?

A: 2020 was Denny’s 200th anniversary and to mark this occasion we launched a new comms platform and TV campaign. We show the nation celebrating life’s simple pleasures, demonstrating that ‘Only Denny Will Do’ when it comes to bringing those simple, honest, great tasting food moments to Irish families.

Denny, Ireland’s biggest meat brand, also launched into the meat free category in 2020 and we’ve quickly established ourselves as the fastest growing chilled meat free brand with the number one chilled meat free product with our Denny Meat Free Sausages.

Q: How significantly has the Denny Meat Free range grown since launch and what feedback have you received on the range from both consumers and retailers? To what extent is demand for meat free products continuing to grow?

A: Denny Meat Free has been a phenomenal success, helping Denny deliver significant retail sales value (RSV) growth. The new meat free propositions and strength in the range has also attracted a younger audience into the brand too.

The launch of meat free has worked extremely well for our retail partners too, driving incremental spend into their categories, delivering +60% of the chilled category growth*, establishing Denny as the fastest growing chilled meat free brand.

We are now the number one chilled meat free product with our Denny Meat Free Sausages because our market leading products are both full of taste and free of meat!

We have enjoyed fantastic feedback from consumers across our range of products and our new engaging communications. It is also particularly heart-warming to hear from consumers who would have grown up eating Denny sausages now enjoying the same great tasting sausages meat free!

*(Source: Dunnhumby ROI data up to 29/10/2020)

Q: How significantly has the Covid-19 pandemic affected sales? Which product lines have performed best over the past year and what are the reasons for this in terms of meeting consumer trends?

A: Denny prides itself in bringing simple, honest, great tasting food moments to Irish families.

With more people being situated in the home, naturally there have been more in home meal occasions and it’s been great to see people return to much-loved categories like sausages and bacon and for Denny to be able to deliver those moments of simple food pleasures.

Q: How will your brand campaigns continue to build on Denny’s rich Irish heritage in an entertaining and engaging fashion?

A: At the start of the year we  worked with great talent in Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and James Kavanagh to bring to life our “unbelievably tasty” meat free sausage.

2021 and beyond will be no different as we continue to invest and support Denny above-the-line and in-store to launch even more NPD.

4 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

5 Tayto

Tayto has a broad portfolio with a snack for every consumer’s need

Tayto, ranked number five in the Kantar most-chosen 100 brands is ‘The Original Irish Crisp’ and a clear favourite with Irish consumers as it’s also the number one crisps and snacks brand in the market*. The Tayto brand is loved locally and globally, consistently topping the polls as the most missed brand by Irish expats.

Tayto has a broad portfolio with a snack for every consumer’s need and a variety of occasions. Whether it’s the original Tayto crisp, a family favourite like Snax or Mighty Munch, some popcorn or a guilt-free treat of Treble Crunch, Mr Tayto has something for everyone. In 2021, Tayto extended its range with two new flavours in the crisps category, a new snack line with Tayto Cheesatees and a new reduced fat microwave popcorn. Later this year, Tayto will have more NPD and more advertising campaigns that are sure to engage consumers and excite shoppers across the market.

Tayto is as relevant today as when it launched; through consistent activities like NPD, the introduction of limited edition flavours that bring excitement to the category, communications through TV and Outdoor campaigns that reach mass audiences, and in-store activations that interrupt consumers, Mr. Tayto engages with consumers in their everyday lives. He embodies what the brand means to so many; Tayto is truly ‘More Than Just A Crisp!’

*(Source: Nielsen MAT April 2021, Value Market Share, Crisps and Snacks)

6  Jacobs (including Tuc)

7  Knorr

8  Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is immensely proud to feature once again in Kantar’s most-chosen 100 brands. Despite the challenges of the year, love for the brand among Irish consumers continues to go from strength to strength thanks to creative and relevant marketing platforms, support for the communities it serves, growth of its zero sugar variants in response to consumer needs and increased investment in sustainable packaging.

In response to the pandemic, Coca-Cola launched its campaign, ‘Open Like Never Before’, marked a time of social and cultural change post pandemic. Founded on the promise of new possibilities discovered as a result of the lockdown, the campaign encouraged everyone to be ‘open, like never before’ and to appreciate what was perhaps previously taken for granted, while finding opportunities in this ‘new normal’ environment. This was followed in 2021 with ‘Open to Better’, aiming to inspire and motivate the nation to embrace our ‘new normal’, emerging from the pandemic more tolerant, more empathetic, and more open.

