Galmere Foods introduces site wide PCR testing

70-strong team has continued producing of soups, sauces, meals and salads throughout the pandemic.



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9 March 2021

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Galway-based company Galmere Foods has begun its first regular site wide Covid-19 PCR testing.

Testing is being carried out inhouse, in a fully safe environment, by trained team members, with the first tests having been completed efficiently and effectively.

While visitors to the Ballybrit production site had already been arriving by appointment, they are now tested and have to wait for up to an hour for their PCR result before entering. Galmere has procured equipment for running the tests on site to maximise speedy turnarounds.

The food company issued surgical masks from as early as March 2020, changing shifts to aid social distancing and increasing cleaning. The team are now all issued daily with N95 masks to ensure the team is protected, together with our wider communities.

Galmere’s 70-strong team has been producing soups, sauces, meals and salads throughout the pandemic.

“We make great, award-winning food for brands and private label clients as well as our own award-winning pesto brand, Pestle + Mortar, available in Spar and Joyce’s of Galway,” said a statement from the company.

Galmere’s latest product launch is veggie and vegan friendly brand Roots and Shoots meal bowls and soups. These are proving popular in Tesco Ireland and in Joyce’s of Galway and are nut, gluten and additive free.

“We continue to innovate; a new to market product in the soup sector launches later this year and we have just taken delivery of new digital farm equipment to grow the basil for our pesto on site in Galway. This is a really exciting project, and we are thrilled to begin growing.”

John Casey of Galmere added: “We are delighted to be introducing this latest, comprehensive safety measure into our business. Regular PCR testing is a great, additional layer of protection for all of our Team in such a challenging environment.”



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