Introducing new limited edition Lindt Lindor Irish Cream

Plus brand new for Christmas 2023 - Lindor Festive Sparkle Edition Milks & Assorted Truffles


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1 November 2023

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It’s the most wonderful time of year, and this Christmas, Lindt Lindor has pulled out all the stops to provide an enticing new limited-edition flavour, perfect for all festive celebrations; new Lindor Irish Cream.

  • Lindt Lindor Irish Cream 200g – Available nationwide (RRP €8.25)

Made from the finest milk chocolate with an irresistibly smooth melting Irish Cream filling, these truffles are the ultimate indulgence. This new flavour is perfect for any occasion; delight and share with family and loved ones, choose as a special gift or enjoy as the ideal ‘me time’ treat.

  • Lindt Lindor Festive Sparkle Edition Milk & Assorted Chocolate Truffles 200g – Available nationwide (RRP €8.25)

Gifting couldn’t be easier this Christmas with new Lindor Festive Edition Milk and Assorted chocolate truffles. It’s the same iconic Lindor boxes, but with a new enchanting, sparkly and festive packaging. These seasonal special edition boxes are the ideal addition to any gathering for sharing and gifting. Discover an irresistible selection of smooth Milk, decadent White, rich Extra Dark and crunchy Hazelnut chocolates in the Lindor Assorted box or choose Milk Chocolate for that creamy, melt-in-the-mouth smooth chocolate experience, it’s total bliss.

  • Lindt Lindor Sharing Tin 450g – Available nationwide (RRP €20.00)

For a truly impressive festive gift, opt for the new Lindor Sharing Tin 450g. Experience the magic of Christmas with this beautiful premium gift, ideal for sharing with loved ones during any celebratory occasion.

Expertly curated by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, each tin is packed with a blissful collection of their favourite Lindor Chocolate Truffles. Choose from smooth Milk, creamy White, intense Extra Dark, nutty Hazelnut, sweet and salty Salted Caramel and beautifully balanced Milk & White truffles. It’s the sharing tin to add to your seasonal traditions, it won’t disappoint! 

  • Lindt Lindor Milk Selection Box 243g or 500g – Available nationwide (RRP €12.00 or €18.00)

Give the gift of bliss this Christmas with the Lindor Milk Selection Box. Discover a selection of the most iconic Lindor products — from tempting truffles and heavenly hearts to irresistibly smooth chocolate bars — all made by master chocolatiers using the finest ingredients.

Since 1845, the Lindt master chocolatiers have combined their expertise with the highest quality ingredients from around the world, to produce the finest chocolates. Although the Lindt Lindor brand launched in 1949 with a smooth Lindor tablet, the first Lindor truffles weren’t released until 1969, as a Christmas speciality.

Today, Lindt produces over one billion Lindor truffles in almost 100 different countries worldwide with a rainbow of mouth-watering flavours including Salted Caramel, Double Chocolate, White, Dark, Blood Orange and Mint.

Lindt Lindor’s wide range of products also includes:

Lindor Cornet Milk €1.50 37g
Lindor Milk Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Assorted Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Salted Caramel Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Mint Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Double Chocolate Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor 60% Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor White Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Milk Blood Orange Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Irish Cream Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Coconut Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Milk & White Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Hazelnut Cornet €8.25 200g
Lindor Heart Box €11.00 200g
Lindor Milk Cornet €12.50 337g
Lindor Assorted Cornet €12.50 337g
Lindor Milk & White Cornet €12.50 337g
Lindor Salted Caramel Cornet €12.50 337g
Lindor Giftbox Milk €15.00 287g
Lindor Giftbox Assorted €15.00 287g
Lindor Selection Tin €20.00 450g
Lindor Maxi Ball Milk €22.50 500g
Lindor Cracker €4.00 100g
Lindor Mini Truffles Milk €4.25 80g
Lindor Mini Truffles Double Chocolate €4.25 80g
Lindor Milk Advent Calendar €16.50 300g
Lindor Milk & White Advent Calendar €16.50 300g
Lindor Assorted Selection Box €12.00 227g
Lindor Milk Selection Box €12.00 234g
Lindor Milk Selection Box €18.00 500g
Lindt Hot Chocolate €7.00 300g





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