Diet Coke has also benefitted for increased marketing investment this year. Its new creative platform, ‘Just Because’, honours the mischievous and light-hearted nature of its audience. It shines a light on individual authenticity, celebrating the brand fans who love what they do – and do it their own way.

2021 has also seen the introduction of an evolved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar offering consumers not only a great taste, but a sleek, brand-new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar packaging design, enhancing consumers Coke experience even further.

Thanks to the brand’s ‘hero zero’ marketing strategy, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is now the third most popular soft drink, after Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, and today, more than half of all Coca-Cola sold has no sugar.

The Coca-Cola system in Ireland was also proud to have played its part for communities throughout Covid-19. In addition to donating 1 million drinks to frontline workers and those in need, financial support was given to FoodCloud, which has enabled the charity to deliver the equivalent of 100,000 meals to communities. The company also donated advertising space to the HSE to amplify its public information campaign and leveraged its supply chain to donate PPE and hand sanitiser bottles to care homes.

The brand also understands that its consumers care about the environment and is playing a proactive role in creating a world without waste. It total, the company has eliminated the need for 5,000 tonnes of new or unnecessary plastic on an annual basis. All the primary packaging used by Coca-Cola is 100% recyclable and 46% of the total plastic portfolio is made with recycled plastic, helping to create a true circular economy for plastic. Over the last year, Coca-Cola also moved all of its multi-pack can packs to more sustainable secondary packaging, replacing the shrink-film with innovative cardboard technology.

For more information, visit or

9   Heinz

10 Irish Pride

11 Birds Eye

Birds Eye Chicken Shop Ultimate Fillet Burgers tap into to the ‘takeaway occasion’

Over the past, unique year, consumer habits have evolved in many ways in order to adapt to the new way of life. This has led into the resurging trend of ensuring the freezer is full of core category staples such as Fish Fingers, Chicken Dippers and Potato Waffles, where Birds Eye is a market leader.

Birds Eye has launched innovative NPD over the past year, tapping into trends and fulfilling both adult and family needs. Examples of NPD include Chicken Shop Fillet Burgers, tapping into to the ‘takeaway occasion’, Chunky Fish Fingers which bring a more adult offering to the category, and the vast choice of products from the brand’s Green Cuisine meat-free range. Green Cuisine, launched in 2019, has made great inroads into the vegetarian sector, offering a range of both meat substitutes and veg products, targeting mainstream family appeal.

In addition, Birds Eye has continued to invest in media and comms support. The launch of the Green Cuisine ‘You’ve Got The Power’ campaign, championing plant-based eating, has driven share and penetration growth. You will also notice the vibrant, clean, redesign across the fish and chicken ranges since January of this year, creating enticing stand-out on shelf.

12 Müller

Müllerlight’s ‘Have it All’ campaign reminds shoppers that they don’t have to suppress their cravings as it’s fat free with 99 kcal or less

Ireland’s most chosen yogurt brand*, Müller, continues to click through the marketing gears this year, with Müllerlight’s ‘Have it All’ campaign, the latest release in its creative armoury.

The second TV campaign for Müllerlight of 2021 will land on Irish screens on 14 June for a seven-week run. The brand-new Müllerlight marketing campaign reminds shoppers that with Müllerlight, they don’t have to suppress their cravings, they can have it all.

The Müllerlight range, which is available in various indulgent flavours, is thick and creamy tasting but is also fat free, 99kcal or less, contains 0% added sugar,** and is high in protein.

To highlight the flexibility of Müllerlight, each advert will feature a different eating occasion that the product can fulfil. The first advert focuses on breakfast, with lunch, snack, late night treat and on-the-go to feature in future installments.

