“Independent Craft Beer of Ireland” Symbol launched

The new symbol aims to denote genuine microbrewery beers only
The new symbol aims to denote genuine microbrewery beers only

As the beer market becomes more and more crowded in the wake of the craft revolution, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to make their chouce



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6 October 2016 | 0

To help consumers identift what is genuine Irish craft beer, the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland has launched the official “Independent Craft Beer of Ireland” symbol. The symbol was devised to allow consumers to identify genuine Irish craft beer, and make an informed decision based on the providence of the product they are purchasing.

According to the ICBI, there are more than 80 registered microbreweries in Ireland currently in operation, whereas just five years ago there were less than 20. This leads to excellent choice for the consumer but also the abundance of choice means that “some other companies are jumping in and releasing products into the market which they are misrepresenting as craft beer, and vague about its originas in order to imply it’s an independent Irish brewery,” the group said.

The ICBI symbol will offer reassurance to consumers that the beer they buy is “what it purports to be”, that the bewery the beer originated in is independently owned, small-scale and a microbrewery as recognised by the Revenue Commissioners, and that the brewer has complete ownership of the brand.



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