Freshly Chopped launches ‘At Home’ range

Chopped co-founder Brian Lee shows off the brand's new take-home range
Chopped co-founder Brian Lee shows off the brand's new take-home range

Healthy fast food chain Freshly Chopped is without doubt one of the biggest food success stories of recent years in Ireland, and it seems they're not done yet. The salad specialist has just launched its first take-home range, a selection of greens and salad bags in a variety of tastes and types.


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13 November 2018 | 0

Freshly Chopped has announced the launch of its first range of take-home products, further establishing itself as a formidable player in Ireland’s ever-growing health food offering. The  new range of four salad leaf bags will be available exclusively in Dunnes Stores, with the range set to launch in other leading supermarkets in the coming months.

The new Freshly Chopped range will feature an innovative resealable bag, which will ensure longer-lasting freshness and help reduce food waste.

All produced in Ireland, washed and ready to eat, the range includes two mixed leaf bags, Super Greens with baby kale and spinach (8 cal per serving, RRP €1.99) and Baby Leaf and Rocket, with rocket, baby red leaf and mizuna (9 cal per serving, RRP €1.99).

Speakinga about the new range, Freshly Chopped co-founder Brian Lee reiterated the objective he and partner Andy Chen had when they first established the business. “When Andy and I launched Freshly Chopped back in 2012,” Lee said, “we had one vision: to bring healthy eating to as many people as possible in a convenient and low-cost way.

“Today’s launch is another step in bringing that vision to life,” Lee continued. “We’re bringing the best parts of Freshly Chopped – our signature leaves – to the public and will hopefully help a lot more people with their desire to eat healthier and better. This has been in the planning process for the past 24 months and we’re confident that we’re launching with the right leaves at the right price at the right time.”

Two of the salad leaf bags come complete with premium ingredients and dressings, a Coconut Salad with lambs lettuce, fine beans, desiccated coconut, red chard, and a coconut dressing (33 cal per serving and priced at €2.79), and Taste of The Garden with land cress, apple, lambs lettuce, red chard, pomegranate seeds plus a balsamic dressing (56 cal per serving and priced at €2.79).

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