Earlier this year we saw the family favourite, Müller Corner, on TV with their new advertising campaign, Peel Back & Play. Müller Corner was the fastest growing yogurt in Ireland’s Top 10.***

The campaign focussed on the fun and playfulness that consumers commonly associate with the Corner brand, and featured Müller Corner Vanilla Chocolate Balls – the best-selling single yogurt pot in Ireland.****

*(Source: Kantar 2020 Brand Footprint Report)

**(Source: Müllerlight core range. Contains naturally occurring sugars)

***(Source: Nielsen Scantrack, 26 w/e 27 Dec 2020 versus year ago)

****(Source: Nielsen Scantrack, 26 w/e 27 Dec 2020 pot sales)

13 Johnston Mooney & O’Brien

14 Keelings

The ‘Keelings Great Rewilding’ initiative has been designed to help reverse the declining population of bees and other friendly pollinators

‘Love to Grow’ is a fitting motto for Keelings! Since 1926, the family business has been passionate about growing the freshest fruit products of outstanding quality for the Irish consumer. A passion which Keelings continues to deliver on, whether that fruit is grown here on its farms at St. Margarets, North Co Dublin, or carefully selected by its network of trusted growers across the globe. Keelings believes it is this passion that has led to the brand being ranked 14th as ‘Ireland’s most chosen brands’ in 2021.

This year the brand has launched a new initiative, ‘Keelings Great Rewilding’ to help reverse the declining population of bees and other friendly pollinators. As growers, looking after the bees and other pollinators is paramount in the production of fruit and Keelings has recognised the important role wildflowers play in providing food for their survival.

The brand invited the Irish nation to take the first step on this rewilding journey by helping to scatter 100 million native Irish wildflower seeds across the country to encourage bees and pollinators back into our gardens. To get involved, consumers could pick up their free native Irish wildflower seed pack by redeeming promotional codes online from the special berry punnets.

Keelings is also encouraging the nation to get involved in lots of other ways, including creating a rewilding zone in one or more areas of their gardens by reducing the frequency in which they mow their lawn, allowing wildflowers to grow naturally.

Learn more about the Keelings Great Rewilding at or on special packs available in-store.

15 Pat The Baker

16 Batchelors

17 McVitie’s

18 Cadbury’s

19 Nescafé

20 Yoplait

21 Green Isle

As Ireland’s number one frozen vegetables brand, Green Isle believes your customers should never have to compromise on getting goodness onto their family’s plates. Green Isle’s vegetables are carefully selected, picked at their peak and frozen at their freshest before freezing to lock in vitamins, mineral and flavour, containing all the nutrition of fresh vegetables. Green Isle frozen vegetables help consumers save time preparing meals. Green Isle does all the chopping and slicing, and consumers can use exactly as much as they need, when they need it, before putting the rest back into the freezer for the next meal.

Watch out for exciting additions to the range in-store now. Green Isle’s new Cauliflower Mashes are an ideal alternative to mash potato, deliciously easy to enjoy as part of a healthy dinner. Or try Green Isle’s Cauliflower Rice which is made from 100% cauliflower, contains only 3g of carbs, 86% fewer calories than boiled rice and is a source of Vitamin C. Cooking perfectly in just three minutes, it’s an ideal alternative to serve instead of rice, potato or pasta for healthy meal times across the week.

The Green Isle range helps consumers to get to the goodness. Goodness that is quick, simple and perfect for families’ plates. For delicious five-a-day recipes ideas, visit #greenisle #goodnessforall #gettothegoodness #wastelessbuyfrozen.

22 Glenisk

Glenisk remains Ireland’s best-loved yogurt brand and ranks at number 22 on Kantar’s 100 most-chosen brands in 2021.

For over 30 years, the family-run Glenisk has been producing premium and organic Irish milk and yogurt from its Co. Offaly base, and currently produces over 120 million servings of yogurt per year.

Sustainability, a commitment to driving organic farming, and producing premium quality yogurt remain the core ethos of the business. This year has seen important packaging advances for Glenisk with the introduction of its new Climate Neutral yogurt pots, removing single use plastic and non-renewable materials from its pots. The new-look Bio Organic Yogurt range features a paper-based pot and lid, with aluminium foil inner lid and a layer of green PE, sourced from sugar cane, to protect the product.

These packaging advances are among several sustainable improvements that the business is pioneering in the industry and comes a year after the removable of plastic from Glenisk’s Organic and Goats’ milk cartons in place of a fully paper-based carton.

Further working towards becoming a carbon negative business, Glenisk has partnered with development charity, Self Help Africa for a second year, committing to plant a further One Million Trees in 2021, having reached its year-one target in 2020. This includes the planting of over 100,000 native Irish trees in former forest land adjacent to Glenisk’s production plant outside of Tullamore – Glenisk Wood.

To find out more about Glenisk’s new packaging and plans for a sustainable future, see

23. Fairy

24. Alpro

25. Fitzgerald’s

26. Carroll’s of Tullamore

Carroll’s of Tullamore continues to be a firm favourite with Irish shoppers and has jumped up three places in the 2021 rankings to number 26.

2021 is an exciting year for the Carroll’s brand with new targeted consumer campaigns and investment in innovative new product launches. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Carroll’s sponsorship of Offaly GAA, 1991-2021, well known as one of the longest standing county sponsorships within the GAA.

Inspiring consumers to make premium, delicious stacked sandwiches, the Carroll’s New York Deli range continues to go from strength to strength

Carroll’s New York Deli range continues to go from strength to strength. This range inspires the consumer to make premium, delicious stacked sandwiches that are going to meet the needs of their taste buds as well as fuelling them in their busy life. The premium taste and quality of New York Deli, brought to you by a trusted Irish brand.

Carroll’s has also led the way in the development of the grab-and-go segment – premium quality deli meats are now available sliced and pre-packed for the convenience of the customer. A great solution also for retailers who don’t have a deli counter in-store.

Carroll’s of Tullamore shows no signs of slowing down in 2021 and is a must-stock in your cooked meats range. For more information, visit


27. 7-UP

28. Pringles

29. Clonakilty

30. Colgate

31. Miwadi

32. Dairygold

Dairygold has been a staple in Irish hearts and fridges for over 35 years. Once again it maintains its number-one market share position in the Irish dairy spreads category.

The long-term success of Dairygold has been built on the brand’s ability to continuously connect with consumers through its high quality products and commitment to continuously evolving the brand’s communications platform.
2020 saw the launch of Dairygold’s 100% recyclable packaging, 27% reduced salt recipe and new ‘Spread the Goodness’ communications platform. 2021 will see Dairygold continue Spread the Goodness with exciting through-the-line campaigns to maintain its position as the best quality and tasting spread on the market.

33. Goodfellas

34. Hellmann’s

35. Staffords

36. Charleville

With heritage dating back to 1912, Charleville cheese continues to be the number one choice of cheese brand for Irish consumers with 2020 delivering double digit growth for the long established brand.

2020 was an important year for Charleville as it launched into the health cheese segment with its new range of Lighter cheeses, promising to maintain the great taste one would expect from Charleville, but with 30% less fat. The Charleville Lighter cheese range has proved to be a winner with consumers and has been supported by in-store comms, heavy-weight press campaigns and partnerships with slimmers’ groups such as Unislim and Weight Watchers.

2021 promises to be an equally successful year for Charleville with some exciting plans to continue the growth of both the core and Lighter range.

37. Walkers

38. Flahavans

Flahavan’s is well-known for the distinctive creamy taste and texture of its world-class porridge oats

‘Not your run of the mill oats’ – a slogan long associated with the Co. Waterford-based brand Flahavan’s, and indeed with more than 56%* market value share in the hot oats category, it’s clear that this 236 year old family business continues to hold a special place in the hearts and cupboards of consumers across the country.
With traditional milling expertise handed down through seven generations, and a longstanding commitment to local sourcing – many of its growers are based within 60 mile radius of the mill; Flahavan’s is well-known for the distinctive creamy taste and texture of its world-class porridge oats. A brand built on trust – the consistent quality and nourishing goodness of its oat-based product range appeals to a large and growing cohort of health-conscious consumers seeking simple, natural breakfast solutions.

Over the past two decades, Flahavan’s has been at the forefront of driving a dramatic change in the way consumers think about oat-based foods and their compelling health benefits. By putting the consumer at the heart of its new product development and innovation, the company has not only maintained its category leadership position in hot oats* but has also expanded into other categories with considerable success. Its Irish Oaty Flapjacks range continues to gain ground in the snacking category, while the successful launch of its Oat Drinks range in August 2020 has seen the brand establish itself quickly in the plant-based drinks category.

Flahavan’s range includes more than 50 different oat-based products including Progress Oatlets, Organic Porridge Oats as well as Jumbo, Gluten Free, Quick Oats and Super Oats in the Hot Oats category. Its other ranges include Overnight Oats, Hi8 Muesli, Granola, Irish Oaty Flapjacks and Oat Drinks in Barista, Vit Rich and Organic variants.

Flahavan’s is a proud member of Love Irish Food and Bord Bia’s Origin Green.
*(Source: Kantar Data – 52 Weeks to 27 Dec 2020)

39. Keogh’s

40. Odlums

41 McCambridge

42 Kit Kat

43 Galtee

Galtee, established in 1966, was the first Irish company to prepack rashers, sausages, ham and pudding. With a strong customer base and total brand penetration of 44%,* Galtee remains a firm favourite in Irish fridges worth €17.7 million RSV.** With 56 years of experience, Galtee continues to be a loved Irish brand that inspires people to live and eat bolder every day.

*(Source: Kantar data up to 14/6/20)
**(Source: Nielsen IOI Data up to 28/3/21)

44 Nivea

Nivea is well-known and respected for its scientifically developed skincare range

The Nivea Q10 Power 60+ range is the perfect skincare partner for mature women. Specially designed for the needs of skin over the age of 60, it replenishes nutrients already in the skin whilst providing deep nourishment to maintain skin’s beauty rather than trying to turn back the years. The range is formulated with Q10 and Organic Argan Oil to deeply nourish and replenish mature skin. The range features three products; Q10 Power 60+ Day Cream, Q10 Power 60+ Night Cream, and Q10 Power 60+ Pampering Oil.

Nivea MicellAir Sensitive Micellar Water has been developed specially with sensitive skin in mind. With a new vegan formula that effectively removes make-up while gently cleansing and toning skin, the micellar water works like magnets to effectively catch make-up, dirt and sebum. The gentle formula can be used on the face, eyes, and lips – no rinsing, no perfume, no rubbing and gentle enough for even eyelashes. Skin compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

Nivea Firming + Radiance Gradual Tan Moisturiser instantly moisturises the skin, noticeably firming and improving skin elasticity within 10 days to leave the skin looking and feeling beautiful. Enriched with proven anti-age ingredient Coenzyme Q10, it provides maximum plumping and firming power, while gradually tanning the skin to provide a radiant glow. The silky, lightweight formula includes small drops of gradual tanner, meaning it can be used as a daily moisturiser for a natural, buildable summer glow, 365 days a year.

45 Hunky Dorys

Hunky Dorys is delighted to move up 20 places to number 45 in the Kantar ‘100 Master Brands at Home’ ranking this year! Established in 1996, Hunky Dorys is the nation’s favourite crinkle crisp brand* and is now part of Ireland’s most popular crisp brand!* Hunky Dorys packs a satisfying punch, holding a 8.3% value share of the total crisps and snacks market.*

Hunky Dorys is a truly satisfying chunky alternative to standard crisps. They’re thicker, heavier and ready to squash the rumble in your stomach with massive ridges of flavour and obscene crunchiness.

The brand is known for its fun, extrovert, and cheeky personality with strong flavours, including the unique Buffalo flavour. 2021, saw the addition of two new flavours: the meaty Flame Grilled Steak and classic Chip Shop Curry, which builds the current range to a total of six individual and delicious flavours.

The latest ad campaign, ‘Go Hunky Dorys or Go Home’, communicates the backstory to the nation’s favourite intensely flavoured, crinkle cut crisps. The ad depicts a humorous dramatisation of the production process that is anchored in the personality of the brand. Featuring the Crinkler, it presents an opportunity to bring to life the undeniable passion behind awarding each Hunky Dorys crisp its crinkles. Wild, unhinged and enthusiastic in his pursuit, the Crinkler’s sheer determination fuels the ‘Go Hunky Dorys or Go Home’ mantra.

*(Source: Nielsen, Scantrack, Total Crisps and Snacks MAT April 2021)

46 Barry’s Tea

Barry’s Tea has launched an exciting range of four new blends containing 100% natural botanicals

Irish-owned brand Barry’s Tea has shown its relevancy in the Irish market with a ranking of 46 in Ireland’s most chosen 100 master brands. This is a move up two positions from last year to make it Ireland’s number one favourite tea brand.

It marked a significant year for this much-loved brand by launching an exciting range of four new blends containing 100% natural botanicals. The range consists of three delicious tasting herbal infusions; Night Time, Purity and Turmeric, alongside a supercharged Matcha Green Tea, especially crafted with a focus towards health and wellbeing. This is an addition to the well-established Fruit, Herbal and Green tea blends.

Barry’s Tea is on a continuous journey towards sustainability. The tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified – meaning it is grown and harvested on farms and estates that promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability. More recently, the company has been working to switch production to biodegradable tea bags that can be disposed of in consumers’ brown bin for composting. This has involved significant investment in new technology to make this happen and in spite of Covid challenges, the group is succeeding. For an independent, family-owned, Irish business, this is a huge milestone.

And so, whenever or wherever you enjoy your cup of Barry’s Tea today, know that you are not only supporting an Irish brand, local jobs, and a family-led business – you are also supporting their sustainable journey.


47 Dove

48 Aero

Aero Dark & Milk combines a higher percentage of cocoa solids with the creamy taste elements found in milk chocolate

Aero, the much-loved chocolate brand renowned for its unique bubbly texture, has made one of the biggest leaps, moving up 37 places to no. 48. This is on the back of double-digit share growth for the brand across different formats driven by strong innovation.

Aero first launched in 1935 as a peppermint-flavoured chocolate bar followed by the milk chocolate format in the 1970s. Aero Bubbles were introduced in 2005 and the launch of Aero Bliss saw the brand moving into boxed chocolates with a selection of individually wrapped chocolates perfect for sharing.

Further innovation includes last year’s launch of Aero Caramel, an indulgent sharing block that is now also available in a multipack format of four x 27g bars. Large sharing blocks are a key growth area for the brand and the range has been further extended to offer consumers even more choice with the launch of Aero Dark & Milk. This latest addition contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than standard Aero chocolate making it ideal for those who are looking for a more intense flavour. At the same time, it retains the creamy taste elements found in milk chocolate which means there is none of the bitterness usually associated with dark chocolate. The launch of Aero Dark & Milk is also supported with a new TV and digital advertising campaign.
With thousands of products being produced every day, Aero will continue to delight consumers with its light, bubbly chocolate and already its 2021 year-to-date (YTD) share growth indicates it is on track to replicate the success of last year.

49 Wrigley’s

50 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes





51 Dr. Oetker

Dr. Oetker climbed an impressive 19 places in this year’s Kantar 100 most-chosen brands. Through Dr. Oetker’s pizza and baking brands, it has continued to grow during an unprecedented year. Dr. Oetker’s pizza success was achieved through some of the strongest sub-brands in the frozen pizza category offering a pizza for every occasion and every type of consumer.

Throughout 2020, Dr. Oetker supported its brands significantly with a combined share of voice in frozen pizza of 68%*. Dr. Oetker sub-brands include the iconic thin and crispy Ristorante pizza, snacking pizza range Bistro, calorie controlled Momenti and Pizzinis. Support for Ristorante in 2020 included an on-pack promotion, TV, out-of-home (OOH) and social. Momenti, now in its second year, targeted the more health conscious consumer through an impactful OOH campaign, influencer activity and digital partnerships. The Dr. Oetker masterbrand was supported for the first time ever over lockdown through the ‘Together Around The Table’ TV and video on demand (VOD) campaign.

The Chicago Town masterbrand includes the real takeaway taste of Chicago Town Takeaway, the unique Tiger Bread taste of Tiger Crust, the original Chicago classic Deep Dish and Thin & Crispy sub-brands. Chicago Town recently relaunched under a masterbrand led strategy, support in 2020 included two bursts of TV, a Sky One partnership, OOH, digital partnerships and social media. Chicago Town Takeaway launched some innovative NPD, including the number one vegan SKU** in the Irish market, the Saucy Vegan. The Cheese Stuffed Crust range also launched in 2020, continuing to strengthen Chicago Town’s position around offering real takeaway pizzas in the frozen aisle.

Dr. Oetker’s baking brand has gone from strength to strength in 2020. Continuing to inspire new and existing bakers through engaging communications and bringing exciting NPD to the market. In 2020, pancake mixes and cake mixes launched for the new novice bakers. Support for the brand included activity with long-term ambassador Louise Lennox on Virgin TV’s Six O’clock Show. Louise also recorded several baking online videos. The brand collaborated with Lovin Dublin and influencers, targeting the new lock-down bakers through a series of baking challenges.

*(Source: Ad Intel Jan 2020 – Dec 2020)
**Source: Nielsen Scan Track, Value Sales, Latest 26 weeks – 31.01.21)

52 Dolmio

53 Connacht Gold

Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter is real butter with half the fat

Churning milk since 1897, Connacht Gold has perfected the art of making the best dairy products. The most renowned of these is their famous Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter.
Connacht Gold Half Fat butter is real butter, with just half the fat and spreads straight from the fridge.

Connacht Gold understands how hard it is to have foods which whole family enjoy, are healthy, but still taste great. That is why the team created Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter, it’s real butter just with half the fat! Making it a truly unique product that everyone can enjoy.

Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter is real butter containing no vegetable oils or chemically treated fats. Consumers get all the great taste of butter, with all the health benefits of half the fat and it spreads straight from the fridge.
In an effort to continue to grow the Connacht Gold butter brand, parent company Aurivo Co-op invested in a recruitment marketing campaign, along with the new packaging design for its butter brand which launched last year.
Connacht Gold Half Fat Butter is available nationwide in 454g and 227g format sizes.

54 Kinder

55 Lucozade

56 Club

57 Schwartz

With more than 100 years of experience, Schwartz is McCormick’s leading ‘herbs and spices’ brand in Ireland, offering the greatest variety of herbs, spices and seasonings.  Schwartz’s extensive product portfolio spans into different sectors including recipe mixes, wet sauces and gravies. A wide range of NPD is due to be introduced from summer, including Stir Fry Seasoning, and Mediterranean Vegetable Seasoning. Schwartz will also expand its Chilli range, and watch out for its exciting Street Food range!

58 Flora

59 Bisto

60 Uncle Ben’s

61 Erin

62 Lyons Tea

63 Chef

64 Old El Paso

65 Haribo

66 Killeen

67 Comfort

68 Ballyfree

69 John West

John West has always been a trusted family name, and while striving to retain loyal customers, John West is always looking to appeal to new consumers.

By continuing to launch innovative ranges such as No Drain Fridgepot and No Drain Infusions that are both invigorating and tasty, John West makes it easy for consumers to get a natural protein snack into their diet. And more innovations are going to hit the shelves in 2021!

John West is always looking to inspire our consumers to consume fish regularly; engaging consumers around a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle has been key to the strong performance of the brand.

John West’s protein-rich tuna products are a great snack for the sport enthusiasts to refuel after training or simply to take the busy mums on-the-go and the young professionals through their day.

John West Omega 3-rich fish is perfect for our 45+ consumers looking to enjoy a good heart health. There is a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire consumers to create simple but delicious lunches and snacks with its products. Recipes ideas are constantly available through John West’s social media channels.

The John West GAA Féile partnership continues and sees us supporting GAA at a grassroots level across the country. Building a relationship with families young and old promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle is essential to the brand. The John West Gaelforce sponsorship will also see it supporting the 10K events this year.

Overall, the brand’s ethos is summed up in the pithy tagline: ‘Eat Strong, Go Strong!’

70 Bradys

71 Dettol

72 Nicky

73 Downy

74 Hovis

75 Heineken

76 Maltesers

77 Magnum

78 McCain

79 Cadbury’s Twirl

80 Koka

81 Activia

Activia has achieved year-to-date (YTD) value growth of +11% year-on-year

Deliciously good for gut health, Activia is enjoyed by a quarter of Irish households. The past 12 months have been a step changing year for the Activia brand as it continues to encourage Irish consumer to ‘Love your Gut’.

Now more than ever, Irish consumers are educated and inspired on the importance of looking after your gut health, and its relationship with one’s holistic health and wellbeing.

As a result, Activia is currently enjoying impressive year-to-date (YTD) value growth of +11% year-on-year.

This year, the Activia brand is excited to bring new recyclable pots and packaging to the market because protecting life on the outside helps nourish people on the inside!

*(Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle; calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes)
**(Source: Nielsen up to 28 March 2021)

82 Doritos

Doritos rose a huge 33 places in this year’s ranking

Doritos, an iconic global brand and Ireland’s number one tortilla chip, has climbed a massive 33 places this year in Kantar’s 100 ‘Master Brands at Home’ ranking and experienced double digit growth as consumers turned to their trusted favourite snack brand Doritos whilst at home.

Doritos is driving category growth and consumer penetration, up 18%, driven by a successful NPD launch with Doritos Flaming Hot and its cutting edge Gaming and Football Partnerships with UEFA Champions League, Sony PlayStation and Twitch.
Driving relevance and brand love, Doritos recently launched its new ‘Make your play’ brand campaign, supported with full through-the-line (TTL) investment, inviting consumers to press Play to unlock their creative self-expression. And with lots still to come as restrictions ease and party season begins – watch out for the launch of new Doritos Dippers, a party sized range, perfect for sharing, dipping and making Nachos, the latest snackable trend, further driving category expansion and increasing basket spend. Finally, watch out for an exciting Q4 Doritos Gaming partnership as Doritos continues to lead in Ireland’s ever growing gaming culture, under the tagline, ‘Doritos, Make Your Play!

83 Hazel Brook

84 Cadbury’s Wispa

85 Pepsi

86 Kelkin

87 Kerrygold

88 Innocent

89 Cully & Sully

90 Low Low

91 Kenco

92 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

93 Premier Dairies









94 Weetabix

95 O’Hara’s of Foxford

96 Radox

97 Panadol

98 Always

99 Sensodyne

100 Actimel

Actimel has achieved value growth of +19% year-on-year

Delivering goodness for the immune system,* Actimel has benefited from a unique moment of brand relevance over the past year as consumers’ awareness and knowledge around immune support increases.

Actimel, a brand that has always been famous for supporting the immune system, has experienced phenomenal growth over the last year with value growth of +19% year-on-year (YOY)**
Every shot of Actimel is bursting with 10 billion l.casei cultures and is rich in vitamin D which helps support individuals’ immune system.

Available in dozens of delicious flavours, Actimel, has optimised its formula recently and is now rich in Vitamin D along with bringing some exciting new innovation to kids’ yogurt drinks this July.

All consumers need do is just shake it up and drink it down and give the day their best shot!

*(Actimel contains Vitamins B6 and D to help support the normal function of the immune system.
**(Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle)
***(Source: Nielsen up to 28 March 2021)

Wide Eye Outdoor now delivers data-led advertising

Wide Eye Outdoor has more than 1,000 digital screens nationwide

Live audience data, including audience impressions, demographics, attention time and dwell time is collated across Wide Eye Outdoor’s Adtower network. Each Adtower unit is equipped with a data sensor collecting anonymous data in real-time while remaining fully GDPR compliant.

Contextual, relevant, engagement led advertising with location specific data, presents a game-changer for onsite communication with shoppers at scale. As consumers tend to respond best to adverts in contextual environments, Wide Eye Outdoor works with clients to make campaigns more memorable, with higher impact in prime locations at Supervalu, Centra, Eurospar, Spar, Mace, Londis as well as forecourt retailer Maxol, Circle K and independent symbol groups.

As Ireland’s largest digital out-of-home network, Wide Eye Outdoor has more than 1,000 digital screens nationwide and reaches an audience of 200 million each year. Making use of the network, brands can follow and intercept the audience they wish to target at multiple touch points during daily journeys.
With the ability to leverage dynamic pre-designed content when triggers are met (daypart, weather, events) Wide Eye Outdoor combines the trusted brand equity of an out-of-home setting, with the agility and accountability associated with digital.

“We use our insights, location-led, audience-led, and data-led tools to adapt from selling screens to providing an audience for our clients,” explains commercial director Eoin O’Connor.

“Strategically placed from path, to point of purchase, Wide Eye Outdoor offers brands the opportunity to influence at all stages of the sales funnel, from awareness through to the sale itself,” he adds. “We can optimise client’s creative content with our larger premium screens, and right through to last-minute decision-making nudges.”




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